Do girls really like giving head while the guy is driving?

Do you also like to be played with while your driving?


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  • I like doing it. Apparently a lot of girls do. I used to work the night shift in a second floor office that overlooked a stoplight on a busy, well-lit street downtown. You wouldn't believe how many cars I saw stopped where the guy was driving and the girl was going down. I think I saw at least one every night, and a lot more than that on Fridays. And I wasn't always looking, sometimes I had work to do. Before I had that job and that vantage point, I had no idea how many of my fellow drivers were being seriously distracted. Maybe that explains the way people drive.


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  • I love giving head when my fiance is driving. It's just fun for I just love giving head in general. I don't like being played with while I am driving's too dangerous 'cause I can't concentrate and I could end up in an accident. I do however like it when a guy plays with me while he is driving. That I do like.

  • yeh I've done that alot.he makes hilarious face hehehe.his facial expression is so cute.(scared to crushh and "lovin it" at the same time face).

    if we're going somewhere in a rush but tension from not having sex the last night,he appreciates it when I offer a release.but mostly just for fun,extreme craziness.he likes the long red light breaks too.and sometimes just a hand on his pants is goo enough for him too.

    and we count red lights by how many times I kiss him.i think its cute on hectic days where we only have little times spent together at home and mostly on car together.

  • Yep, I like giving head to guys when they drive. I'd do it for girls too but that's just harder to do. We've tried it, but it's just too hard to get between her legs, around the steering wheel, and still let her reach the brake pedal and stuff. Kinda dangerous. it's pretty awesome when she stops the car, though.

    With guys, their penis sticks right up where I can get to it. Yummm.

    Yes, I love to be played with when I'm driving too. It can make it hard to concentrate, but I can always pull over.

    • Yes it is but if you take your time it can last for such a long time and I love to get a girl so wet that the seat in moist when ever I'm done.

  • lol yeah, its fun for me to give my boyfriend head while he's driving, (he likes it too lol) he does it to me when I'm driving lol but I either have to pull over or tell him to stop because I don't want to crash. I like it when he plays with me while he's driving too.haha way fun

  • yes its hot, knowing your doing something really dangerous. but you probably need a pretty adventures sexual relationship already!

  • Yeah, I do.

  • well of course girls do. it's fun and exciting and if you get into a car accident, it's something to do while waiting for a tow truck=]. just don't get caught by the cops because it's illegal in some states like mine... :( plus you might get some old saggy mean cop to pull you over and give you a ticket for "indecent exposure". I got caught once but it's all good now, I mean after going to court and everything, my parents were pretty upset but it was worth it=]. you should try it sometime!

  • I have not given road head yet, but that sounds super exciting. I would love to. It's like the suspense of getting caught is turn on in itself.

    I have been fingered while I've been driving and let me tell you its the best feeling in the world bcause you have to keep ur eyes on the road and feel the pleasure.

    I would reccomend not to do that because its dangerous, but the feeling is awesome.

    • Well I was able to get a girl to come while she was driving and all I can say is we had to stop because she started to shake and scream. and as for a blow job they are great and I reccomend all girl and guys to rty.

  • No-because I don't want to end my days in a car wreck with some guys dick stuck in my face


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