What does it mean if a guy comes really fast?

If he comes right away after going inside you the first time you have sex with him does that mean he is extra turned on and I should take it as a compliment or he is nervous or is he just being insensitive to me or what?


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  • It can mean a few different things.

    1. It can just mean he is inexperienced, and you had him so turned on that he couldn't help himself. Guys have to work at lasting longer. So guys with less sexual experience won't last as long as guys with a lot of experience. But.he will probably recover quickly, and last longer the second time around, so don't get discouraged.the night need not be over.

    2. He may have "problems". Some guys need medicines to help them "last longer".

    3. He may be a punk, and just be in it for him. The best way to tell if this is the case is to see if he was apologetic and embarrassed afterward. If he just hopped off and smiled and said "Thanks.that was great!" Then he is a piece of dirt, and you should kick him to the curb, because he could care less whether or not you enjoyed it.

    4. You the Girl. You overstimulated that boy so much that by the time you glided him inside you, that tight grip of yours was just too much for him to handle. Don't get mad at him for you being too hot too handle. OUCH baby!

    • He kept apologizing so I guess he was embarrassed.

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    • Haha number 4 woooo ;) lol OUCH BABY! lolol

    • Glad ya liked that...LOL

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  • Multitude of reasons for that to happen.it could be he is inexperienced, it coudl easily be that maybe he hasn't gotten laid in so long that he came right away, or again, it could be he was so sexually attracted he came that fast.unless he tells you the real reason, you'll never know, and I don't know of a guy that will admit to being a one minute guy. All you can do is have more sex and see if that was maybe just a fluke.

    • I"m gonna hope that it has been awhile for him because I really like him and I'd be totally flattered if I turned him on that much. :)

  • both, but he isn't doing it on purpose, NO GUY wants to be a minute man, trust me. here's what you do, jerk him off or get him to do it, and have sex afterwards/;later in the day, he will last longer, especially if you two are using condoms

  • take it as a compliment and try to work on his endurance with him :) I'm sure he'll enjoy it as much as you do!

  • Try two condoms it lowers sensitivity last longer, guys can't control when they come!

    • Don't try this. Two condoms will rub against each other and be more likely to break than just one.

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  • Especially if it's been a while, this is pretty common. Don't worry about it on the first time at all. And if he was apologetic, there's no way he was doing it on purpose. Just take it like he was eager to f*** you, and that can't possibly be a bad thing. Hell, the first time I was with one of my exes, he came the second I pulled his penis out. I understood that he was just really excited, and told him that it was totally okay and kind of flattering.

  • well don't get mad at him. he can't really help it. and its not a bad thing.