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Rubbing a guy through his pants?

So usually when me and my boyfriend are just hanging out, or when we start making out or anything, he'll either rub me through my pants or he'll go... Show More

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  • It will feel good, don't worry. Maybe take it to the next level and take the pants off, I can assure you that he will enjoy that even more!

    • Only you feel ready and want to though.

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    • I gave you a vote up, so now its back to neutral!

    • Many thanks :)

What Guys Said 3

  • It feels good.

    Did you know that the "clitoris" and the "tip of the penis" are both structurally and functuionally similar? (Except for urinating function).

    This basically means that if you enjoy something, he will probably (but not definitely) enjoy it too.

    ...and it wouldn't hurt. Trust me.

  • its a great feeling... Take your time don't rush getting into his pants. It'll make him want it even more.


What Girls Said 1

  • What feels good to you will feel good to him, over the pants, under the pants, pants off...etc...

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