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Why are girls so casual about sexual mutilation of men?

For example...Girls praise of The Teeth movie ( if your unfamiliar with this : Lorena Bobbit Jokes. And ironically girls sniff out sexism all... Show More

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  • It's funny that I ran across this post because my daughter just told me the other day about the movie "Teeth" and she told me that the man was trying to rape the woman with " vagina dentata" when he got was was coming to him.

    1 in 3 women are sexually molested by men the age of 18 so there is a lot of rage against men and their penises. Most of my friends that I've gotten to know really well have been sexually molested. So have many of the women in my family like my mother, my sister and my grandmother.

    1 in 7 women that live in dorms of coed colleges campuses get raped while in college. My daughter is on her second year of college and I always warn her to be careful at the frat parties at Amherst (she goes to an all girls college thank god!) I tell her to always carry her drink with her, even to the bathroom. But now college men are getting smarter about getting the date rape drugs into the girls. Recently my daughter's roommate felt something stick her in the back while she was at one of those parties. It was a syringe loaded with a date rape drug. Luckily her friends got her somewhere safe where she could sleep it off and now she has to take anti HIV meds just in case the syringe was tainted with HIV.

    I myself had a date drug my drink. Luckily I didn't get raped. I have had friends who were drugged then raped. My ex husband was drugged and raped by two men.

    My mom's husband's brother was in prison for being a sexual predator. He raped his own flesh and blood daugher. He's out of prison and is still considered a sex predator. His daughter was around my daughter's age she was a friend of my daughter's now my daughter doesn't get to see her anymore.

    Also in many countries female genital mutilation is performed on girls when they first start their period. In cold blood the remove the girl's clitoris and make the vaginal opening very small so that she won't want sex and so that when get get's married they know for sure that she is a virgin. The bloody sheets are displayed to show everyone that she was definitely a virgin on her wedding day.

    So you can blame women for being enraged and to fantasize about cutting a man's penis off.

    • Well. I'm sorry to hear about all the people you personally know that have been affected by sexual assualt but your daughter failed to mention that she gave penectomies to guys that did not assault her...in some cases she was the agressor...btw...If there was a movie where a guy was wronged by women and took revenge by mutilating her genitals...u know the feminists would go crazy over it. they get all worked up over the minor details of rom coms...etc...but then a movie like teeth.

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    • A girl dressing like a boy is unfeminine but okay because it's okay to be a boy.

      A boy dressing like a girl is not okay but degrading because being a woman is degrading.

    • I don't understand this rant here.

      Being genitally mutilated is only worse than being raped because you're a man.

      The cause of being genitally mutilated & raped is different but the effect's the same.

      Illogical to say there's no valid reason for d*ck chopping like there is rape until the legal system reforms.

      Unreasonable to claim feminism praises d*ck chopping based on easy cases of it because tge same thing is done in rape cases. So it's the legal system

      What's your point?

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  • I think you are making a mountain out of a mole hill here. Very seldom is there any male mutilation, in fact to be more correct much more in female mutilation.

    • yes but the female mutilation is viewed as shockign and horrific..the male mutilation is funny...

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    • Circumcision is mutilation? Mmmmkay.

    • Mutilation means literally the destruction of an otherwise healthy bodily tissue, by that definition AND the fact that circumcision is a horrific procedure usually done without the person's consent makes it mutilation.

  • Because men are so casual about women being raped, murdered, mutilated, and sexually objectified.

    Look at any horror or action film.

    Did you expect women to be all sweet while men get to be so casual?

    FYI the girl in Teeth killed her rapists and step brother. The teeth in her vagina prevented unwanted penetration it's nothing like the torture p*rn most horror films are.

    Men are casual because when they look at a women they're attracted to (and most actresses are attractive to the majority) the part of the brain that uses tools is active.

    I'm casual about male mutilation because most men are either rapists, would rape, or forgiving of rapists.

    Funny how you think a rapist should be forgiven but not someone who Lorena Bobbit's a guy.

    • I agree with some of what you said, especially your first sentence. You hit the nail on the head there. How many times have I heard guys say that sometimes it 's OK to rape a woman. Speaking as a rape victim myself, it is a horrible experience. It is horribly, horrible painful, then the victim has to deal with the emotional scars that follow from being treated like you are less than human. Rape is an act of violence and not sex.

      However, I do not agree that most men are rapists.

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    • "well girls hav eit hard too so I don't care aobut men"

      When did I put that?

      I put

      "Because men are so casual about women being raped, murdered, mutilated, and sexually objectified."

      You're the one not caring about a gender because your issue is worse. Isn't that what you're saying ? Women are "disgusting hateful creatures"I hate all women.

      Except those that agree with my views on what glorification is.

      What should I "admit" to?

      You don't get without giving.

    • I DID...i don't anymore...it disgusted me and made me ashamed so I tried not to think about it...and I NEVER EVER EVER would try and act out those fantasies...ever. there's a fine line between wuts in your head and what you do. and fine ill take it back...those women don't deserved to raped...i can't say id feel as bad for them though. they just make me so angry maybe I said somehting I actually don't believe okay?

  • not all girls are like this. a lot of girls care. I guess it's unfortunate that the ones who get to post their non-empathetic and moralless answers online are the ones who have too much time on their hands and hence their messages get posted while the thoughtful ones don't.

    basically don't listen to psycho bitches. I am a girl and trust me, other girls sometimes have their marbles loose.

  • Any sort of sexual mutilation is horrible. However, male genital mutilation is not as common as female mutilation (they cut little girl's clits off in Northern African countries). Perhaps a rapist doesn't deserve to get his penis cut off but he does deserve to stay in prison until his happy erectile days are over and get raped by Bob the giant sexually frustrated dude that shares quarters with him.

    • yea but here's my beef...everyone in the civilixed western world is horrified by Female genital cutting...but women laugh at, take pleasure in, and tease men over it in the U.S...and there's this attitude like "guys deserve it"...always..just for being a guy...guys basically don't deserve to have their masculinity intact...masculinity =evil and is like some cancer that needs to be removed otherwise theyll rape everyone and abuse women..women may put up with men...might enjoy their company...

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    • Then how come you don't blow it for supporting things she finds evil for sadistic women?

      But she blows it for supporting things you find evil for sadistic men?

    • do you like your clit?

  • I would tend to say that majority of women aren't like that, it's just that a small portion of women actually answer those questions - usually those that are more aggressive and violent in their opinions (not sure why though...). I think some women also say it to deter their boyfriend from cheating/etc but wouldn't actually do it if it came to it. Unless they're complete psychopaths anyway. Though it's definitely a horrible thing. Mutilation of any kind, male or female, is awful.

    • I hope your rite..its nice to see an answer like yours for sure

  • One f*** you if you think rape or child molestation isn't a good reason to do it cause it's like letting a shooter keep their gun. I don't believe that it should get cut off for cheating or anything pitiful like that and people are just messed up if they think like that seriously who thinks like that.

    • "it's like letting a shooter keep their gun." um actually it takes more than a penis to rape..rapsits use pretty much all their limbs during a rape..why not rip all their limbs off then? (even tho I know you probably would want to neway). Plus rapists who loose their penis will still have demented desires...and might use other objects to penetrate a victim tha tmight be evne more harmful. Its not jcivilized or valid in my opinion/

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    • I don't agree with cutting it off if they rape someone either.

    • u need your penis for more than raping

  • I laughed through out the movie Teeth. Partially because it was awfully made. I have made Lorena Bobbit jokes myself. Honestly, it's all in good fun and I don't take any seriousness in it. I'd obviously never say that seriously. I've never met any guys that take any serious offense to it. Usually they'll turn it around and throw the punch back. But then again, I have a dry sense of humor that people often don't understand.

    • Well maybe some guys are fine with it...but how woudl you feel if some guy close to you (a friend, sibling or whatever) had some crazy girl cut his sexual organ off? It's not like some little thing. I knew a guy who almost lost his over an infection and he was nearly suicidal over the situation. And It wouldn't be a big deal if this never happened, but it does, women do commit there kind of acts, how would you feel ifa guy joked about mutiliating your genitals?

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    • What infection did your friend have that almost caused him to loose his penis? iv never heard of such a thing.

    • I don't recall...but I do rember it was bacterial I'm pretty sure..it wasn't cancer of anything..ill have to ask him

  • Wow the girls you are referring to are so not the norm. That movie was just f***ed up and I don't know a girl with a different opinion. My friends and I never joke about mutilation or anything like that. So I have no idea where you're getting the idea that most girls are OK with this stuff.

    • Its mostly for girls I know personally..thats good to hear u/ur friends aren't like that though

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    • Yeah I guess you're right. :/ still it seems so weird since I have never ever encountered a girl who felt like that.

    • Thats good lol...u are in a good crowd then...I hope I meet someone like your or your friends someday..

  • Hell NO Hell NO Hell NOOOO!

    I HATED teeth, it made me feel SORRY for men, and I crossed my legs even though there's nothing to chomp off down there...at least that could be stuck in a woman D:

    I know too many guys who make jokes like;

    What do you tell a woman with two black eyes? Nothing you told her twice...

    Not ALL girls enjoy male mutilation...just like not ALL men enjoy the pain of women ;) Don't stereotype hun.

    It happens, but it's not every girl... My (ex but crush and soon-to-be boyfriend at the time introduced me to 'teeth' and LAUGHED while I cringed...go figure)

    • ye ai guess some guys thought it was funny too...but seriously...the whoel concept of any violence isn't cool...but particularly this...like loosing your penis is literally like loosing your "manhood"..its liek being mutated into some freakish creature...that why I take particualr offens eto people finding it funny...slapstick kinda funny is okay..but teeth went too far to be funny/cute...I would assume girls wouldn't like a movie where women get their private aprts cut up..

    • I don't like ANY movie where a guy OR a girl gets cut up like that Teeth was disgusting and uncalled for. I didn't laugh, not even once. I'd never wish that upon anyone but a child rapist.

      But it's not every girl, so try not to group as all alike? :) I've been a little stereotypical myself on here before, but hey, some people change our opinions.There's way less 'good girls' and 'nice guys' than there used to be, but hey they still exsist, even if its a minority.

  • Honestly, girls have been and are still being mutilated. There are many countries that will mutilate a womans clitoris and lips so that she cannot enjoy sex so they are more likely to stay faithful until marriage. Also this was happening in the US and modern Europe as a cure for mental illnesses it was believed that women with a sexual appetite was a woman with a mental illness and so they was cutt, burn and so on their clitoris and vulva, this happened untill the 1900's. Men yes,are "multiated" when it comes to circumsicion, however this does not make sex any less enjoyable for you, and most of the men are circumsized as a babe, where are the women I mentioned above that are circumsized and mutilated in order to remain faithful were 12 or older and not sedated.

    So sorry if we get a little pissed when men cheat on us and want to take away his manhood.

    (however any sane woman would not to do this)

    • I know that happeneed/happens to women..and it was/is absolutely horrific and disgusting...also its debatable whethet circumcision affects pelasure..it relaly depedns ofn the indivudal..im cut since I was baby so I have no idea..nothing to compare...but I hope no sane woman would do that..but why even joke about it..I mean if you here a guy even say like "yea is she cheats I'm gonna give her a balck eye"..ppl would think he's a monster eve for thinking that..and rightfully so.

    • I would say that women see it more as a way of threatening their manhood, rather then their genitalia. However, since a guys manhood is significantly based on his genitals, this is the easiest target for ridicule or attack.

    • Well yea that's my point...to loose my penis would make me feel like a total freak..Honestly. if I had to choose body parts to loose..id rather loose every limb before I lost my penis...I read about a guy with cancer down there who faced possbile removal..i would rather let the cancer devour my whole body and die than have my penis amputated and live..for girls to find pleasure in that makes me sick..it makes me want to root on female mutilation just to return the hate.

  • i don't say that because to me saying, "if he __ I'll cut his penis off" is way drastic. the guy cheated...that's nice so you're going to go to jail for the douchebag? somewhere she took a hard right turn into Idiotville. you know, I do kind of agree with the rapist thing but at the same time I dont. to me, I would LITERALLY kill a rapist. I'm not kidding. I wouldn't take his boys from him I would literally light his ass on fire. you just don't come back from that I feel like just cutting off some guy's balls isn't really a punishment it's more of a handicap. he had his balls now he doesn't. he's still perfectly capable of living everyday life. however, lighting him on fire...THAT'S punishment. I would light that rapist on fire at the drop of a hat. I wouldn't ever light some random guy on fire though it'd have be some rapist or murderer who tried to f*** with me. (no pun intended) but yea the whole "if he __ I'll cut his balls off" is kinda pointless to me because we all know they won't do it, unless you have some SERIOUS childhood issues that need some INTENSE therapy, so why give us the horrid undesired image?

    • Well that's what I was wondering...the girls I watched teeth with did not seem like they thought it was "undesired" they got a real kick out of it and especially the fact that I made me uncomfortable and I'm not a rapist so I don't get it...

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    • So boob getting cut off=u can't watch...openis bitten off=funny?

    • OMG!at what point in this entire conversation did I say it was funny to have ANYTHING "bitten" off?i haven't! I've been on your side the entire time but now you're telling me that I'm not saying what you want to hear so go ahead be an asshole and whatever helps you sleep at night "all girls are sent from satan" what the f*** ever. how hard is it to comprehend what I've said for the past week? I'm going to bow out and leave you with whatever it is you want to hear from what I've said

  • what kind of sane woman would say that she would cut off their guys penis if he cheated? yeesh that's way too extreme. cheating is bad, but he doesn't deserve to be mutilated for it!

    • I AGREE! and I'm glad someone who doesn't have a penis can empathize..thanks!

  • Honestly, why are so many women de-sensitized to mutilation of the male genitals?

    Because they're so used to it. They're told (as are men) by society that there's nothing wrong with taking a knife to the penis of a newborn baby boy. Right from birth, therefore, the genitals of a man are regarded as something not worthy of protection.

    It's hard to be horrified and disgusted by something that your culture says is totally normal. If women were as horrified by cutting male genitals as they are by the cutting of female genitals, then they wouldn't allow circumcision to happen to their sons, and then the medical industry would lose serious money.

    A lot of people are saying there's no comparison between male and female circumcision, but they clearly are just accepting their own culture's brainwashing that this is the case, which helps to make the double-standard acceptable.

    If you talked to those who think female genital mutilation is as normal and trivial as you regard male genital mutilation, then you'd see exactly what I mean. They would dispute that there's anything wrong with female circumcision and would deny that it reduced sexual pleasure. Remember that many of the people who push for female circumcision in those cultures are women who were circumcised themselves.

    Women can laugh at male genital mutilation because they're taught that it's not serious, that a man's penis is fair game for physical alteration against its owner's wishes. Disgusting, but if you hate that attitude, then the best way to oppose it is to start opposing all forms of male genital mutilation, including circumcision.

    • very interesting point...but honestly that kinda makes me uneasy...I mean I'm circumcized (as a baby obviously not my choice) but does that mean I'm so mutilated freak? I am pretty convinced that it is unecessary and msot liekly is harmful...I have a "if its not broken, don't fix it" attitude.(infact I'd say cutting actually BREAKS it in a way) But its hard for me to swallow that I'm like a hlaf a man or something...thats a horrfiying thought

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    • I don't understand this rant here.

      Being genitally mutilated is only worse than being raped because you're a man.

      The cause of being genitally mutilated & raped is different but the effect's the same.

      Illogical to say there's no valid reason for d*ck chopping like there is rape until the legal system reforms.

      Unreasonable to claim feminism praises d*ck chopping based on easy cases of it because tge same thing is done in rape cases. So it's the legal system

      What's your point?

    • So if only decent women don't deserve rape why should all men be excused from being d*ck chopped and not only decent men.

      Why are the women who enjoy d*ck chopping sadistic but not men who enjoy raping?

      By your logic only sadistic men (rapists) deserve to be d*ck chopped since only sadistic women (d*ck chopper) deserved to be raped.

      Funny how you can think its cool for a woman to be raped if she's sadistic but no man should be d*ck chopped.

  • I don't know if you ever heard about this, but there was a bit of a story in the news papers a few years ago, and it was even on the news. A woman found out that her husband had been cheating on her, so she cut his penis off and then threw it out of her car window the next time she was out driving. Now, I'm not gonna lie, I laughed...not at what she'd done, but at how stupid she had been.

    I thought it was sick, and I often wonder how she would feel if someone stuck a knife through her uterus. I actually thought it was disgusting, while cheating is not a nice thing to do, at the same time, its a big price to pay...I mean no one would have laughed if she'd cut his leg off, would they? in fact she probably would have been imprisoned for bodily harm.

    So I agree, I don't think its funny at all, and although I said I laughed, I wasn't laughing at him, I was laughing at her, in a sinical way.

    • yea...and honestly as a guy..id rather loose my leg...by far...but neway you mean it was suptid of her to throw it out the window or what?

    • I thought the whole thing was stupid...there are better ways to get revenage, you don't actually have to go and mutilate people...and I see it as bodily harm..a d*** isn't just for f***ing with..it has peeing uses too..

    • "Live well. It is the greatest revenge."

      - The Talmud

  • Because men are so casual about beating the crap out of us & degrating us like we are dogs.

  • There is also another movie about these British girls who have been raped. There was a scene where a girl charred this guy's d*** off because from when she was 12 to whatever age she was, he continuously raped her...and I guess her dad didn't believe her since he and the guy were buddy buddy...anyways. The same guy had raped her best friend in the ass. But before they charred him, the girl who was ass raped raped his ass with a huge strap-on. I could see how girls can take rape to the heart. I've been raped, although I didn't cut the guys d*** off or anything like that. He took advantage of a blacked out drunk chick...the f***er. I can totally see how these girls feel.

    Young men wouldn't feel so insecure if there weren't all those stupid fuks raping and beating women and children. I'm sure most women who say they would totally cut off the guys d*** if they had raped/cheated/ etc, but not all would actually DO it, and I didn't.

    • But here's the thing...im not a rapist!!!! well you didn't...prolly only because you wouldn't want to go to jail yourself...but I mean...ud want to right? I understand that btw...and I'm very sorry for what happened to u.

  • You've asked this question before,and I'm not casual about it,nor do I find entertainment in it

    You're like the male version of a feminazi

    • How so? if girls weren't so casual about it...i wouldn't be upset.

    • You're upset because you let the media and Yahoo Answers get to you.Don't pin your *emotions* on the media.

    • I've met several girls tha tI know personally who thought it was funny...I didn't tell them how I felt aobut it..but I was pretty upset...plenty of girls do find it funny/don't care about it.

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  • Teeth was a bit of fun. Don't worry, no one's going to cut your d*** off.

    We're sarcastic about it because clitorectomies are very real and happen in the middle east; no one seems to care about that though...

    • Yes, those are real...but here's the difference...guys don't laugh when there's a report about it on the news (and as far as I know no one has made a movie about it)...and guys don't laugh, or cheer it on or anything like that.

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    • People care far more about female genital mutilation in far away countries than they do about the exact same mutilation (and in some cases worse) done to boys in the "developed" world.

      Clitoridectomies are not used as punishments in most places practising FGM, they're cultural. They're usually done by older women who had the same done to them - it's an initiation, exactly the same as male genital mutilation.

    • Have you ever seen the film Hostel? It is a film, it is entertainment. Just because you see all those girls getting slowly killed by the rich men for their pleasure, it doesn't mean you want it to happen. Do you see the difference?

  • Innocent male mutilation isn't funny, nor is innocent female mutilation.

    I think girls make those JOKES, but they are not serious comments, it's most likely banter. Same way people make rape jokes or banter.

    However, on the subject of evil-minded rapists/sexual predators/murderers who don't show an ounce of guilt for what they have done, MALE or FEMALE. They deserve torture, mutilation and everything under the sun before death. Whether that includes the genitals or not.

    If an animal misbehaves, you have it put it down.

    If an animal f***s anything that moves, you have it spayed/neutered.

    If humans want to act inhumane to others, they give up their humanity and can be considered animals themselves. So yeah, I'll support mutilation for the deserved.

    • Here my deal though...1) only 2 guys raped...and/or molested her...the others were havign cosensual sex with her...and she was the agressor not them. (even if they wronged her...they did not attack or rape her..one guy she finds out makes a bet on getting her in bed...does that warrant a penectomy?) and secondly...im not a rapist and yet every girl LOVEd teasing me about it...I've never even touched a girl sexually..never mistreated one in any way ever (well okay...I stole my sister's cookie

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    • So what's wrong with me saying no rape for d*ck choppers but clit off and d*ck chop for rapists because in my opinion rape is worse and I don't want anyone to go through that?

      If you want your opinion/wants accepted you have to accept others opinions/wants.

      Give & get hypocrite

    • what? no I dont...i don't have to acept what your or any other woman believes and I don't acre what you want..to hell with your wishes...and I don't think I'm being a hypocrit but if I am I don't acre..ill go right ahead because I hate penectomty-loving women to the core...their opinions wishes, lives don't mean anything to me.

  • noooononono..its nuthin like tht...most of us are jus tired of inconsiderate assholes...nd tha only reason we think its funny when a guy gets hit and tha balls or like in tht discusting movie "teeth" geting his d*** chopped off(or bittin of) is because it symbolzes sumthin to us...its like getin bk at guys fer only thinkin about sex..and looking at us women as objects...and plus when its and a movie like tht most the time the character tht wuz being dipicted in it deserved it

    • sorry tht comment is supose 2 b wid the ones below...

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    • yea :/ ...imean how were they supose 2 kno?..im sure they didn't mean 2 do anythin 2 hurt u..

    • O...I forgot to include this (but I guess you rpolly assumed)i DIDN'T end up loosing my penis...the anti-biotics eventually were able to clear the infection up. It was for a brief period it might be a possiblity...my mom never told me about the possibility of amputation...she told me later...she didn't want to scare me so she was only going to tell me if it had to done. So, just want to let you kno I'm okay in that department.

  • this jus pisses me off...tha media is always degrating women ..making little boys think thts the way its supose 2 b and then they grow up into sex driven bastards...nd women are "mutilated too" ...all we al see is big t*ts, ass and p**** on tv. etc. etc. ...most women do not look like this! not natural women...we get physically abused and mentally abused every day wether we kno it or not, little girls develope so many insecurities from this bullsh*t...and you selfish d***heads just make it worse :'( ..im not sayin its the male sexes fault or urs personaly of course either...its jus our f***d up society! no wonder many of us women think its funny when we talk about choppin your **** off..its your "manhood" and its f***ing hilarious because its like taking away your life because you can't hav sex anymor...men think its funny or OK when they talk about "getin sum" ..like "yea man, I tapped tht ;)" ..or when you see an attractive girl walk by nd you make sexual remarks to your frends about her...cuz thts all yal think about! and when "us women" see it bein takin away from you and a film..yes ill admit its funny..not tha mear fact tht your d*** has jus been choppd off but jus what it symoblizes..if tht makes sense...? ...sorry if I sound lika bitch ..but really... :/

    • "your **** off..its your "manhood" and its f***ing hilarious because its like taking away your life because you can't hav sex anymor..." See buy why all of us in general? I do not like the way the media pritray women...and hoenstly I guess I don't udnerstand that...because I don't know any guys the expect girls to look like that (of course it could just be that I hang out with people that share my outlook on things) Sorry I mean, Iguess I just assumed everyone knows all that air burhsed crap is

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    • to have my ...wat?

    • This is a great answer!

  • I love penises, I would never hurt one, I'd cuddle with it & show it all the love it deserves :D

  • I think the real question is, why are men so casual about this? Your gender never defends themselves when they are attacked by the media, why don't you guys stand up for yourself. If a movie was made that degrates women like Teeth does, & some guy cut his wife's breast off, you can bet feminist would be furious & stand up for themselves. Why can't men take their rights seriously & realize they are being made fun of & degrated by the media all the time.

    Watch these videos:



    Why don't men say something about how wrong this stuff is?

  • and I DO feel that if a guy is a rapist, he deserves much worse than the treatment in the movies. Because rape not only mutilates the female genitals but also her soul, sense of self, and her entire world view. Everyone knows rapists don't change. So frankly I feel they deserve hell and more.

    • Ur sayinf no rapist has even become a better person? I know of some cases where they apoligized to their victims and were truly sorry.

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    • what else should I go on?

    • By that logic then only my experiences are important and not facts so your argument is invalid.

  • dude you totally misunderstood the mythology. The vagina dentata tales is all about male insecurities and fear of the other rather than female lust for violence. It is also a cautionary tale that warns men against acts of rape.

    Even in the movie you mentioned, the female protagonist only realizes her power after a guy tries raping her. In the story, fear in the female and aggression by the male is what triggers the "chomping action" if you catch my drift.

    So the movie actually further elaborates the traditional narrative of the vagina dentata mythology by adding an element of female empowerment and control over her sexuality (i.e. you can't rape her because you'll suffer for it if she doesn't consent).

    There are numerous incarnation of vagina dentata tales. Why don't you try reading some books before you post such a silly, uninformed question.

    • But that secodn guy DIDNT rape her..neither did the stepbro...

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    • Good then instead of wishing raped wish for them to be genital mutilated.

      You don't like women wishing rapists to be genital mutilated. Why do you think it's okay for you to do the reverse?

    • cuz I'm not doing the reverse...i say no one deserve genital mutilation ever..male or female...like I was saying tho...women don't have the same genital sitaution so its impossbile for them to comprehend...the onyl way to enable a female sexually would, be to fill her vagina in or something...the clitoris and what not are jus tkind add ons that girls could do without. guys cnat do without a penis.

  • why would you even ask this question? I don't think any woman in their right mind would even think about chopping off a man's penis, even if a man has done something that really makes them feel angry.I can garantee you know woman would ever actually do that. And if a woman did, that's just awful and sick.

    • It actually DOES happen...Lroena bobbit is the famosu case..but especially in china..and asian coutnries it happens quite a bit..but even in america...the other day I saw some newsreport about a woman who went to do this with some garden clippers...but the guy managed to fight her off...I'm not too concerned it would happen...but I can see how some guys might get upset when girls make light of the few times it does...I think that's why he asked this.

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    • Rape can be about lust, pain, humiliation, domination, submission, or power.

      And d*ck chopping same thing. d*ck chopping for petty reasons is about power. It shows that a woman has control.

    • Nice that you glossed over

      Haven't seen a study were a large number of women said they'd chop if they could.

  • Because deep down, women are really jealous of men. Men are so big, strong, & beautiful & we feel so weak compared to them. We only bring them down, so we can feel like we are on their level. We don't feel we deserve them, they are so wonderful. Please don't be so hard on us, it isn't easy being the weaker sex :(

    • Women totally are not the weaker sex!! 57% of all college grads are women...not to mention less women are unemployed rite now...women are in my opinion, the superior sex if anything..not to mention jsut phsical wise...girls don't ahv eto worry about people mutilating their gentials because there's nothing to really cut off...guys have had their privates hacked off by scorned lovers several times...also girls don't have a massive weak spot in the middle of their body...

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    • I honestly hope this answerer is being sarcastic/ a troll.

    • no I'm not./.facts are facts...if you can show me any stasticis that would prove men are doign better than women...go ahead..but don't accuse me of being a troll just becasue you don't like the idea.

  • Because men hurt women so much. Women try so hard to please a man, & in return men are so cruel. I wouldn't actually hurt a guy, but I can relate to Lorena Bobbit. Men cheat & they know how much it hurts. They don't care & feel so abused.

    • So men dissapointing women in relationships=penis mutilation? get real.

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    • Yeah, I really think the reason women support this kind of stuff because they are trying to scare the male into being faithful & staying with them. The thing is, I don't think women do this purposely, I didn't realize any of this until yesterday. All women really want is to love & be loved. That is so hard to find & when we do find it, we are scared someone will take our guy away from us. We need to learn that if we really love a man, we must trust him & let him go if he finds someone else.

    • .......and not threatening to cut his manhood off would help too... ;)

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  • I read what Freud thought about 'penis envy' but I never experienced it as a threat: link In the human folk lore men 's fright refers to the 'vagina dentata' link (toothed vagina) That legend is also spread in war time in another form : enemy girls are said to carry poisoned spikes in their vagina and to seduce soldiers to kill them that way. (the story was a 'hit ' during the Vietnam war)

    With that kind of stories circulating since centuries it's nearly 'normal' that some deranged minds have the idea of doing some thing of that kind when angry : they don't have to invent it.

  • Yes, our modern women are so violent that it's frightening. Usually it's just cheering for violence, but there are more and more exam;les of them actually doing things like this..

  • I think they they're just goofing off on the idea. It's mutilation humor I guess. Although I'm only assuming it's all in jokes.

  • Women are not conditioned from childhood to believe that violence against males is unacceptable. Men on the other hand start hearing "don't hit girls" from the time they're small children. In terms of the quantity of violence against the opposite gender, women commit far more of it than men. Men just do more damage.

    • I don't think there's any evidence to suggest that women commit more violent acts against men than vice versa.

      But you're right that violence against boys is commonplace - a third of boys born in the US this year will be strapped down to have part of their penis amputated. And our culture thinks this is normal, fine even. So why would they blink an eye at the thought of violence to grown men's genitals if they've been trained to accept it when it's done to children?

    • The statistics won't show it because far too many men won't report that they were beat up by a woman.

  • I think you are obsessing over unimportant things. Plus you are generalizing a hell of a lot, you say "girls do this" or "girls do that" but you are basing your opinion on things some random drunk girl wrote on yahoo answers at 4 am in the morning. I think your belief that women are so violent and evil has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. You are attracting the ones like that too you because that is what you expect and that's what you are looking for. if you obsessed over positive qualities you'd probably find a lot of that too.

    ...ok that's my rant.

  • I see it this way... If you can talk lightly about male mutilation, then you should be able to talk lightly about rape. Most people can do both or neither. However there are some people in the world who would talk lightly about male mutilation and be offended by the same standard being applied to rape (or vice versa), that's when my hypocrite alarm goes off.

    • Some people? There are MANY people who talk lightly of male mutilation - just look at all the circumcision jokes there are.

      There is something perverse about a society that tells us it's okay to take a knife to the penis of a screaming baby who wants nothing less than he wants to suffer pain and mutilation, and who wants nothing more than to be safe and warm. A society that allows this kind of inhumanity can allow any amount of violence.

  • Girls are responding over time, to 40+ years of Feminist ruleLOL!

    Now the stupid girls of society try to Live stupidity.

    US blokes are not interested in them.

    We want the good ol' fashioned servile girls who were just Beautiful.

    Soemthing quite different altogether really.

    Work with them ... there are Plenty still around.

    • Feminist rule? You clearly don't know anything about either feminism or society, since your view of feminism is the predominant one in society. Most women don't identify with feminism because they've bought into the attitude of people like you - that feminists are man-haters.

      We're not - we hate neither men nor women, we think we are equal. And frankly, anyone still denying that needs to get their head out of their own arse.

  • Although one should never do it "It's creepy and the blood going everywhere...gross". However, their are men in this world that deserve to get their d***s cut off and I say that as a man myself. However their are some women who breast should be cut off too or at less taken down a notch. Besides it's mostly just talk. Most girls won't even resort to that and the girls who have done it were morally wronged by their boyfriend or husband.

  • don't be a sally about it man. If a woman jokes about that kind of crap, put her in the rear view mirror.

    The secret is not to beg for respect, but to expect it and to give it. Any woman who treats severing a man's johnson like a punchline has little respect for a guy, so why whine to her about it? Smile, thank her for whatever the evening had shared, and give her a nice goodbye kiss, and forget her.

    The same goes for women who confront a guy who thinks beating a wife is a funny matter. Do you think it's funny and laugh along with him? No. You pack up and tell the idiot goodbye.

    Same thing. toss the garbage and keep the gemstones, man. you don't really want a woman with that attitude. She's already disrespecting you in her mind anyways.

  • Women are extremely sexist. They piont out sexism when its directed on women, but women arr sexist themselves and direct it at men. There no different then men at all. They've just been getting away with it.

    • I agree, but let's start with being more precise instead of perpetuating the war.

      "A WORRYING HIGH NUMBER of women are extremely sexist etc"

      The answers here though show also there are lots of women who are not sexist

    • though, by a quick look at it, it does appear the answers here are more from sexists than not.

  • This is stupid.. first of all. reading that vagina teeth plot was HILARIOUS haha

    but there is no excuse for rape.. if girls wanna talk about cutting a rapist's penis off, they should. Not a big deal. Rapists are evil and deserve it.

  • Girls also seem to love the culture of 'rap' which does nothing but degrade females.

  • if you don't mind me asking what "infection" could you possibly have had that amputation might be the cure for your penis? The only reason I ask is cause iv never heard of such a thing. I had a urethral infection once but it cleared up in like a week with pills.

  • Ever see the old movie I Spit on Your Grave? This woman survives a gang rape... but cuts off all the rapists d***s, and murders them in the end... But yes, women do take it a bit too casual about kicking, cutting off d***s... imagine if guys talked about kicking women in the coochie... or punching a woman in the titty...

  • Because unless tightly controlled, denied education, and married off young, girls sour like milk and become worthless. Most western females are worthless for men.

    The solution to rape of "young girls" (ie: young virgins) etc is marriage. Please do not be deceived by these old spinsters and divorced-by-choice hags who wish to poison your mind. Men rape young women because they are highly attracted to them. The man wants to own the girl as a man owns a wife, he loves her at first sight.


    Men should never be castrated, male animals should never be castrated either.

    In the case of rape, if the girl is a young unmarried/unbetrothed (where bethrotal is where the man owns the girl, either has custody of her or visits her fathers house and plays with her before bringing her to his house (which is marraige)) virgin and a man rapes her he should pay her father the bride price, marry her, and not divorce her (no, she can't divorce him ever, and no she does not get a choice). This is the Biblical proscription and it is GOOD for men (Deuteronomy Ch 22). (It is only when a man rapes another mans wife that that man and sometimes the women will be killed, this is because he violated the other man's rights, it has nothing to do with women's rights. If a man rapes an unmarried/unbetrothed virgin he just keeps her as a wife of his own. God made women for men, not for herself. (This line of belief is good for Men. It should be upheld by men.))

    The Bible also supports marrying females off young, once their breasts begin (seen in the psalms) to grow or once hair grows on their pubic region: beginning of puberty. This can _biologically_ happen anywhere from as young as 9 up to age 14, usually it's about age 11, 12. The girls are usually having children beginning at age 12 to 14, but sometimes at a lower age aswell. This is Biological fact. This is when the Bible says girls are to be married to men. You would have men castrated for "child sexual abuse". The Bible has them married to men once they would be good wives to men, you deny men these marraiges to sweet young women, who would be docile helpers for a man their whole lives, your doctrine is that of demons.

    Thirdly the father can and does force their daughter to marry a man in the Bible, he can also sell her off. You would call the marraige here rape and have the man castrated. You would also castrate men who rape their wives (this is a man's right). You are completely against patriarchy and God's order and you SHOULD be killed. Everyone who agrees with you and implements your anti-man evil ways should be executed. You are sick and you have destroyed the ability for men to be happily married in the west.

    The best marriages are of older men (30+) to young virgins (12, 13, 14), for the man. That is a fact. You and yours destroyed the best thing in life for men and you should be killed for it.

    Death To women's Rights.

    Viva Men's liberties.


    • was this satire?

    • dizyaum... your on your own, buddy

  • This makes me think of the bullsh*t double standards of Female and Male circumcision (or mutilation). Studies haven't said sh*t about it being "cleaner" for a guy to be circumcised and every guy who was circumcised that got their foreskin back (no sh*t, they can grow it back!) says the sex is way better. I've known plenty girls who claim the sex is better with a guy who has foreskin vs those who don't. Just amuses and disgusts me that people are for one circumcision, but against the other. Be against them both. Let nature be and focus on other things to make the sex better or whatnot.

    Anyways, I do agree with that about girls (to be fair guys too) tend to be more casual about men having their balls or d*** cut off instead of toward women. Not sure why. It's just how society is. It's something that needs to change.

    • You've just identified why people are all more okay with the idea of violence against male genitals than they are against female genitals - because they're trained to be that way in order that they will accept male circumcision.

      I oppose all forms of genital mutilation, but circumcision of men is profitable, and many circumcised men have a psychological desire to see it done to others (it makes them feel normal) so society tells people it's not important, or even good.

    • Ya I know :\ it just bothers me. Especially more so after watching Bullsh*t's episode on it :P Penn and Teller are so awesome. I wish they ran the country just to see what kinda world they'd create. It'd probably be far bette imo.

  • it's OK, my penis has evolved to protect itself against mutilation and being chopped off. It's small and therefore undetected. I can have sex with them in their sleep and they won't know.

    • creepy very creepy

    • but this analysis goes against yer screenname

    • thats part of the trickery

  • Haha, oh, your into the Yahoo Answers crowd. Heavy duty gelzzz. You should ask this on 4chan, mate. Its like, a good few rungs up the ladder, as far as answers forums go, and about 90% of them are male but y'know. They'll gladly show you what a mutilated penis looks like, and inform of you how to do it yourself, and encourage you to document the event.

    Anyway, I've never met a girl like this. So y'know... Breeze, baby, breeezeee

  • link

    It's like saying this is funny.

    Yeah, I personally laughed. It supposedly hurts like hell, but it's still funny, I think.

  • Cuts both ways...

  • I think that many women take out their anger against men in this manner...Even though they might be joking, you can believe that they really mean what they are saying deep down inside. Many women harbor deep anger and hatred towards men, and Yes, many times it comes from having been raped or sexually abused by a man in their lives. Anger and resentment has a way of seeping out somehow. This may not always be the case, but a lot of times it is.

  • Some females have honestly always felt weak in comparison with men, others not. But here's the thing; someone of each gneder started beating on each other and a nice sexist was started. Starting with the good old man opening the door for a young lady and getting cursed at, kicked in the knee and guys forcing girls to have sex [rape]. so in answer to this whole topic the answer is simple and needs no further explaining because it will go on for generations to come:

    Males and Females are both right, and both wrong.

    • Thank you for not making me want to fall asleep

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