Why are girls so casual about sexual mutilation of men?

For example...Girls praise of The Teeth movie ( if your unfamiliar with this : link

Lorena Bobbit Jokes. And ironically girls sniff out sexism all the time in other areas, But when it comes to men being mutilated..they don't care or even think its funny. One woman on Yahoo answers, gave a really refreshing answer on this topic.

She said:

"Girls lets admit it; aren't we casual about cutting off penis questions? I keep reading nasty answers from women saying they would gladly cut their boyfriend's penis if he cheats or some other stupid answer. In my mind even rape is not a good enough reason to mutilate a human being. And as most sane women would say, sexual aggression in between the ears, not between the legs. hence penectomy is a fraud. a cut rapist will seek revenge in the most horrible way using all kinds of substitute. So it is a bit our fault if young men feel insecure. We are starting to look like wacko psycho b**** with those kind of answer."

I wish all girls could be as sane and sensitive as her. The thing that bugs is that guys often ask these questions feeling insecure and wanting honest answers from women, but instead they get sarcasm and indifference.


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  • It's funny that I ran across this post because my daughter just told me the other day about the movie "Teeth" and she told me that the man was trying to rape the woman with " vagina dentata" when he got was was coming to him.

    1 in 3 women are sexually molested by men the age of 18 so there is a lot of rage against men and their penises. Most of my friends that I've gotten to know really well have been sexually molested. So have many of the women in my family like my mother, my sister and my grandmother.

    1 in 7 women that live in dorms of coed colleges campuses get raped while in college. My daughter is on her second year of college and I always warn her to be careful at the frat parties at Amherst (she goes to an all girls college thank god!) I tell her to always carry her drink with her, even to the bathroom. But now college men are getting smarter about getting the date rape drugs into the girls. Recently my daughter's roommate felt something stick her in the back while she was at one of those parties. It was a syringe loaded with a date rape drug. Luckily her friends got her somewhere safe where she could sleep it off and now she has to take anti HIV meds just in case the syringe was tainted with HIV.

    I myself had a date drug my drink. Luckily I didn't get raped. I have had friends who were drugged then raped. My ex husband was drugged and raped by two men.

    My mom's husband's brother was in prison for being a sexual predator. He raped his own flesh and blood daugher. He's out of prison and is still considered a sex predator. His daughter was around my daughter's age she was a friend of my daughter's now my daughter doesn't get to see her anymore.

    Also in many countries female genital mutilation is performed on girls when they first start their period. In cold blood the remove the girl's clitoris and make the vaginal opening very small so that she won't want sex and so that when get get's married they know for sure that she is a virgin. The bloody sheets are displayed to show everyone that she was definitely a virgin on her wedding day.

    So you can blame women for being enraged and to fantasize about cutting a man's penis off.

    • Well. I'm sorry to hear about all the people you personally know that have been affected by sexual assualt but your daughter failed to mention that she gave penectomies to guys that did not assault her...in some cases she was the agressor...btw...If there was a movie where a guy was wronged by women and took revenge by mutilating her genitals...u know the feminists would go crazy over it. they get all worked up over the minor details of rom coms...etc...but then a movie like teeth.

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    • A girl dressing like a boy is unfeminine but okay because it's okay to be a boy.

      A boy dressing like a girl is not okay but degrading because being a woman is degrading.

    • I don't understand this rant here.

      Being genitally mutilated is only worse than being raped because you're a man.

      The cause of being genitally mutilated & raped is different but the effect's the same.

      Illogical to say there's no valid reason for d*ck chopping like there is rape until the legal system reforms.

      Unreasonable to claim feminism praises d*ck chopping based on easy cases of it because tge same thing is done in rape cases. So it's the legal system

      What's your point?

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  • I think you are making a mountain out of a mole hill here. Very seldom is there any male mutilation, in fact to be more correct much more in female mutilation.

    • yes but the female mutilation is viewed as shockign and horrific..the male mutilation is funny...

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    • Circumcision is mutilation? Mmmmkay.

    • Mutilation means literally the destruction of an otherwise healthy bodily tissue, by that definition AND the fact that circumcision is a horrific procedure usually done without the person's consent makes it mutilation.

  • i don't say that because to me saying, "if he __ I'll cut his penis off" is way drastic. the guy cheated...that's nice so you're going to go to jail for the douchebag? somewhere she took a hard right turn into Idiotville. you know, I do kind of agree with the rapist thing but at the same time I dont. to me, I would LITERALLY kill a rapist. I'm not kidding. I wouldn't take his boys from him I would literally light his ass on fire. you just don't come back from that I feel like just cutting off some guy's balls isn't really a punishment it's more of a handicap. he had his balls now he doesn't. he's still perfectly capable of living everyday life. however, lighting him on fire...THAT'S punishment. I would light that rapist on fire at the drop of a hat. I wouldn't ever light some random guy on fire though it'd have be some rapist or murderer who tried to f*** with me. (no pun intended) but yea the whole "if he __ I'll cut his balls off" is kinda pointless to me because we all know they won't do it, unless you have some SERIOUS childhood issues that need some INTENSE therapy, so why give us the horrid undesired image?

    • Well that's what I was wondering...the girls I watched teeth with did not seem like they thought it was "undesired" they got a real kick out of it and especially the fact that I made me uncomfortable and I'm not a rapist so I don't get it...

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    • So boob getting cut off=u can't watch...openis bitten off=funny?

    • OMG!at what point in this entire conversation did I say it was funny to have ANYTHING "bitten" off?i haven't! I've been on your side the entire time but now you're telling me that I'm not saying what you want to hear so go ahead be an asshole and whatever helps you sleep at night "all girls are sent from satan" what the f*** ever. how hard is it to comprehend what I've said for the past week? I'm going to bow out and leave you with whatever it is you want to hear from what I've said

  • Hell NO Hell NO Hell NOOOO!

    I HATED teeth, it made me feel SORRY for men, and I crossed my legs even though there's nothing to chomp off down there...at least that could be stuck in a woman D:

    I know too many guys who make jokes like;

    What do you tell a woman with two black eyes? Nothing you told her twice...

    Not ALL girls enjoy male mutilation...just like not ALL men enjoy the pain of women ;) Don't stereotype hun.

    It happens, but it's not every girl... My (ex but crush and soon-to-be boyfriend at the time introduced me to 'teeth' and LAUGHED while I cringed...go figure)

    • ye ai guess some guys thought it was funny too...but seriously...the whoel concept of any violence isn't cool...but particularly this...like loosing your penis is literally like loosing your "manhood"..its liek being mutated into some freakish creature...that why I take particualr offens eto people finding it funny...slapstick kinda funny is okay..but teeth went too far to be funny/cute...I would assume girls wouldn't like a movie where women get their private aprts cut up..

    • I don't like ANY movie where a guy OR a girl gets cut up like that Teeth was disgusting and uncalled for. I didn't laugh, not even once. I'd never wish that upon anyone but a child rapist.

      But it's not every girl, so try not to group as all alike? :) I've been a little stereotypical myself on here before, but hey, some people change our opinions.There's way less 'good girls' and 'nice guys' than there used to be, but hey they still exsist, even if its a minority.

  • Because men are so casual about women being raped, murdered, mutilated, and sexually objectified.

    Look at any horror or action film.

    Did you expect women to be all sweet while men get to be so casual?

    FYI the girl in Teeth killed her rapists and step brother. The teeth in her vagina prevented unwanted penetration it's nothing like the torture p*rn most horror films are.

    Men are casual because when they look at a women they're attracted to (and most actresses are attractive to the majority) the part of the brain that uses tools is active.

    I'm casual about male mutilation because most men are either rapists, would rape, or forgiving of rapists.

    Funny how you think a rapist should be forgiven but not someone who Lorena Bobbit's a guy.

    • I agree with some of what you said, especially your first sentence. You hit the nail on the head there. How many times have I heard guys say that sometimes it 's OK to rape a woman. Speaking as a rape victim myself, it is a horrible experience. It is horribly, horrible painful, then the victim has to deal with the emotional scars that follow from being treated like you are less than human. Rape is an act of violence and not sex.

      However, I do not agree that most men are rapists.

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    • "well girls hav eit hard too so I don't care aobut men"

      When did I put that?

      I put

      "Because men are so casual about women being raped, murdered, mutilated, and sexually objectified."

      You're the one not caring about a gender because your issue is worse. Isn't that what you're saying ? Women are "disgusting hateful creatures"I hate all women.

      Except those that agree with my views on what glorification is.

      What should I "admit" to?

      You don't get without giving.

    • I DID...i don't anymore...it disgusted me and made me ashamed so I tried not to think about it...and I NEVER EVER EVER would try and act out those fantasies...ever. there's a fine line between wuts in your head and what you do. and fine ill take it back...those women don't deserved to raped...i can't say id feel as bad for them though. they just make me so angry maybe I said somehting I actually don't believe okay?

  • Any sort of sexual mutilation is horrible. However, male genital mutilation is not as common as female mutilation (they cut little girl's clits off in Northern African countries). Perhaps a rapist doesn't deserve to get his penis cut off but he does deserve to stay in prison until his happy erectile days are over and get raped by Bob the giant sexually frustrated dude that shares quarters with him.

    • yea but here's my beef...everyone in the civilixed western world is horrified by Female genital cutting...but women laugh at, take pleasure in, and tease men over it in the U.S...and there's this attitude like "guys deserve it"...always..just for being a guy...guys basically don't deserve to have their masculinity intact...masculinity =evil and is like some cancer that needs to be removed otherwise theyll rape everyone and abuse women..women may put up with men...might enjoy their company...

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    • Then how come you don't blow it for supporting things she finds evil for sadistic women?

      But she blows it for supporting things you find evil for sadistic men?

    • do you like your clit?

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  • Yes, our modern women are so violent that it's frightening. Usually it's just cheering for violence, but there are more and more exam;les of them actually doing things like this..

  • I read what Freud thought about 'penis envy' but I never experienced it as a threat: link In the human folk lore men 's fright refers to the 'vagina dentata' link (toothed vagina) That legend is also spread in war time in another form : enemy girls are said to carry poisoned spikes in their vagina and to seduce soldiers to kill them that way. (the story was a 'hit ' during the Vietnam war)

    With that kind of stories circulating since centuries it's nearly 'normal' that some deranged minds have the idea of doing some thing of that kind when angry : they don't have to invent it.

  • I see it this way... If you can talk lightly about male mutilation, then you should be able to talk lightly about rape. Most people can do both or neither. However there are some people in the world who would talk lightly about male mutilation and be offended by the same standard being applied to rape (or vice versa), that's when my hypocrite alarm goes off.

    • Some people? There are MANY people who talk lightly of male mutilation - just look at all the circumcision jokes there are.

      There is something perverse about a society that tells us it's okay to take a knife to the penis of a screaming baby who wants nothing less than he wants to suffer pain and mutilation, and who wants nothing more than to be safe and warm. A society that allows this kind of inhumanity can allow any amount of violence.

  • Women are not conditioned from childhood to believe that violence against males is unacceptable. Men on the other hand start hearing "don't hit girls" from the time they're small children. In terms of the quantity of violence against the opposite gender, women commit far more of it than men. Men just do more damage.

    • I don't think there's any evidence to suggest that women commit more violent acts against men than vice versa.

      But you're right that violence against boys is commonplace - a third of boys born in the US this year will be strapped down to have part of their penis amputated. And our culture thinks this is normal, fine even. So why would they blink an eye at the thought of violence to grown men's genitals if they've been trained to accept it when it's done to children?

    • The statistics won't show it because far too many men won't report that they were beat up by a woman.

  • don't be a sally about it man. If a woman jokes about that kind of crap, put her in the rear view mirror.

    The secret is not to beg for respect, but to expect it and to give it. Any woman who treats severing a man's johnson like a punchline has little respect for a guy, so why whine to her about it? Smile, thank her for whatever the evening had shared, and give her a nice goodbye kiss, and forget her.

    The same goes for women who confront a guy who thinks beating a wife is a funny matter. Do you think it's funny and laugh along with him? No. You pack up and tell the idiot goodbye.

    Same thing. toss the garbage and keep the gemstones, man. you don't really want a woman with that attitude. She's already disrespecting you in her mind anyways.

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