Squirting hot or not?

How many of you girls have experienced squirting?

And how many guys have had an experience with girls who squirt?

Like or dislike?

I've confirmed it NOT to be pee after going to the bathroom before hand and checking the color/smell of it. It is usually a LOT though and gets quite messy. Lemme hear your experiences!


Most Helpful Guy

  • When it happened to me I didn't know it until both of us had cum. We were doing cowgirl and she was doing something no girl had done before while on me. She stopped for a moment and I asked her why and she told me she was too sensitive to continue because just had an earthquake orgasm. After a moment she said it was my turn and proceeded to concentrate in the right place for me. She's well experienced. After she popped me and was just sitting on me I noticed the bed was wet under me. She told me she squirted. I loved it. I had been marked.