Squirting hot or not?

How many of you girls have experienced squirting?

And how many guys have had an experience with girls who squirt?

Like or dislike?

I've confirmed it NOT to be pee after going to the bathroom before hand and checking the color/smell of it. It is usually a LOT though and gets quite messy. Lemme hear your experiences!


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  • When it happened to me I didn't know it until both of us had cum. We were doing cowgirl and she was doing something no girl had done before while on me. She stopped for a moment and I asked her why and she told me she was too sensitive to continue because just had an earthquake orgasm. After a moment she said it was my turn and proceeded to concentrate in the right place for me. She's well experienced. After she popped me and was just sitting on me I noticed the bed was wet under me. She told me she squirted. I loved it. I had been marked.

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  • haha, I'm aching for the day I find a girl that can squirt and cover me with that stuff. I don't even care what the hell it is. that's just amazing.

    i think that's got to besome sort of divine providence that the girl was meant to do great things in bed. hahaha

    and as for those f***tards that say its gross, F*** them. you're gonna find a lot more guys that like it. we all want to get with that special girl that can cover us as well as we can cover them.

    haha, bottom line, enjoy the gift, because we will!

  • my ex squirted quite often, I loved it.

  • To be frank, its a confidence booster knowing I just made this girl squirt because at that point she is screaming so loud that you have no choice but to be turned on.

    At the same time I'm dying to take a shower when I have Vag juice all over my stomach.

  • I think it is hot!You sure know when the girl is having best come for sure!

  • Its minging. Disgusting, disgusting stuff.

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What Girls Said 7

  • I can do it too. I used to hold back because I was embarrassed of it soaking the bed or drenching the guy, now I've found that me getting off makes them get off and when you're that tight your squirting you pretty much milk them anyway. I've had a few guys really love it but you're right, always have a towel handy!

  • I squirt sometimes I don't really care for it. It just makes a mess but the 2 guys that have gotten me to squirt thought it was great and loved that they could do that to me.

  • I LOVE IT! Its happened maybe 5-8 times in my life... so far. It feels phnomenal and my Boyfriend loves it too! The first time it happened to me, I didn't know what it was! Well I sorta did, thanks to those p*rn sites I glance at occasionally. lol And for the longest time, when I would get that "gotta pee" feeling that happens just before the big fireworks, I would hold back because I thought I was going to pee on us both! But now I know that is not the case. Yea, the clean up afterward can be annoying, but it is ALWAYS worth it! I also find it so adorable to see the proud look on my man's face afterward. :)

  • I squirt every time I have I have sex...it's mainly the only way I can come. I can see where people think it's really nasty, but it feels so beautiful. Seriously, I'm on top of the world and all I can feel is pure bliss. Sure, it's messy, but it's totally worth cleaning up the mess, and my husband digs is so much, he's so hot:p

  • Ok... so I am a squirter myself and my boyfriend LOVES it... the first time it happened it really freaked me out though. Now I can feel when it is about to happen and it is very intense... I love it when I do it. But, on the other hand, our playmate who joins us occasionally is also a squirter although she has only done it once when we were together. When she squirted I was the one who was stimulating her and the one in the line of...fire? Ha Ha... it was a huge turn off to me when she did it... so I guess I would say Hot and Not :)

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