People who get raped? What makes one person more likely to be raped than another?

I don't know many people who have gotten raped (well... I probably do but they never share it) but this is a legit question like OK if you are a slut does that make you likely to get raped, or dress slutty? Like the only thing I have ever seen is unattractive women get raped, and the question who would WANT to rape them you know? So I am REALLY REALLY confused about like... this whole thing, and I am IN SO WAY CONDONING IT OR SAYING I WANT IT TO HAPPEN TO ME because I do not at all I just need help comprehending this whole thing..? I had a girl once tell me she got raped by a frat guy which is just UNBELIEVABLE to be because... frat guys don't rape girls.. they are too good for that.


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  • I have nothing but sympathy for girls that get rapped in situations beyond their control, like when they were little or by force, a LOT of women who get "raped" are retarded tho. You hear these stories all the time, "woman goes home with two guys she just met at 3am in the morning, they get drunk and take drugs and the woman is raped by the men" REALLY? That may be by law but don't expect me to have sympathy for you because you are a complete moron

    • Totally agree lol

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    • The thing is about the laws is the only proof you need is your word. Even if there is a pile of evidence that a guy is completely innocent, as soon as a girl cries rape the guy will be dragged through the courts in front of his family and friends. A girl being being drunk at 3 am with a random guy should be enough not to convict a guy but often it does, there is no other evidence a girl can give unless she was actually assaulted also

    • I don't know where you live as to where these things are based solely on someone's word. I know someone that really was raped. She waited 2 weeks to report it because she was terrified. You know what they told her? They didn't have any physical evidence, and unless he confessed to it, he would walk free

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  • After reading your discussion with the woman who was raped and the rest of what you've written on this Q, I am appalled at your attitude.

    I read on a government statistics website that 1 in 3 women are sexually abused in their life time. Look around at your group of friends, how many of them are there? divide by 3, and that's how many will be abused. Will you be one?

    PS. lots of frat guys do rape people, and not just the hot ones...

    • I wrote this a while ago, I feel really bad about it.

  • Not to condone rape at all, but there are still things that women probably should not do because they put them in danger of being raped. In terms of how women dress I don't know if that makes rapists more likely to come after her or not, but what dressing scantily does do is it often makes people less sympathetic towards the woman as they demonstrated on "What would you do".

  • i was molested when I was 5-8 years old =/ but yea some people are just assholes


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  • i guess, some people get raped, because of behaving like bitch (girls got raped for revenge), dress extremely revealing (and she cross path with some sex maniac) and for those unattractive girls who got raped, they are just unlucky to be there at that time :( (there are so many pschos out there lately). As what mentioned by Gregs, I agree with it totally, girls who says they got raped under that kind of circumstances are just stupid, they causes it to themselves none others. they should've be more careful than that.

  • Too good for that? You better start believing it, honey.. there are big name doctors and lawyers that are rapists. Don't think that just because someone doesn't have the "creepy" appearance that they aren't capable of despicable acts.

    The mind of a rapist isn't so easily understood. I wouldn't say that a girl that dresses in a promiscuous way is more likely to get raped than that woman walking around in a business suit though. Some rapists have a thing for going after women that dress modestly and have seemingly "proper" behavior because they have a knack for "tainting" if you know what I mean. They all have different things that they are looking for, and they all have different motives. Rape in most cases, is not about attraction. It's about controlling and dominating. And most are raped by people they know and might be very close to.

    • Yes, those a real rape victims but what about girls that meet a random guy in the middle of the night, go to their place to get drunk and take drugs, then say they passed out and got raped?

    • while that is a stupid thing to do on her part, it is still rape, and she is in no way "asking for it".

      Definitely high risk though

  • sometimes it may be about how the person looks, but a rapist cud also rape someone for a sense of feeling powerful. I learned this in psychology class and have watched shows on murderers who also rape their victims and a lot of the time these people have ben molested or raped in the past and have anger issues they can't control. They take it out on the victims they rape and murder. I believe this because the youngest person to be raped was an infant and the oldest was 90 years old. What is attractive about a baby or a frail old woman? Usually nothing and so rapists rape because they feel powerful when they do so.

  • It doesn't matter who you are, what you dress like... The people who are sick enough to rape someone, will rape anyone. Sometimes the most unsuspecting person can be a rapist, like some women don't think a man would rape them because the man is so good looking or seems so nice. The best thing to do is trust your instincts, if they're telling you something is wrong, listen to them. If you feel you have any fears, you can always get a thing of mace. People who rape are sick, & it is never the "raped" person's fault. No is no, regardless of what a person's wearing.

  • There is no 'type' of person who gets raped. And you say frat guys are too good to rape girls, that's not true because anyone is capable of rape, status doesn't come into consideration.

  • All I know is that anyone could be raped by anyone. Buff, skinny, fat guys would rape any type of woman or man they find. There are even women who rape other women and men. Usually the ugly women (the ones who dress to attract get the man's attention) actually get the men's attention and therefore are raped. They are also the ones less likely to fight as hard or tell afterward. Pretty girls know that going out late at night is a sign for trouble and therefore go in groups. They are also the ones who are more likely to tell and fight harder which some men like. Some like the challenge of The women who walk alone (ugly) ones are getting rapes while the pretty women who don't walk alone are safer and therefore as not. Men rape for various reason. They could be a power rapist, anger rapist, sex offender or even woman offenders. They will rape anyone they can. They usually go for the easier targets like the ugly and alone people because they are less likely to tell or fight. It's crazy to be frank. Power rapists usually go for harder targets who will put up a fight because it's more exciting to them when they subdue and let them do as they want. It's not very common though. So above all anyone could be raped by anyone. Doesn't matter about age, race, religion, sex or even attractiveness. They will rape really ugly women just for the pleasure of being in power or just to relieve their stress.

  • You're an idiot...

  • Your last sentence " frat guys don't rape girls.. they are too good for that" shows your ignorance. From personal experience I can tell you that frat boys are completely capable of rape and it happens more than most would care to admit. Anyone could be capable of rape its not like rapist walk around wearing a name tag. They come from all races and all walks of life. And because of that ANY woman is susceptable to rape. It all depends on the rapists MO. Not only have I been raped but in my support group there were women who's looks ranged from 1-10. I hate girls like you. You make me sick and little girls like you give a bad name to real women.

    • I'm sorry you got raped BUT you said he was a frat guy.. was he at least hot?

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    • NO I HOPE HE'S THE UGLIEST MOTHER F***ER OUT THERE!! RAPE IS ABOUT DEGRADING THE PERSON BEING RAPED. Even if it did happen to you and the guy was hot I bet you'd still feel differently than you do now. Obviously there's no reasoning with your shallow, vapid stupidity so I'm done. You make yourself an easy target and will probably face a lot of hardship because of it. I don't know what f***ed up stuff happened to you to make you this way but I really do feel sorry for you.

    • ... OK well if he was hot he wouldn't have to rape me I would just give it to him :D

  • I don't get this. Are you saying that you don't understand why unattractive people get raped too? "Who would want to rape them?" This issue is much more complex than just pretty or ugly. And a frat guy raping a girl is unbelievable? Would you also consider that a pedophile priest is unbelievable? Are you really that naive or are you just shallow? Anyone could be anything in this world. Rapists may have some preferences over the girls they choose or they might just do it randomly. Anything is possible. Wake up!

  • I was molested when I was little.

    If some-one get's raped its a horrible experience. So of course no one would want to share it.

    People who show flesh is more likely to get rapped, but any one can get rapped. because in the ned men who are rapist are after one thing