People who get raped? What makes one person more likely to be raped than another?

I don't know many people who have gotten raped (well... I probably do but they never share it) but this is a legit question like OK if you are a slut does that make you likely to get raped, or dress slutty? Like the only thing I have ever seen is unattractive women get raped, and the question who would WANT to rape them you know? So I am REALLY REALLY confused about like... this whole thing, and I am IN SO WAY CONDONING IT OR SAYING I WANT IT TO HAPPEN TO ME because I do not at all I just need help comprehending this whole thing..? I had a girl once tell me she got raped by a frat guy which is just UNBELIEVABLE to be because... frat guys don't rape girls.. they are too good for that.


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  • I have nothing but sympathy for girls that get rapped in situations beyond their control, like when they were little or by force, a LOT of women who get "raped" are retarded tho. You hear these stories all the time, "woman goes home with two guys she just met at 3am in the morning, they get drunk and take drugs and the woman is raped by the men" REALLY? That may be by law but don't expect me to have sympathy for you because you are a complete moron

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      Totally agree lol

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      The thing is about the laws is the only proof you need is your word. Even if there is a pile of evidence that a guy is completely innocent, as soon as a girl cries rape the guy will be dragged through the courts in front of his family and friends. A girl being being drunk at 3 am with a random guy should be enough not to convict a guy but often it does, there is no other evidence a girl can give unless she was actually assaulted also

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      I don't know where you live as to where these things are based solely on someone's word. I know someone that really was raped. She waited 2 weeks to report it because she was terrified. You know what they told her? They didn't have any physical evidence, and unless he confessed to it, he would walk free