I have heard that girls only feel pleasure for the first 3 inches of their vagina?

Is this true? If they don't feel much beyond the first 3 inches then why all the fuss about penis size? You don't need a big honking salami to penetrate 3 inches.


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  • A lot of it has to do with girth, and a lot of times larger penises are bigger around. If a guy has more girth than it feels better to the first 3 inches of my vagina, I guess. It is always awesome in a way if a guy has a large penis, but it's by no means necessary.

    I've had sex with guys with penises from 5.5 in to 8 in., and the most pleasurable sex has just come from the guy I feel closest to.


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  • Yeah that's true, but it's more about girth then length. It sort of creates pressure which is what causes the pleasure. And we're not the ones going on about penis length. No matter what we say about the motion rather than the size no one seems to believe it.

  • You hit the nail on the head

  • Nooo that is NOT true! You feel more than just the first 3 inches I don't know who told you that lie

  • I had sex with my ex and he was 5 in. I think. It felt good, but my boyfriend now is 8 in. and it feels a lot more pleasurable.

    But ya its true about the three in. thing.

    Bigger penis=more pleasure=happy woman


  • thats definitely not true. I <3 big wangs :)

    • Im sad now mine is only 4 1/2 :(

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    • And what's up with your sn? worthless? I sense lack of self esteem. get some. (pussy and self esteem!)

    • I wish I could. You really can't have one without the other (pussy and self esteem)

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  • You just keep telling yourself that fella. live the lie.

  • Girth is probably more important than length. The advantage if a longer reach is a greater amount of stimulation per pass. You can compensate for that by speeding up.

    Although I fall short of either of these, my guess is that a 5.5" length and girth is probably about optimal. Gives you enough reach to have good contact per pass and fill the available opening.

  • 15" is mandatory