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Why do women prefer MMF over MFF?

Why does it always seem that women are OK with the idea of inviting another man into the bedroom, but draw the line at inviting another woman into... Show More

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  • I think a lot of women are probably more comfortable with inviting another guy into the bedroom because they may feel intimidated, insecure, or jealous about their man being with another woman. And if they're straight, the threesome would seem like it's more for the man (what would she get out of it unless she has a fantasy about watching her guy with another girl?). If it's a man, she probably wouldn't be jealous and she would feel like it's more about her.

    Personally, I've had both MMF and FFM threesomes and they've both been very enjoyable. I like men and women, however, so either way, it's a win-win for me. :P

What Girls Said 7

  • I don't think I'd do either even though it's hot to think about. It'd just be awkward when it came down to it... I'd rather another male though, I'd compare myself too much to the other girl

  • Because I'm straight and not interested in other women. Therefore another woman being there wouldn't really make a difference to me, because I wouldn't be interested in her.

    • I don't understand why you don't like these answers when they're telling the truth.

  • If I HAD to do one, definitely FMM, obviously! I would not entertain a boyfriends fantasy but would entertain a husbands fantasy, to some degree. If I were asked to be with another man with an ulterior motive that he wants to be with another woman...an ends justifying the means situation...lol...i would be upset. But those things should be discussed before marriage and if you are dating and the mere thought is unacceptable to you, then break up and move on. Some things, in my opinion, should not be shared outside that complete circle of trust.

  • I just like d*** so when you bring another p**** into it...well I don't want to be anywhere near another one. And also because I'm a very self consious about myself so I wouldn't want another girl in bed with me and my man.

  • Umm, it's really not that hard to figure out... why do you think most guys would prefer MFF?

    a. They're straight. They'd be more turned on by someone else of the opposite sex than the same.

    b. They feel more threatened by someone of their own sex because of how their partner will relate to them.

  • because their straight, enough said.

    • Also, they probably don't want to share they're go with another girl. That whole "jealousy thing" you know, lol.

What Guys Said 4

  • this question is silly

  • Same reason you'd rather be in MFF over MMF.

    Think about it really carefully now

    • Lmao!

    • Yes, it's the most obvious answer really

    • Actually the people answering, at least to me, seem tame sexually and not very experienced. If a guy likes to watch his partner have sex with another woman it does not mean he is not straight. Also, there are women who like to watch their partner with another woman. It does not mean they want to jump in the sack with the woman though. So it is far more complex than people here appear to know.

  • Girls like **** more than p**** so to most girls two cocks are better than one

  • any woman that likes getting double teamed is f***in nasty, nuff said

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