I caught a woman I see every day glance at my crotch today, do a lot of women do that?

We all know guys check out women like that but do women also do this and just not usually admit it?


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  • i think some do it by accident because I do that sometimes I think, my eyes wander a lot and if I'm spacing out and just some happens to be that area I don't know lol or it can mean she wants your d***


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  • Sometimes you can see the package through the pants... I stare sometimes, won't lie. Just sayin.

  • I don't really care much about a guy's crotch, sometimes I'll glance there but it's usually by accident. Honestly, a guy's face, shoulders, arms are what gets me going.

  • Are you sure she was really looking at your crotch or was it just a glance that general direction.

    I have never been one to oogle guys but have gotten some strange looks if I was looking at something else beyond them. I think maybe you're imagining things. Just wait and see if it happens frequently. Then I'd begin to wonder. LOL

    • Yes I'm sure she looked at my crotch. I was walking toward her, said hi, then she looked at my face, then down at my "area" really fast and back at my face. We're good friends but she is with somebody else.

    • Yep...she was looking! LOL and apparently some women do. Geesh.

  • Hahahaha yeah I do it.

  • I'll admit to staring at guys crotches. I don't know why I do it I just will zone out and start looking places and I'll realize its at guys packages. Sometimes I like to wonder what their size is and if their any good if I'm horny.

  • If you see a guy your interested in, you should look. Other than that, it's just kind'a weird.

  • I glance at guy's crotches all the time and I'm not entirely sure why but it makes me feel like a sex crazed animal.

  • Hell yea we do! We jus dent admit it, or can we help it. & we look at TOOSHES!


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  • happens to me all the time

  • Sure they do stare at it most times..

  • did you spill ketchup on your crotch again? ...

  • They stare because I have a gerbil living in my pants. He makes weird sounds at night. Don't be alarmed ladies...it's just his mating call. Karooo Kooo Kooo