Should I pop my own cherry?

Hey. I'm 16 and I'm a girl. When you have sex for the first time the thing that hurts is your hymen? Right? Getting torn? Okay so the first time I have sex I don't want the pain. Can I tear my hymen by myself and go through the pain alone? If I do this will it hurt the first time I have sex anyway? Will it hurt as bad?


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  • There are many ways to accomplish this. You might as well have a good time at it.

    Because you are under age, you won’t likely be buying the things that you need in a sex shop.

    You can buy some lubricant at Walmart or a drug store.

    You want to buy a zucchini. Pick out a long thick one, ten inches preferably a foot so that you can hold on to it with plenty of length to spare.

    First get yourself in the mood by watching some free movies at link and rub some lubricant on your clitoris and rub it with some good pressure.

    When you are good and wet, sit on the edge of your bed with a towel under your bottom.

    Coat the zucchini with the lubricant and raise your ass off of the mattress and place the zucchini at the opening of your vagina and the other end of it on the bed.

    It’s better to do this quickly and get it over with.

    Now drop your ass down on the bed hard and fast. Don’t stop sitting down half way. Keep going until you have the full zucchini buried in your in your twat.

    If your hymen is tough and the zucchini stops at it, then raise yourself a couple of inches off of it and come down extra hard two of three times and pop goes the weasel.

    The may be some blood but don't worry, you won't bleed to death and the blood will help lubricate.

    You may also experience a external vaginal tear. This too is a plus and is why you should make sure you get a thick zucchini. Your vaginal opening will heal in a few days if you tear it and then you can take a big thick cock.

    Once you have it in all of the way, lay back on the bed and start thrusting it in and out while rubbing your clit with your hand as fast as light lighting until you have an orgasm.

    After you cum, keep the zucchini buried deep in your aching cunt for as long as you can. This will help stretch your vagina so that it can accommodate any size penis that you may encounter.

    Do this three to six times a day for a week or so until you can take the zucchini without it hurting.

    Most guys will not be up to your zucchini in size but you never know.

    • NOOOOO!

      This guys is just trying to get his rocks off. Zucchini? WTF?

      Just use your fingers. Start out small, and use a lot of lube. I recommend using a lot of lube when you first have sex as well. I doesn't hurt that bad.

      However, being a virgin and impaling yourself on a 10 inch zuicchini is going to hurt like a mofo and probably send you to the E.R. - wouldn't that be a fun thing to have to explain to mom and pops.

      What a douche.

    • This is ridiculous! You will never have an orgasm like this. You will probably want to die after this.

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  • What? Don't do that. Even if you do you are not guaranteed a pain free first time. Just leave everything up to nature and don't worry about the pain. Everything heals and pain always goes away. No gain...

  • Don't try that. You could seriously hurt yourself.

  • Hey yeah I wouldn't do that. I mean I guess you could finger yourself some but don't intentionally try and tear yourself... let it be natural. I think you'll appreciate the experience more if it's natural.

  • There have been gymnasts who have broken it unintentionally, by stretching out doing splits. If you really insist on trying it, it might hurt a little, but it won't be so bad that you can't stand it.

  • yes you can tear your own hymen, a good way to do this(my ex did this) is using tampons or if you masturbate regularly or are an athlete then chances are it's already broken. Also it should not hurt as bad first time if do this but it is possible it will still hurt some( expect some slight discomfort ).

    The best of luck to u;)

  • The only way you can do that is if you have a vibrator or dildo, anyway you should just let it be natural


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  • It's possible that your hymen has already broken through things like exercise, bike and horse riding, etc. Even if you have a torn hymen, there is a 99% chance that there will still be pain the first time you have sex.

    If you want to "prepare" for your first time, use things like lube, a vibrator, or your fingers (any other thing you might what to insert. Some things aren't safe or recommendable ie. a zucchini). Use your fingers or toy with lots of lube to get used to the feeling of having something inside of you. It will take your body some time to become accustomed to the feeling, so keep using lube. Make sure you're relaxed while you do this, and definitely turned out, doing whatever it is that normally gets you going. Try not to focus too much on what your "mission" is. Good luck...enjoy yourself!

  • Why would you want to do that? Sex has so much love and feeling pain is all part of it It's not the kind of pain you think it is. You will enjoy it especially if the guy loves you and takes his time. The more relaxed you are the less it will hurt. Start with foreplay and let him finger you before intercourse.

  • That's a bad idea. Don't try to do something like that. It will hurt, but you will get over the pain, it's really not that bad. Just take your time, and let everything happen as it may.

  • Yeah don't do that. it really doesn't hurt THAT bad when you are having sex, I mean yeah it does hurt but it's still great.

  • no when you go to the doctor (gyno) and they ask you if you are sexually active in front of your parents because you popped your own cherry you will not be able to prove it, then what !