What does it mean when a guy wants to see your boobs?

a guy friend was texting me and ask if I could send a picture of my boobs and I told him I would think about it what should I do?

thank you for all your help I will not be doing this stupid thing!


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  • Well, most guys are turned on by the site or thought of a nice female bust. He wants to see yours for at least this reason. Generally sending an electronic copy of yourself sans clothing is not a good idea. Its possible he might show it to his friends (like a trophy) or, even worse, the picture itself might start to be copied and shared.

    As Evangelina said below, hide your identity and location if you do plan to do this. Though I would also recommend that you don't. If he really wants to see them I would recommend in person, face to face, I doubt he would object.


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  • Have you not heard of girls sending idiot guys a topless shot of herself and then it winds up on the internet? Do you want your t*ts seen ALL OVER the world?

  • show him your boobs, guys are fasinated by them

    • Pedophiles are fascinated by seeing little girls and boys naked,does that mean we should give them child p*rnography?No

  • Some friend.

  • ...What, exactly, do you think it means?

  • It means...he wants to see your boobs. No hidden messages, just plain as day wants to see them. Should you do it? No you should not. He only wants to see you without clothes on and if you can't handle him not treating you with respect more than that, then don't do it.

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  • Don't do that he probably just wants to see naked pics of you please do not do it I have guys messaging me all the time asking to see me topless and stuff don't do it, he probably just wants to use you. Don't do it because you never know where they end up

  • Sounds like he just wants to see your boobs, its not a good idea to send him a pic of them, as other people have said. Also if your asking if it might mean he likes you as more, probably not, the only thing he probably feels are in his pants.

  • a straight guy with hormones?

    its your decision whether you want to send it but I wouldn't you never know he could accidently send it to someone or you could make him mad somewhere down the line and he could send it to everyone

    before you send think..

    what would I do if he sent it to someone else, if you can handle the consequences go right ahead if you can't tell him no , if he doesn't talk to you after than you just dodged a bullet because all he wanted was that anyway

  • It means he wants to see your boobs,nothing more.

    If you do,don't show your face or body and do it in an unrecognizable place(or take down certain back ground features)

    I wouldn't though.Tell him no.

  • He's not gay.

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