I'm so horney, what should I do?

I don't believe in having sex before marriage. But I a so horney all the time. What can I do to satisfy myself? I'm like burning in passion :(


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  • Ok. Don't stick the vibrator up inside of you if you are still closed/ hymen in tact- Obviously this will cause pain. (You could alternatively use the vibrator on surface areas- there are actually a great deal of places you can stimulate, not just your clit or hole. Tho maybe not directly on your clitoris- direct pressure might be too much , as it is (likely) very sensitive.

    I can't really tell if you are OK with masturbation as you probably wouldn't be on here asking for a suggestion if you were. So you can either consciously use the sexual energy for other activities. *libido* is lust/ appetite for life, not just sex. So find activities that engage you and are stimulating, but not sexual for whenever you feel aroused- you'll end up brilliant at some other skill.. turn a liability into a strength , and wait till marriage if you want.

    OR if you are OK with playing with yourself, are get a book or check out the internet, on techniques to masturbate. Check out Ayurveda stuff as they keep it on a Spiritual and physical health level. There are like 101 moves that virgins can certainly do that won't hurt. While you are on this site, id advise to ignore the guys talking about ouding pus*ies & digging deep. Wrong. Not for you. Don't do it.

    Also don't listen to anything about cutting your hymen. If you want to stretch- it not tear it, we not in Medieval period no blood proof necessary) - you can do so gradually over time- GENTLY- with your own fingers... tho it sounds like you are waiting to share that part with your future husband?

    Well, if it hurts you that much just make sure he fingers you a lot first before sex - don't just have him plunge because it causes unnecessary pain, & some people experience none some a lot. (I think that's a major problem of' romantic' wedding nights with the completely untouched virgin, unless you break it by accident - it hurts alot)

    good luck :)

    • Thank you. This was the most informative answer I have received. I don't have a issue with masterbation itself, my problem was just using my own hands was not satisfying me. You made some great suggestions for a virgn, as I can't just buy a vibrator & penetrate myself. And you're right, I certainly don't want to cut my hymen. I'm waiting to share myself with my future husband. Thank you.

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    • Bunnies.

    • Hehe bunnies ^^

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  • Masturbate.

  • You're an at least a 25 year old virgin? You've missed out on many years of fun, learning and experience of pleasing a man behind closed doors. What are you doing to prepare for your wedding night...reading about it?

    • Yeah, I read a lot on it, it is a litle frusterating to do be able to try anything out in person. I watch a lot movies, but they are not always that accurate. I actually think I'd be pretty good at pleasing a man, but just haven't found anyone. Until then, I'm just losing my mind, lol.

    • Some things can only be studied and read about so far and one realizes that doing it is the only way to learn. After at least 25 years of not finding a 'special' candidate, I suggest it's time to pick a good friend and give him a treat.

    • Sorry, it is agaist my beliefs. And I'm very confident in my abilities.

  • When in doubt masturbate.

    You worship a false god. Go have sex... (just my opinion, no reason to start a holy war. Do what you belive in)

    Or surpress it.

    Those are your options.


    • I don't worship a false God, but thanks for the advice anyway.

  • Masturbation most likely.

  • You can masturbate 2 yourself..

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  • You might give some thought to masturbating yourself. It is very common you know!

  • use a vibrator but it sounds like, from your response to evangelina, that your pu$$y is getting used to your hand...that's why it's critical that women alternate between hands and toys because they could get to a point where their guy can't get them off only toys can...maybe your vaj is used to your hand so it needs something more or you're used to using something else and you're trying your hand now and it's not working. I would get a vibrator, personally, I would get the hitachi magic wand...here's a link..that's umm..pretty graphic so watch yourself when you get on here but this toy I REALLY want. apparently, it's one of the strongest and I've seen this in a lottt of adult films.


    • Thanks for making a great suggestion.

  • first things first, learn how to spell 'horny'

  • Masturbate. If you're saving yourself for marriage it's the only thing you CAN do to relieve the tension.

  • rub one out love!

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