What does it mean if a girl does not get wet enough to have sex?

What if a girl says she loves you, makes out with you, but is not wet at all and it is impossible to get anything more than my finger into her and she says it hurts and then we stop making out and just watch TV until I have to leave?


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  • you have to invest more time in foreplay. tell her she's beautiful and sexy, run your hands over her body and tease her with kisses and your touch, don't go straight for it, run your hands around her thighs and breasts, kiss her all over until she's begging for you to touch here down there, then don't go straight for fingering, tease her a little more with differnt pressure of touch and different movements. experimenting is the key here so just ask her what she is comfortable with and just take it slow until you find her on switch

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  • get some lube

  • Use saliva, or invest in some lube.

    • Ok thanks. She has only been with one other person like me and it was our first time trying anything together so maybe that is it.

    • Also, keep in mind that it's not always as quick of a response for girls to get aroused enough (and in turn, wet enough) to be penetrated as it is for a guy to get hard. That's why most girls put a lot of emphasis on foreplay. I would suggest stimulating her clitoris for awhile first (a lot of girls prefer that anyway) before trying to penetrate her with your fingers. Like I mentioned above, lick your fingers to get some spit on them, or use lube (because dry hands feel uncomfortable).

    • Yeah. Some girls naturally get wetter than other girls, and while I can't speak for all girls, I've definitely had times when I was really turned on mentally but my body for some reason didn't reflect that. Also, if she's not very experienced (either in general, or with you), she might be nervous and that could affect it too.

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  • With woman sex and relationships are all about psychological and emotional needs. For men things are largely physically based, especially when it's about sex.If she doesn't become "ready" physically, then she probably isn't being satisfied emotionally. More proper foreplay could help in those moments, you're never going to get anywhere just by going right for it. It's like a rollercoaster, you have to wait in line and take your time getting to the front before you can really have your turn. But it also may require even more than that extra intimacy, you may have to show her more true commitment that is NOT related to sex. In other words spending extra time on foreplay only shows you're spending your extra effort on sex, when she wants to see you spending extra time on other things just because you care. By doing things that aren't really going to get you laid you will get laid. You might think buying flowers and cleaning the house has nothing to do with getting laid but it's exactly those things that will get you laid.

  • It means you haven't used enough lube.