Is it true that a woman can get an abortion without the fathers consent?

and if it is do you think it is fair to allow a woman to abort the pergnancy without the father knowing?


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  • It's not fair or just that a women should be allowed to abort a baby without the fathers permission if the father is willing to raise the child after the birth. The argument that it's the woman's body is completely moot. Yes it is the woman's body and yes she is the one dealing with all the pregnancy issues, but if she consented to the sex then pregnancy is the risk she was willing to take and she is responsible for carrying out the pregnancy if the father wants the responsibility of taking care of the child. Look at it from a man's point of view. If a women gets pregnant and the man doesn't want the child, but she does the courts would still hold the man responsible and he would have to pay child support. Why wouldn't a women get held to the same level of responsibility?

    Of course other situations would have to be considered like if the man couldn't support the child, or if it's the product of a rape then he shouldn't get any say.

    I'm pro choice on the abortion thing, but if I ever got a women pregnant I would want to take responsibility for my baby even if that meant raising it on my own and I would be extremely pissed if the mother killed my offspring.


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  • She can carry the child to term without the father's consent, so it only makes sense.

  • Yes it's legal.

    Now onto the question if it's morally right-That's a really tough one.

    My gut instinct is to think about how I would feel if a woman aborted my potential child without notifying me. Anger doesn't begin to cover it. I know I couldn't accept that and have anything more to do with the woman who did it.

    However, I also realize that it's not just my choice. The woman has to carry the child, not me. She has to deal with the biological issues, not me. Ideally I would want to be at least consulted, even if ultimately she decides to go against my wishes.

    The political by-line here would be "it's a woman's choice", and it is-to a point. Ultimately, the woman should have the final say. However morally I know that any woman who would abort our potential child without even consulting me, is not someone I'd consider worth knowing.

  • Of course it isn't fair, but men are quickly becoming second-hand citizens in our society.

  • In some jurisdictions that is apparently true, and if my wife ever did that and I learned about it our marriage would be over. I would not be able to get over that. And I told her so.

  • Why would she need the father's permission. It is her body, her choice. In today's society the man does not own the woman.

    It is completely fair.

  • Yes, it is true, and no of course it's not fair. However, that shouldn't be surprising to you anymore.

  • Yes it's true. No it's not fair.

  • Yes it is legal for a woman to abort her baby without the fathers consent.

    My view on that? Completely and utterly wrong. The father should at least have a say. However, in the end, it is her body, and she has the final decision. If she does not want to go through pregnancy and bring up a child (or have it adopted), then no one can stop her.


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  • Yes, you can get an abortion without the father's concern, even though I personally think it's wrong, he should have the right to know & should have a say on the decision. Unless the father is a jerk & doesn't care.

    I'm completely against abortions but I also think it's a personal choice.

    • No it isn't fair. A women has the right to have her tubes tied, that's a reproductive right. But,I have friends who have had first borns aborted without their knowledge and they found out after the fact. they have contemplated suicide and have gone through deep bouts of depression. many fathers would gladly raise the child on their own. the thought of your child being chopped into 6 pieces, sucked out with a vacuum and then thrown into the trash, is just too much for me to handle. I'd kill

  • Yep it` s true

    It may not be totally fair but why shouldn` t it happen since for the full 9 months it` s the mothers who look after the child not the fathers

    I` d say the woman should have more of a choice than a man when it comes to abortion but men should have a say too

  • Yes it's fair. In some situations the father may be abusive, or just absent altogether. If they are in a relationship, she should probably consult the father about it first but ultimately it is her body and her decision. If men could get pregnant I would say exactly the same thing.

  • Currently, I do think it's fair. Until there is some way of making it fair to both people, the man should not get a say in whether or not a woman has an abortion. It is only fair if the man provides absolutely everything the woman needs as a result of the pregnancy, that the woman have absolutely no legal obligation to the child, and that she be given compensation for carrying the child. If the man is not willing to provide that, then he has no right to decide whether or not she keeps it.

    For example, as a result of the pregnancy, the woman would need extra food, pregnancy clothing, vitamin supplements, doctor appointments, prescriptions, hospital bills, etc. Then she has to deal with weight gain, hormonal changes, mood swings, sore body parts (such as back, knees, etc). Then there's the actual act of giving birth, which is both painful, and will permanently alter her body. Either she gets a stretched out vagina, or a scar down her belly. I've also heard of breasts sagging after pregnancy. She must then deal with the weight gain from the pregnancy, which can be hard to lose.

    All of those, and more, must be addressed.

    • Also, in order to prove that the baby is yours, you'd have to have a prenatal paternity test done. They can cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

  • yep it's legal, and I'm usually open minded about anything. I mean it's their choice if they want to keep the child or not, people have reasons not to. Everyone's lives are different and the woman may not be able to handle a child right then and there but then again there are other options instead of abortion. So, it's a womans choice if they want an abortion or not ,but of course it's not fair, nothing ever is.