Is it true that a woman can get an abortion without the fathers consent?

and if it is do you think it is fair to allow a woman to abort the pergnancy without the father knowing?


Most Helpful Guy

  • It's not fair or just that a women should be allowed to abort a baby without the fathers permission if the father is willing to raise the child after the birth. The argument that it's the woman's body is completely moot. Yes it is the woman's body and yes she is the one dealing with all the pregnancy issues, but if she consented to the sex then pregnancy is the risk she was willing to take and she is responsible for carrying out the pregnancy if the father wants the responsibility of taking care of the child. Look at it from a man's point of view. If a women gets pregnant and the man doesn't want the child, but she does the courts would still hold the man responsible and he would have to pay child support. Why wouldn't a women get held to the same level of responsibility?

    Of course other situations would have to be considered like if the man couldn't support the child, or if it's the product of a rape then he shouldn't get any say.

    I'm pro choice on the abortion thing, but if I ever got a women pregnant I would want to take responsibility for my baby even if that meant raising it on my own and I would be extremely pissed if the mother killed my offspring.