Girlfriend wispers "I want you to get me pregnant, baby!" during sex. Does she mean it?

I have been dating this girl for several months now. We have a good sex life and we get a long very well. However recently during sex she been... Show More

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    Actually, some girls get turned on by the prospect of becoming pregnant. Its a paraphillia of some description. She probably doesn't wanna actually get pregnant, but the thought of it makes her go all, y'know... When something turns you on so much you start get woozy and everything goes white, and you don't really think about the consequences...?


    I dunno, LOL. Well, if that is normal, then it could be that kinda sh*t. Talk to her about it after you's have had sex some time, so that she's not horny or anything, and her heads clear.

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    • That's my dilemma. Trying to differentiate between hot and steamy fantasy and serious intentions. You think it could be a little of both?

    • I'm not sure. Like I said like, the best thing to do would really be to ask her when she isn't horny at all, like after a few orgasms, or something. Cos then she'll be thinking more rationally.