Are all men perverts?

Anytime a guy comes up to talk to me, he always wants sex. That is not who I am, do any me just have good intentions? I've accepted guy's "friend" request on this site too, & what do they want to talk about, sex of course. Is sex the only thing men care about? Women do you ever feel like men only want sex from you? For crying out loud, if I'm not in a relationship with you, I don't want to have SEX! Okay, keep your perversion to yourself.


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  • NO! Pervert suggests something deviant, different from the norm. It's all very normal and natural. Not to mention, you must be incredibly hot for this to be a genuine problem for you. On the internet, sure, you're gonna run into A LOT of creeps. I understand it can be aggravating. Shit, I get disgusted with guys at bars and clubs who start chatting my girlfriend up like she's just gonna go into the bathroom with them and get wild! LOL.

    Cut us a break, you ladies are so damn beautiful! There is just something about a woman's shape, curves, proportions, etc. that just drives us absolutely crazy!

    We're not perverted, we can't help it!

    (definitely not talking about guys who say dumb sh*t like, "hey, wanna f***?" They can help that.)

    • "Cut us a break, you ladies are so damn beautiful! There is just something about a woman's shape, curves, proportions, etc. that just drives us absolutely crazy!" Guys can be hot to women too, but we can still control ourselves- that's no excuse - otherwise your response made sense :)

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  • lol...well a lot of guys do listen to their second head before they speak but not all guys. You must be not only hot but have big boobies for guys to have only sex on their other head's minds around you.

    • Yes. You can dress as conservativey as you want, but they still only think of one thing.

    • I don't know how other busty hot girls hand these things. Maybe somehow you're just naturally sexy and guys pick up on it. Some hot girls I've met wear diamond rings on their 'love' finger just to give the impression they're married.

  • No, not me. What's up with all the misandry in this site ?!?!

    We need masculism xD.

  • while a lot of guys want sex, that's more a natural urge. sadly a lot of guy do things based on that, wants to meet a girl just to have sex with and such.

    I like to think of myself out of that category, when I met a girl, while sex may be an important part, there's are the loving and caring for her, and her to love and care for me back that I want

    also you said he wanted to talk about sex, are you sure he didn't mean sex in general or was he going for sex with you. I mean, this is a relationship and sex advice site and it's best to talk to the gender opposite of the asker as they are the gender they're going to have sex with. a guy asking a guy isn't going to know what feels good for a girl or how a girl may feel about certain types of sex, it's best to ask the source

  • Well I think you have to take this like any other aspect of men, some are good and some are bad. Not all men think about sex 24/7 and not all have a main goal of getting into someone's pants. Unfortunately a lot of bad guys give the rest of us a bad name. Me personally I won't talk about sex on this or any other web site, I've actually blocked one girl and some guy who wouldn't stop, I don't want to come home and have Chris Hansen asking me to take a seat, I don't care what your age says, people lie. Also I have two sisters so that has effected the way I talk to/treat women.

  • Well, guys are just guys for the most part. And some are sleezeballs, which you have to watch out for.

    You have to be really important on how you carry yourself as well through the clothes you wear, as well as your body language.

  • I understand what you're getting at, but the way it's phrased annoys me.

    Believe it or not, men like sex. If they're horny (usually), they'll pursue sex. They'll talk about sex. They'll want sex. That's what happens. If he's messaging you on the internet and you don't want to discuss sex, tell him so. If he persists, block him. In face to face interactions, tell him you don't want casual sex. If he doesn't like that, leave, and seek legal action if he starts harassing you about it. That's all there is to it. There's nothing wrong with propositioning you for sex, and there's nothing wrong with wanting to discuss sex with you. If men had lower sex drives than women, the women would completely hate it (look at the questions on this site from girls talking about how they want their man to be more interested in sex, and you'll see what I mean).

    If you don't want to have or discuss sex, then say so. That's all there is to it. There are men and women who want relationships, and there are men and women who just want casual sex. Neither one has "good" intentions or "bad" intentions, just different views and goals. There are plenty of men out there who prefer relationships to hookups- if you really want a guy, go out and find him.

  • I understand where you are coming and it's important to know that not all guys are like that and you shouldn't carry these nasty experiences towards your next relationships.

    Yes some guys only want sex but some guys actually want to get to know a girl, and become just friends.

    I feel this is a rough spot because I just want to make friends and most of the time girls think that I just want to get in their pants when in reality I'm waiting till I'm married.

    So every time I genuinely compliment a girl she thinks I'm just trying to smooth talk her into bed or something. When in reality I just want to be a good guy and give her a compliment.

  • Keep in mind that guys have 2 heads. Most seem to want to use the smaller one, and few use the one on top of their shoulders (like myself). Some learn this, some don't.

    Sigmund Freud talks about 3 parts of human nature, one of them is the id. The id is the animalistic instincts that we have, one of which being the need to procreate and spread our genes to the next generation. It just so happens that sex feels good, and is among the best feelings in the world when it is with someone that you truly love.

    I honestly believe that sex can be a good thing in a relationship, but it shouldn't be the starting point or primary driving force of it. Try not to lose faith in guys, there are truly some good ones out there.

  • This is pretty much why I don't give compliments to random girls. I think that they think I want to get in their pants. Not all of us have sex on our minds when talking to a girl. How many are actually talking to you personally about sex from this website?

    • A couple of them tried. And I don't take compliments the wrong way. I just tired of men acting nice & then turning into a pervert. I'm not a sexual object, I just want to be treated with respect, is that so much to ask? How would you like it sex is only thing women wanted from you.

    • It's much to ask for and yeah, I wouldn't feel great about it. as for guys turning out to be perverts here, being a semi-sex-focused site.... we attract a bad crowd..

    • I didn't mean to make that sound like I was discrediting you if that's what you got from my question. I've heard other girls here say the same, so I just wanted to if it was actually a lot and how frequently.

      I just have a hard time giving compliments now in fear of being labeled a pervert or a creep or maybe a perverted creep [gasp]. It's never anything sexual either.

      Not all guys want to hump you at a moments notice. A few guys ruin it for the rest of us.

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  • well yea most of them think about it a lot but you shouldn't call them perverts unless they're harassing you with pervert questions...hahaha get use to it...even prince charming has perverted thoughts but a good guy will try to keep his dirty thoughts to himself and won't think about it as much lol but I can see how fed up you are, there's weirdos on here who try to get me to cyber and I'm like WTF! but don't assume all men are perverts.

  • I love that men are sex crazed ha ha but I can't stand it when they don't actually respect women!

  • I know what your talking about. Men can be real perverts, but hopefully prince charming is out there somewhere. Snow White had it so easy :(

  • sex is the only thing men care about when they're not getting any

    if they were...they wouldn't feel the need to bring it up every 5 seconds

    • It's like men need leashes or something, for crying out loud, get yourself together, lol.

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    • Is that you, evaangelina?

      Either way, go to hell... You must not have been with real guys or a sh*tty experience.

    • Why so defensive?