Do guys prefer moaning?

Hi guys I just wanna know do you prefer to hear the girl moaning or no?


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  • Moans are good,... screams are better.

    Like wolfepak31 said, if you are not making any noise, then we might think that you are not that into it.

    But, what I have found though, is that if you are thinking about making noise or not, doing this, or doing that, then you are probably not in the moment, and may not be enjoying yourself as much as you could.

    Just don't think about anything except about what feels good, and how to feel better, and I promise, that plenty of moans and groans will follow.


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  • Well to tell you the truth, yes. That is an indication for us that we are making her feel good. If we don't hear anything, then how do we know if she climaxed? Moaning = she feels good. No moaning = she's not feeling it. So in short, sound effects are a plus.

  • Yes I enjoy hearing a women moan or make some kind of noise while in bed with me, but it has to be heart felt and not faked. I like to know that she is getting off by what I am doing and by her making some noise I can tell if I need to do something different or not.

  • I like screaming. Moaning just sounds so deep. As for a sound, I like when she talks dirty too. It's just a turn on,...

  • Moaning is always nice.

    But sometimes you're in a situation where the two of you have to be as quiet as you can, and when that happens, no moaning is just fine. ;-)

  • Yes moan.

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  • I like to let my guy know that I'm enjoying myself and enjoying him too. But the noises I make are not faked, no yelling or screaming... geez I'm not a porn star after all. They just need to know they are getting you off. A lot of guys like it when you talk dirty to them too.

  • Yeah guys wants us to moan when we make love with our man,plus talking dirty is a plus factor, guys just want to know if we are being satisfied by them, or if we are receiving pleasure from them or what they don't wanna be called L but good men in bed ;-)

  • Guys are so insecure. Truth is they have to hear us moan or scream or whatever because they are insecure about their ability to satisfy us. And that is exactly why most of the time a moaning girl is faking it. When both people are truly into the experience the moaning or screaming or crying or whatever happens is inconsequential to the act. If you are having pick-up sex then scream away will get him off of you a lot faster.

    • I think some girls need to vocalize their pleasure more than others, it doesn't mean they are faking. Screaming - maybe.