Guys, why does anal turn you on?

Please explain to me what turns you on about anal? I really want to understand why lol

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POLL: Does anal turn you on?

  • Yes, anal turns me on
    38% (11)79% (50)66% (61)Vote
  • No, it's gross
    62% (18)21% (13)34% (31)Vote
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  • I hate anal..thats exit only...but these same guys would rather get poop on their penis and not have sex with a woman on her period...that I don't understand


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  • Take it or leave it. Don't care.

  • first of all MANY women can have orgasm through that kind of sex and they don't know it cause they never try it(the last part of the tube have about the same number of feeling nerves as vagina and a big part of them can stimulate women feeling of erection-orgasms etc)...ofc sometimes its painfull for women easpecially if the male is ''big and fat'' so for a woman that never did it requires extra preparation with oils or creams thta might reduce the friction and possibly the pain and the male have to be extra extra gentle...if all these become corect after a while brain gives signal and the sphincter its not tight anymore and the women start like it...women who do it often haven't got many problems to do it again and again because they like it IF men know how to handle it!

    MAIN tip I belive for every1 is : that area has to be clean! its like when men asks for penus lickin and their penus smells bad or something like this!

    • Yeah but even if the outside is clean... the inside still smells.. right? so it's still nasty lol

  • No, it sorta grosses me out and ironically I'm attracted to girls butts too. To some extent I can't understand the facination, too much p*rn? I wouldn't want to be responsible for giving her problems down there that I could avoid

  • It doesn't. Whenever I'm watching an adult video and it goes in the pooper, I skip ahead a few minutes. Do not want.

  • if we could stick our penis inside your ears, we'd do it too.

    guys want to explore every part of the female body with their penis lol

    • Hahaha great answer lol

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  • whats bad about trying everything? >.> the more adventure the better! although I've never even had sex, but you get the point!

  • i heard bad stories...about poop and girls ending up in the hospital...very embarrassing.