What really goes on in the girls' locker room?

Do y'all check each other out or what?


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  • Nope. I'm sorry. Your fantasies of wet, naked, orgies in the womens' locker room are sadly completely unrealistic. We get in, we change, we get out!

    • It's OK guys. At least we still have the slumber party underwear pillow fight. They can't take that one away. It's in every movie ever. It has to be real.

    • They might try take it away, but it IS REAL.

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  • eithyy is right.

  • the lesbians look at us other girls but that's about it thye know its a hands off situation

  • Interesting question... But my school is a little weird. Most of the girls get dressed and that's it. But some girls are a little crazy. They'll run around in their underwear. Some of the girls even dance in their undies... I don't know what goes on in their heads. As far as I know, there are no lesbians in there, so its not awkward and they're not checking each other out. But this is our only time to be girls without guy going all perverted, so we just live it.

    • Haha exactly! although last year I had a lesbian in my locker row so it was a bit awkward but I didn't really care, you just get dressed up and move on out.

    • Its just weird how the PE teachers don't do anything about it. They just sit in their office and gossip like little girls. But its kinda funny how the girls act. Everyone knows that the girls that do the weird stuff aren't lesbians, they just act like it in there. But they don't check each other out though. That would be weird...



    why, what happens in guys' locker rooms?

  • Not unless you wanna be accused of being lesbian, other then that no.

  • Nothing. We get dressed and that's the end of it.

  • i check girls out but I'm a lesbian

  • um...no. we don't check each other out. we're NOT lesbians. Nothing against lesbians, my boyfriend is one


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  • Nothing usually happens but if it did it stays in the Womens locker room

  • They aren't just going to tell you, fool.