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Do You Picture What Girls Look Like Naked?

Do you picture in your mind what girls look like naked? What they look like with absolutely NO clothes on? Does it change your opinion of them at all?

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  • i do with her ass and boobs then I try to picture how tight she is or if she's loose

What Guys Said 7

  • I used to do that a lot when I was younger. With time, it changed. You started finding other things about women just as sexy. eg hair; pretty hands; lovely nose...etc

  • Yeah, I picture her downstairs and her boobs. And since that's just guessing what they look like, no it doesn't change my opinion of her at all. But I know if she knew what I did, that would completely change her opinion of me :P

  • Hehe, sometimes :)

    If I like what I see, and what I imagine, I usually end up with a boner... And that ain't good XD

  • Yes we do, and I don't know about other guys but I personally only do this if I'm attracted to them/their body WITH clothes on

  • Yes, all the time! - Naked girls look super hot - always gives me a boner when I think about a naked girl, lol - I think about how it would feel if I had sex with that girl and while I am thinking about that I masturbate.

  • Ya absolutely. I always wonder what girls look like naked. If I see someone I've seen naked, I re-think about it, but it's fun to guess what a girl is like.. Her bra size, what she does with her pubic hair, what kind of vagina she has.. etc.

What Girls Said 1

  • When I like a guy, I picture him naked in my head. I'm sure men do the same. I don't think of the men any differently, so I'm sure men don't change their opinion based on their own fantasy.

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