What if all you do is give and get nothing in return?

It seems like I am the one who is always giving and my boyfriend does nothing back. It makes me feel like crap. He told me he enjoys foreplay and making me feel good but he never does it anymore. He will want a blow job and I will and he will go back to watching TV or something and do nothing for me. It is really starting to hurt and not sure if I should say something. Please help


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  • When I was younger one of my ex girlfriends did something that forever changed how I look at satisfying a woman. She used to orgasm extremely fast whenever she got on top. One day, she was talking dirty to me all day, getting me all worked up. We worked together and didn't even make it back to my house. She told me to pull over in a parking lot because she couldn't wait. She undid my pants and got on top and rode me like her life depended on it. She came, I didn't, she got off and pulled up her panties and then said - OK, I'm done lets go. She made me realize what I had been doing to her. SO, if you worried about saying something, maybe you can use this tale to your advantage.


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  • There are some guys that will do whatever they can get away with and if you don't make much of a fuss he will continue to be lazy and not care. You're going to have to talk to him about this, he's definitely not being a good boyfriend to you just lazy and selfish

  • I think he let's himself get away with being lazy because YOU let him get away with it. You need to bring this to his attention and explain how important it is to you and how unfair he's being. If he refuses to make more of an effort, he's not worth your time. A relationship should be equally satisfying to both people.

    • You are right. I don't say anything. I was just hoping he would want to make me feel good without me having to bring it up, but I guess not.