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Men, do you like to dominate in bed?

I know lots of women fantasize about being taken and dominated in bed by their man, but is doing that a turn on for most men or do they really... Show More

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  • For me at least, I'd say 99% of my fantasies are dominating, as opposed to being dominated.

    • That's sexy :)

    • Amazing how many women like that...and how many pretend they don't.

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  • I like to make women scream in bed, if that means pulling her head back by her hair and whispering sweet little nothings in her ear while I # her insides out then that's what I do.

  • I'm a dominant. Through and through.

  • Complete domination.

  • While I like to dominate in bed, I also like for her to dominate. I'm not into the S&M piece, but there's nothing like a woman that knows what she wants, how she wants it, and demands it. We as men are so used to dominating, it's nice to kick back and watch the Tigress in action. So the answer is yes, and yes.

  • Well I'd say for the record that I'd much prefer to be dominated in bed by my girl. I'm not really much into dominating a girl in bed but I'm not a pussie either. I like talking some control but I totally love when she does.

  • I'll be the master and they'll be my pleasure slave. She can pretend to fight it (because it's not cool in my opinion to actually dominate against their will) or she can be my submissive, her choice ;)

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