Why does he keep his eyes open when we kiss?

My boyfriend of about 2 months always keeps his eyes open when we kiss. It doesn't really bother me but I've never kissed a guy who does this. I try to keep my eyes closed but I feel like I should keep them open too. Its so weird! Are there any other girls who have a guy who does this? Or can any guys explain why he does this? Thanks!


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  • Me, I always have the habit of closing my eyes. Especially with a REALLY good kiss. When I kiss the neck or something, that's a little different.

    But it might be fun to try and keep the eyes open during a really good kiss.

    I think that it's so that we can watch our girlfriends enjoy themselves. Plus I think that the eye contact COULD be pretty hot.


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  • My boyfriend does this occasionally, I figured out he does it so we can lock eyes every now and then. A way of making a more emotional connection. If I feel too overwhelmed by his emotion though, I'll just close my eyes and he stops.

  • ummm yeah my boyfriend does tha same thing I'm not really sure why though. I mean maybe they feel uncomfortable?

  • if you keep your eyes open, that's a sign of non-submission. (like when dogs lay on their back)

  • My boyfriend does that sometimes too and I think it's their way of seeing if you are enjoying the kiss and are really getting into it. I think it's cute when he opens his eyes and every now and then but down right staring is kinda creepy.

  • He's just corny, and probably doesn't even know how to kiss.

  • I was hanging out with a guy. When we would kiss he would tell me to open my eyes. He would tell me I want to know ur thinking about me and not other guy.