Does the naked male body excite women?

if yes what's your favorite body part?


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  • Eh - not really, I've seen so many naked male models now that I'm a bit immune.

    I have to really really like a guy to care; otherwise it's all just angles and shapes to me.

    • Cmon...that can't be true. I've seen more naked girls then you could imagine and it never gets old, if anything its only gotten better.

    • Yeah, but I'm not seeing them in a sexual light.

      It's been kind of normalised for me. Having a naked guy stood in front of me is like ... almost a daily thing and not at all sexual, so unless I'm really into them, then well, it's just like that.

What Girls Said 8

  • Yes. Most exciting parts: chest, stomach, genitals, butt.

  • The penis?

  • the hard pecks and abbs! but if the guy is out of shape I couldn't care less at seeing his naked skin.

  • i think guys look sexiest with just boxer briefs on. like other girls have said, everything above the waist is really exciting to look at, but sometimes below the waist can be a bit eeehh. unerected penises aren't really the greatest turn ons.

  • The male body from the waste up is very sexy but as you go down it grosses me out. I'm sorry but male parts aren't the most attractive things to look at

    • Eat a p**** then

    • I have to disagree. I think an erect penis and tight balls are a turn on.

    • So you don't care about a guys legs, ass, or his gigantic d***?

  • I don't know why, but I think that half naked is way more sexy. Naked is OK too, but I wouldn't get that exeited either way.I kinda think guys aren't really attractive from their hips down.

    Most attractive body part definetley arms and nice pecs.

    • Your not straight then

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    • What's better than a nice ass on a man?

    • Seems like women from the uk like asses the most

  • Yes! I love every part.


What Guys Said 2

  • Most girls I've ever known enjoy looking at girl girl p*rn when getting off solo.

    A hairy guy with a veiny tube between his legs isn't exactly the nicest thing to look at.

    • Seriously, am I like the only girl who doesn't get turned on by girl on girl? I'm ashamed in the name of my gender.

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    • I guess I just don't know many legitimately straight girls. I know one girl who is very much into p*rn and has her own DVD stash, its all girl/girl stuff. She's a guy... and has been so for the last 6 years.

    • Cmon man...just because someones married doesn't mean there not gay. they could still be in the closet.

  • No. They actually hate the male body. Every woman hates every part of it. It disgusts them. That's why they close their eyes during sex and kissing. Now you know...and knowing is half the battle.

    • Hahaha that was too funny

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    • Read the link. apparently there ARE guys on "gods green earth" who move beyond your shallow opinions.

    • Im talkin bout at first sight dumbf***. I can't c her personallity in five seconds of lookin at her. why is it every time a question is asked solely on looks people ALWAYS have to add personality to the equation? all it does is defeat the original purpose of the question. so your tellin me at first sight, that a girl that looks like the one I described turns you on?