Men, how often do you get erections?

How often do men get erections?


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  • erection almost nightly for sure while sleeping, 2-10 times during the day for your mind going to some sexy thing. whenever your gonna have sex. sometimes just for no reason that you can think of.

    I have no good number, they last short or long depending on...?

    • So, that means, during the work day, I could be sitting next to a man, & he could have an erection the whole time, & I wouldn't even know about it. That's kind of funny. Is it ever uncomfortable?

    • Not really painful, just very uncomfortable at times. it is in one position when not erect, boxers and pants on. then it grows straight up and out. unfortunately your pants are not designed to let him grow. so an adjustment needs to be made.

      it is possible guy nest to you may have astiffy sometime during the day. but not always. They don't ususally last that long during work. I just Adjst it and wait.

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  • several times a day

  • hmm. I cannot specify the number of times but very often,such as seeing a beautiful female,having a noctural emission sometimes it happens in awkward moments just like that without any sexual stimulii. But I get erections very often nevertheless.

  • Several times a day if were surrounded by women. If not, maybe a few times. Morning wood and all that.

  • Well personally, I usually get erections only from morning would, maybe once in a while by other means. If I had to guess, I'd say twice a week. But believe me, it's different for every single guy.

    • Just curious, why do men get erections in the morning?

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    • Well, this is getting kind of personal, but if a guy like's sex in the first place and he isn't busy in the morning, I couldn't possibly imagine him declining the offer. Usually fatigue only comes into play late at night, after a long work day, or after a long period of having sex already. If anything, early in the morning would be optimal.

    • Ok...morning wood. yes sex in the morning would be great. By the way for me at least, you will get way longer action in the morning with morning hard on then with normal hard ons.

      The only down side in the morning, sometimes you wake with a huge stiffy (super stiff) and you have to go take a piss. Hard to stand and pee if your aiming for the ceiling.

  • Depending on how old the guy is and what his physical condition, several times a day, as well as at night. Getting turned on isn't the only reason, either: all sorts of things can cause an erection, whether the guy is aware of it or not.

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  • My boyfriend gets one every time he sees me.

    • Seriously? Wow, he must be really attracted to you. Is it kind of flattering?

    • It is :) he doesn't even have to touch me lol

    • Mine too :)