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Have you ever played a "Get Naked" game with friends?

I'm talking about any game really, strip poker, strip twister etc. How naked did you get? Just underwear, totally naked? Did it turn you on to see... Show More

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  • I played a game of strip poker with a girl I was good friends with and my best friend a few years ago. She ended up naked, that wasn't a big surprise, I was pretty turned on by the whole thing and brought her to the couch. I started fingering her and my buddy came in and sat next to us. When I looked up she was already giving him a bj, I thought twice about it and left the room, she felt bad and followed me, nothing ended up happening and my friend still doesn't forgive me. I'm not sure if I regret stopping.

What Girls Said 4

  • Yep. I've played Strip Euchre. We all got naked. it was hot.

  • hahaha oh wow I haven't thought about this in awhile. During high school one night on a long drive home from a club my friends and I, three girls and two guys played five star. Its like every time you pass a truck with the five lights on top of the cab the last person to hit the roof of your car has to take a piece of clothing off. I ended up in just panties and some of the others ended up naked lol. Fun times. It did turn me on as my crush was sitting next to me haha.

  • Ive played strip poker with my friends, only a few of us got down to nothing but no it didn't turn me on but it may have turned some of the others on I don't know.

  • No but I'd love to! I'd say it would be a turn on.

What Guys Said 4

  • Yaa , we used to play a card game and whoever win dare the others .. But all the dares were nasty and once someone dared me to get totally naked and jerk off till I ... You know what ... It was so embarrassing .. But we ended up all naked ... Hhhhh and ya it turned me on :P

  • who hasn't?

  • I once had a dream I played a naked game with friends, does that count, lol?

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