Boys circle jerking?

In my class we learned that most boys when they are young have masturbated in a group with their friends, not like jerking each other off but watching p*rn in a group and whacking off? Not as a gay thing but more like just for fun? And usually either right before or when they hit puberty. Is that true?

I learned it in my Human Sexuality class


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  • when younger (12-14) me and some guy friends have watched a p*rn movie as a group. checked out a p*rn mag as a group. but never masturbated as a group, I did not even masturbate after doing those things with friends.

    I am sure it has happened, but at that time masturbation to a little kid was socially not cool. you would not want to do it, and you would never do it in front of your friends. That kind of thing woud go around school rumor circuit, embarrasing. so I don't see how a book reports it.

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  • True. I've known circle jerkers, but I wasn't one of them.

    • At least you're not paranoid lol :)

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    • Oh. I never saw it as a big deal. The first time a guy comes, there's a "Gee whiz! Look at this here!" aspect to it, before he figures out what it's actually for. It's like any bunch of adolescent boys watching anything interesting--a hatching chick, a cloudless sky, or a fire--but because come's involved, people decide to get skeeved out about it. Makes no sense.

    • Yea no need to' get skeeved out about it' ^^ lol

      & Yes Q A that's exactly what I meant :)

  • I've heard of it but I've personally never done it.

  • Never did it, never had the slightest inclination to either.

  • that's a room I'm getting the f*** out of.

    • Lol :)

      Actually in montreal the 6th grade boys got in a circle to show the girls their dic*s & few of the less fortunate started jerking off t try to get mr happy to perk up, so it was inadvertently a circle & yea following your sentiments I wasted no time upon ceremony & left - I don't even know who won :( ^^


  • Not in my experience.

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  • I once walked in on it...wasn't pleasant. They were about 13-14 years old, sitting behind a tree on our school grounds and I was 18, just walking around making sure everything was OK. SO was not expecting to see that.

  • I'm not a guy but I think that probably, that is something that does happen SOMETIMES, but your class was wrong to say that MOST guys have done it.

  • a guy told me he has done that in the past like junior high age hahahha