I am obsessed with giving my man head.

My last question was deleted due to being graphic. So I will tone it down a bit.

I enjoy giving my man head .. several times a day.

He tastes so sweet and I just can't get enough of it.

He has the prettiest penis I have ever seen.

I am obsessed with going down on him.

Any other girls out there like this?


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  • i loooooved giving my ex boyfriend head. sometimes if I couldn't sleep at night I would literally just suck his d*** haha. but I think it depends on the penis, my other ex boyfriend I was not so into giving him head. I agree that a pretty penis makes me want to suck it. but I know why I love sucking d***, it's cause I have an oral fixation. when I was little I would suck my thumbs. now in class I suck my pens and I'm obsessed with chapstick. I have this weird oral thing going on, haha

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      Haha. I'm the same way!! If I can't sleep, I suck his d***!

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      I LOVE YOU