Can a girl be too tight?

Just wondering, I know too loose is bad but I wasn't sure if a girl can be so tight it hurts a guy or something.

also, is it a turnoff or unattractive if it hurts the girl, or if she says "ow" or anything?

weird question aha sorry


haha its not me, or an issue for me, I was jw xD


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  • For anyone that doesn't fall way outside the norms, no. It's never so tight that it isn't pleasurable. I can definitely become a challenge to get it in and there could be a lot of pressure, but you can still feel the pleasure of moving in and out. If it hurts it's a mixed bag and depends on personality. It could provide a sense of pride since guys pay a lot of attention to their size and a girl saying ow makes them feel big. It could both them too if they're very sympathetic, but as long as you assure them that it still feels good, they should get over it.

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      Didn't figure it was you. You would already know the answer if it was.