Can a girl be too tight?

Just wondering, I know too loose is bad but I wasn't sure if a girl can be so tight it hurts a guy or something.

also, is it a turnoff or unattractive if it hurts the girl, or if she says "ow" or anything?

weird question aha sorry


haha its not me, or an issue for me, I was jw xD


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  • For anyone that doesn't fall way outside the norms, no. It's never so tight that it isn't pleasurable. I can definitely become a challenge to get it in and there could be a lot of pressure, but you can still feel the pleasure of moving in and out. If it hurts it's a mixed bag and depends on personality. It could provide a sense of pride since guys pay a lot of attention to their size and a girl saying ow makes them feel big. It could both them too if they're very sympathetic, but as long as you assure them that it still feels good, they should get over it.

    • Didn't figure it was you. You would already know the answer if it was.

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  • Not a weird question: there can be a condition named dyspareunia: link Men can suffer from it too.

    That 'being too tight' is rarely caused by an underdeveloped vagina ('too tight') because a girl having an underdeveloped vagina will probably not have her periods yet and be aware of that.

    The general symptom of dyspareunia is pain when having intercourse. The possible origins and causes are detailed in the link from wikipedia I gave ( more than one)

    I'd suggest you to talk to your gyno about it.

    When a guy and a girl having both some kind of dyspareunia try to have sex they will both have pain, of course.

  • only if he can't get it in lol, and I can't speak for everyone but her saying ow or showing pain isn't a turn off but it may make him be gentler or stop and ask whats wrong

  • Never heard of a girl being so tight it hurt the guy. I'd say it's more likely to hurt her. As far as whether that's a turn off or not, if it seems like she's in pain that is kind of a turn off. You don't want to hurt her, and if it seems like she's in pain the whole time that's going to kinda ruin the mood.

  • Most guys will like it tight, but I will say that I have been with a girl that was so tight that it hurt.


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  • a boy complained bitterly about this to me. he said i wrenched? his penis just by laying there.

  • I'm really tight. I haven't had sex with that many guys but they've all said it was the tightest. they had to really work their way in but once in they all loved it BUT none of them lasted long at all :-/

    i think being tight is a good thing!

  • my first time the guy said I was tighter than any girl he had been with, once we actually started f***ing he literally came in like 3 min and he was an experienced guy, I knew he could last awhile in bed so I really must have been tight. I wouldn't say too tight thought because he kept telling me not to apologize though, so apparently he enjoyed it :)

  • I was just wondering this today, lol. I was thinking if a woman was really super tight, she might squeeze the man too much & he wouldn't be able to experience pleasure. Kind of like if you suck a man's penis too hard, he can't really feel anything & it is not enjoyable. I can't wait to hear answers.

    • It's not exactly that what would be happening: read the Wikipedia link on dyspareunia I gave.