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Have you ever masterbated while communicating with someone without them knowing?

It could be a partner, love interest, friend etc. Have you ever been texting, IMing, on the phone etc and got so turned on that you started... Show More

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What Guys Said 9

  • Yeah, sometimes I do it on skype with my girlfriend sleeps or while I'm on the phone with her. Sometimes though. Hormones are tricky.

  • If only they knew...lol. You get horny you get horny! gotta do what you gotta do haha

  • ive done that a few times. sometimes I just get horny while on the phone so I start to masturbate.

  • i jerked off while on the phone with a sales rep from at%t yesterday lol she had a sexy voice so I wjipped it out lol

  • Yeah I remember back in uni jerking off while on MSN with one girl...the fact that she only lived across the courtyard was a big turn on, and of course the fact she probably had no idea what this dude was up to lol

  • Yeah but only once. Years ago a girl I liked called me when I was about to take a shower. Since I was standing there naked talking to her and her voice was turning me on I couldn't resist.

  • I have before😉

  • only once. I was really horny & friend called. I continued pleasing myself while I talked to my friend. He had no idea, & I had no intension of telling him.

What Girls Said 6

  • No, I feel like that would be rude

  • Yeah. Never on the phone, but yes texting. :)

    • Is it when you're dirty texting or talking about sexual things? Or just normal mundane stuff?

    • It happens a lot with dirty texting, but sometimes if I'm just randomly horny in boring conversation. :P

  • haha, I have

    • Me too lol! What were the circumstances?

    • It was really late and I was texting this guy while laying in my bed. He was on vacation and I couldn't wait for him to get back. Just thinking about it really turned me on, but I've never told him about I what I was doing...

  • Yeah. haha. I was gonna do it anyways but my friend called. didn't think he would be on the phone with me for that long, I was wrong lol. I tried to keep quite but then I just didn't care. oh well, things happen :)

  • lol yea but only while I am texting

  • yeah I think I have... don't remember for sure though! I have masturbated to the sound of my roommate having sex with her boyfriend if that counts... even hearing her moans turned me on ha ha I know weird!

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