Bi-sexual girlfriend - what do guys think about that?

What would a guy think if he found out his girlfriend was bi-sexual?


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  • Actually this is my situation. She hasn't told me yet, but she told a mutual friend and it got back to me (first point ladies: tell the guy. and that works the other way around too no doubt)

    my response is not the "Yay! Threesome!" response at all. To make one point: this is not because of homophobia but for the reasons below.

    I'm not worried about guys. I know that if it comes down to another guy and me, It'll be no contest as to winning her over, but with the ladies it's whole new territory. Someone mentioned how now, the WHOLE world is competition. True, and on top of that fact, girls bring something to the table guys can't, and that's a situation where I can't confidently say I'll win out.

    Beyond all that, I'm a little worried now that no matter what I won't be able to fill all her needs and that she'll be more likely to seek girls out on the side (and I'll consider that just as bad as seeking out other guys)

    If any girl is in this situation, you gotta talk it out with your guy. You gotta let him know that he's the only one, no matter what gender, or, if that's not the case, then let him know he's gotta make some decisions on how he sees your relationship. For those girls who have a boyfriend just say "SCORE" I don't know if that's better or worse. At least then you wouldn't have him as upset as I am. Basically, you gotta talk this stuff out.

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      My Girlfriend and I have been dating for a month now, and she told me she was Bi from the start, But I feel the same about it as "DT005" does. kinda creepy really haha.

      but we're only 16. could this just be puberty?