Bi-sexual girlfriend - what do guys think about that?

What would a guy think if he found out his girlfriend was bi-sexual?


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  • Actually this is my situation. She hasn't told me yet, but she told a mutual friend and it got back to me (first point ladies: tell the guy. and that works the other way around too no doubt)

    my response is not the "Yay! Threesome!" response at all. To make one point: this is not because of homophobia but for the reasons below.

    I'm not worried about guys. I know that if it comes down to another guy and me, It'll be no contest as to winning her over, but with the ladies it's whole new territory. Someone mentioned how now, the WHOLE world is competition. True, and on top of that fact, girls bring something to the table guys can't, and that's a situation where I can't confidently say I'll win out.

    Beyond all that, I'm a little worried now that no matter what I won't be able to fill all her needs and that she'll be more likely to seek girls out on the side (and I'll consider that just as bad as seeking out other guys)

    If any girl is in this situation, you gotta talk it out with your guy. You gotta let him know that he's the only one, no matter what gender, or, if that's not the case, then let him know he's gotta make some decisions on how he sees your relationship. For those girls who have a boyfriend just say "SCORE" I don't know if that's better or worse. At least then you wouldn't have him as upset as I am. Basically, you gotta talk this stuff out.

    • My Girlfriend and I have been dating for a month now, and she told me she was Bi from the start, But I feel the same about it as "DT005" does. kinda creepy really haha.

      but we're only 16. could this just be puberty?

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  • He could become insecure, even if it is a turn on. Make it clear that you are committed to him, despite your sexually ambivalent feelings.

  • I would be really turned on knowing that she likes women and would hope for the threesome.

  • Since the overwhelming majority of the women I date are bisexual, it would hardly be a surprise.

  • I'd think "That's why we have so much in common, she likes women too!" I'm not religious and would be cool with what she enjoys. It's weird to me that a guy could think differently, considering guys are so creepily kinky sometimes.

    • I agree but wanted to see what other guys thought

  • There's not a feeling quite like a girl turning you down because she likes another girl, but if it's a girlfriend, it would be related, but still different. Threatening, maybe, because now he has THE ENTIRE HUMAN POPULATION OF THE WORLD as competition. But I guess threesomes could be a resulting fantasy of that, and it depends on the guy, really.

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  • I am bi-sexual but a lot of people misunderstand what that means--it doesn't mean I'd want to have a three way relationship, in fact, I am only physically attracted to women but desire relationships with males. I have had a purely sensual relationship with women but found they are too nuts to date, so I wanted a relationship with a man.

    A bisexual woman is not simply going to want to toss a girl in her relationships--it is more than about sexuality.

    • This is definitely the SICKEST kind of woman I know: the one that is sexually attracted to women yet "wants relationships" with males. She sorts of needs a male only for emotional support. I hope you get kicked in the butt by every male you encounter in your life.

    • What does it mean when a bisexual girl is only attracted to women but desire relationships with guys? I agree with tames that those girls are very confusing because you as a man you want to feel attracted by your female partner. Does include the desire for a relationship the physical attraction? Because if it's not that way, sucks

    • 2mo

      It kinda sounds like you like to have a man for security while you play with women for fun.

  • when I told my ex that I thought I might be bi-sexual then he dumped me but my new boyfriend respects me for who I am and probably hopes that he can watch me hook up with a girl but watever haha.

  • Okay so I am bi so I can straight out say that some guys are cool with it and others aren't. Some can't stand it and wanna fight and argue because you like girls. And there are guys that think it means they can mess around with girls because you are. And then there are guys who just couldn't care less if you do or not.

  • Okay I'm a girl and bi and I've had my boyfriend for about a year now. All along he's known that I'm bisexual and yeah we've had phone sex and what not with fantasy of doing it with another girl - threesome and yeah obviously that's hot I find it a turn on and that's cool fine whatever.

    THEN last night he asked me if I found this movie star hot and asked if I'd do him - it obviously felt like a trap so I was weary to reply an when I hesitated he said youve already answered so I said yeah I'd do him. He then went in a huff for the rest of the night cancelled our plans and ditched me in his mood. Now he won't answer my calls or texts and I'm just waiting for him to talk but before when this happened he tried to argue it wasn't fair that I could say that about guys because apparently he can say it about girls and I'll just agree so it's UNFAIR that I can say it Bout both sexes.

    Somebody tell me what the hell and how am I meant to reason with that!?

    When he says oh she's hot in passing about a girl I can't see when were on the phone it bothers me as much as saying he's hot bothers him but because I'm bi I find all girls hot and the same logic of comparing myself to other woman don't apply apparently. I'm not gonna stop looking at men because he has an issue so this needs to get sorted - any ideas?

  • As a Lesbian women i see this so often from another side. I have had one night stands and short term flings with Bisexual women. Some, their partners have no idea they have sex with women and have stated to me they would never accept their male partners having other women.

    Other women who's male partners have known they are Bi have said they do not tell him about most of their female sexual partners and keep it limited to their knowledge. Some of them have had 3sums with their men but prefer alone time with women and they also said they would not accept their men having women on the side.

    So many women have said they love their man but i don't understand if you love him so much why not tell him about all the female contacts you have, why not let him be with other women?

    I'm afraid so many people want their cake and to eat it too.