How much money would it take to get you to have sex with ....?

How much Money would it take to get you to have sex with

If your a guy: Another Guy

If your a girl: Another Girl

If your gay: the opposite sex

If your bi: someone who you are just not attracted to at all


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  • i don't give a sh*t about money so none of it applies

    • So if someone seriously offered you $5,000, you wouldn't be the least tempted? Your human, come on now...

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    • If you seriously don't like money, which I doubt, then what would it take to get you to sleep with another man? A brand new car, a 100 wifes, fame, a million cheeseburgers, what would it take. And don't give me another choppy answer pal.

    • Haha, I'm the best at choppy answers pal. no bribes work for me.

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  • at least £200,000.

    • Finally, someone actually aswered my question. Was it really that hard to answer, lol.

    • Yes, mostly because I would never do it sober.

  • 2 dollars

    • Your either broke & a real funny guy

  • I don't know. How much has been printed/minted thus far?

    Probably not enough.

  • Moeny doest buy sex from me. My marrige is worth more then sex and moeny is.

    • Lol go back to grade school and lern to rite

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    • Justdance, looks like you need to go back to grade school to learn how to write as well.

      Hence, you spelled "Learn" & "Right" wrong

    • LOL

  • if my wife aproves anything goes. so who do I bend over for

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What Girls Said 6

  • Another chic: $250 million CASH, I pay no taxes to the fed. and there will be no record of the 'act.'

  • Because I'm not single, £500,000. If I was single, not that much because I'd probably experiment anyway.

  • guy: 300

    girl: 200

    not gay


    • Your cheap. are you an actual prostitute

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    • Right...

    • You caught me. I'm a cheap prostitute :]

  • Not really that much maybe about 300 bucks. I think it would take less for me to sleep with a total stranger girl, than a total stranger guy, even though I'm totally straight. It's just that I feel going home with a girl is safer than with a guy.

    Also I think I wouldn't 'feel' anything and I don't think it's gross, so I'd do it for not that much money.

    • Are you an actual prostitute 300 is really cheap

    • Lol no. I just don't really mind. Making out or having sex with a girl doesn't turn me on but I don't find it disgusting either, I really wouldn't feel anything. So why not it's easy money. To go home with a man though I would take about maybe 600 or more, depending on how he looks

    • Since you care so much about money "dudeman," how much would it take get you to have sex with another guy?

  • Um, not willing to taste crotch, so um, I'd become a hobo.

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