How much money would it take to get you to have sex with ....?

How much Money would it take to get you to have sex with

If your a guy: Another Guy

If your a girl: Another Girl

If your gay: the opposite sex

If your bi: someone who you are just not attracted to at all


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  • i don't give a sh*t about money so none of it applies

    • So if someone seriously offered you $5,000, you wouldn't be the least tempted? Your human, come on now...

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    • If you seriously don't like money, which I doubt, then what would it take to get you to sleep with another man? A brand new car, a 100 wifes, fame, a million cheeseburgers, what would it take. And don't give me another choppy answer pal.

    • Haha, I'm the best at choppy answers pal. no bribes work for me.

What Guys Said 10

  • at least £200,000.

    • Finally, someone actually aswered my question. Was it really that hard to answer, lol.

    • Yes, mostly because I would never do it sober.

  • 2 dollars

    • Your either broke & a real funny guy

  • I don't know. How much has been printed/minted thus far?

    Probably not enough.

  • Moeny doest buy sex from me. My marrige is worth more then sex and moeny is.

    • Lol go back to grade school and lern to rite

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    • Justdance, looks like you need to go back to grade school to learn how to write as well.

      Hence, you spelled "Learn" & "Right" wrong

    • LOL

  • if my wife aproves anything goes. so who do I bend over for

  • Another eternal amount of money...basically all the worth of Heaven

  • you offering sex to me?

  • Prob about the same amount as it would take to let someone taze my groin area while forcing me to eat copious amounts of beets.

    • LOL, this gave me a chuckle.

  • Another guy? 50 million and a signed contract that no such event occurred

    Another girl? As with most men, they would do this for free

    I'm not gay

    Not Bi


What Girls Said 6

  • Another chic: $250 million CASH, I pay no taxes to the fed. and there will be no record of the 'act.'

  • Because I'm not single, £500,000. If I was single, not that much because I'd probably experiment anyway.

  • guy: 300

    girl: 200

    not gay


    • Your cheap. are you an actual prostitute

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    • Right...

    • You caught me. I'm a cheap prostitute :]

  • Not really that much maybe about 300 bucks. I think it would take less for me to sleep with a total stranger girl, than a total stranger guy, even though I'm totally straight. It's just that I feel going home with a girl is safer than with a guy.

    Also I think I wouldn't 'feel' anything and I don't think it's gross, so I'd do it for not that much money.

    • Are you an actual prostitute 300 is really cheap

    • Lol no. I just don't really mind. Making out or having sex with a girl doesn't turn me on but I don't find it disgusting either, I really wouldn't feel anything. So why not it's easy money. To go home with a man though I would take about maybe 600 or more, depending on how he looks

    • Since you care so much about money "dudeman," how much would it take get you to have sex with another guy?

  • Um, not willing to taste crotch, so um, I'd become a hobo.

  • No money, girls can pretty much have anyone for sex.

    • The question is how much money would it take to get "you" to have sex with another girl. If you are gay, then vice versa. If you bi, then how much $ would it take to get you to have sex with someone your not attracted to?

    • Oh OK. Then I would make an auction and sell to the highest bidder lol.