Why are women so delicate?

Okay, before you people lynch me on top the highest pole, hear me out. I do not mean, in the slightest, "why are women physically weak?" I, myself, am a feminist, and believe in totally equal rights between women and men. But, my question is, why can't women have thicker skin? For example, when men talk about disgusting stuff like masturbating, sex, the bathroom, etc, why do you stick your noses up and act like all men are disgusting pigs, and you think you're better than an entire gender? Are you saying women never masturbate, have sex, use the bathroom, etc? Or, when men act like idiots and make several stupid advances on women. Why do you care? Why do you complain? Fuck them! More than half the time, the men are being sarcastic or are just having a go. Why are women so offended and defensive? Why must men have to be "polite around a lady, chivalrous, ladies first, etc" What about equal rights? Women pulling out chairs for men? Paying for the bill? Watching what they say around men? Offering their seat for a man who must stand? Please, explain to me.


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  • Well some things just don't need to be talked about. I don't need to know what came out the last time you went to the bathroom and I don't need a play by play of the last time someone had sex, if I wanted to know those things I'd ask. I go the bathroom, masturbate, and have sex I just don't feel the need to talk about it with my friends. When guys make stupid advances toward me I care because the advance was stupid and made towards me and if I think it was stupid I'm gonna tell you. If you use a dumb line or grab me at a bar I'll bitch you for acting like an animal. If you're going to act like an animal I'm going to treat you like one. When my cat randomly swats a paw at me for not paying attention to him I yell at him, when a guy grabs my arm at a bar to get me to pay attention to him I yell at him. If I don't do that they keep coming back or keep going and get extremely touchy feely. Leading a guy on like that is like giving my cat a huge piece of chicken and then after he's a had a few bites taking it away. You don't have to be polite and chivalrous but you don't have to act like an animal.

    On the other hand, when guys are polite and chivalrous I notice. There's a guy who lives in my building who's not the most the attractive guy but he has a really pretty girlfriend (I saw them making out in the lobby a few weeks) ago and I immediately wondered why she was dating him (shallow I know). But then after that I realized he always holds doors open, when I run into him in the stairs he lets me go first, when he get to the door before me or is in the stairwell he opens the doors steps aside so I can go through. Not every guy in my building does that and I don't expect them too...but when they do do it I notice.

    Now as far as equal rights there's a difference between voting and dating. If you're a guy and you want me show it. Pay the bill, be nice to me, don't tell me all the same things you tell your guy friends. I feel weird opening the door for guys, especially if it's a heavy door and I'm struggling to open it anyway. It'd also be weird for me to pull out a chair for a guy who's twice my size. There's just certain things guys should do and there's certain things girls should do. I'd never go on a date looking crap and start burping, farting, and talking with my mouth full. Feminists have taken things too far to the point where guys feel like they shouldn't be able to do anything because women can do everything. But it's not romantic that way. What's romantic about splitting the bill? If feminists had their way strap-ons would be a mandatory part of sex and their argument would be, "Well if we have to be penetrated during sex men must too."

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      Wow, this was an excellent answer! Now, maybe I should elaborate. I don't mean, let's say, on a date, women should pull out chairs and pay the bill. I mean, in general. Like, if you're entering a department store, a guy is behind you, hold the door open for him. You're on a bus, this old, tired man has nowhere to sit down, offer him a seat. I am well aware that men and women are biologically different, and no, I don't think strap-ons are mandatory, lol.

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      Well yeah if I'm walking into a building I hold the door for someone if they're behind me no matter who they are and I'd give my seat to an old man. But that's just being polite, it has nothing to do with someone being a man or a woman.