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Have you ever had a nip slip ?? did anyone see you ??

Have you ever had a nip slip ?? did anyone see you ?? ... was it in public?

common more girls can answer... m sure you must hav had it

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  • i was trying to pull down my dress because it was riding up but I pulled down the top part as well and one of my boobs was showing. this was in class! so embarrassing, a guy told me I was pulling my dress too much so I covered it up quickly and I think he was the only one that saw. haha.

    • u din mind? find it funny?

    • i didn't really mind, just suuuuper embarrassed like I couldn't look him in the eye again!

    • but that guy would have been like wow ;)

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  • At the beach a wave took my bikini top off. What seemed like 20 minutes was probably 20 seconds for it to surface so I could grab it and put it back on. I'm not a very shy person as far as caring if people see me naked or partically naked so it didn't bother me much. Actually would love to be able to go topless at the Florida beaches.

  • Haha xD Yeah, only my best friend and she fixed it xD Thank god cause we were at school xD

    • you din mind your best frnd looking? u are nude in front of each other?

    • ? tell

  • Yes lol... I was at a public pool and it had a waterfall and I was under it. I noticed everyone looking at me.. so I looked at my top and it was no longer covering my t*ts. :O

    • must have been cute ;)

    • how was your reaction and everyone others?

    • They were staring... I busted out laughing in embarassment! lol

  • yeah, I was at the beach with a bunch if guy and girl friends when a wave smashed me, when I came up my bikini and slipped down exposing both my boobs haha

    • nice:)

  • Yes, lol but only I noticed.

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