Should I spit or swallow?

I was wondering what I should do when I give a head job.

What do you do-spit or swallow?

How does it feel to have come in your mouth?

How many different guys have you given a head job to?

Have you always spit or always swallowed and if you at used to do one and then changed, why did you change?

What does come taste like?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I don't know the answers to many of your questions. I would say though that I think you should swallow if you can. You may be disgusted by come in your mouth and have to spit it out, but if you can, swallow it.

    How would you feel, if your guy was licking you and he turned his head periodically and spit? Wouldn't that make you think there was something wrong with you that he wants to spit you out? Well some guys will feel the same way.