Should I spit or swallow?

I was wondering what I should do when I give a head job.

What do you do-spit or swallow?

How does it feel to have come in your mouth?

How many different guys have you given a head job to?

Have you always spit or always swallowed and if you at used to do one and then changed, why did you change?

What does come taste like?


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  • I don't know the answers to many of your questions. I would say though that I think you should swallow if you can. You may be disgusted by come in your mouth and have to spit it out, but if you can, swallow it.

    How would you feel, if your guy was licking you and he turned his head periodically and spit? Wouldn't that make you think there was something wrong with you that he wants to spit you out? Well some guys will feel the same way.

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  • 1. Well, you should swallow. Why? Not only will your boyfriend love you more (let's be real), but he'll actually respect you more. It also gets you connected on a deeper level. The question isn't only if you should or shouldn't do it, but how you should do it - that's the main thing. I think this -> link might help you out more.

    2. Try it.

    Good luck

  • Honestly I think what's really cool is that you want him to explode with your warm lips wrapped around him and take his cum. What you do with it afterwards is secondary. honestly watching it drip down your mouth and chin would be hot. Some guys really like when a girl swallows it can be a very intimate sign of love or at least some strong lust. It tastes a little bitter I hear. If you are open to it and are not so keen on the taste a lot of guys would enjoy cuming in your face t*ts ass. Its all hot for a lot of psychological reasond

  • it really depends on what you like.some girls like to swallow others just guys don't care but we prefer a girl to swallow.its kinda like a salty milkshake but it really depends.

    main thing is don't be afraid and have fun.enjoy it.if u've never had him come before watch it and see how he cums and you can learn from that.

  • spit or swallow ? there is an alternative if you don't like the taste g talk dirty before he cumms and ask him were you want him to maybe on your breast lips whatever?

  • As long as a guy doesn't smoke,or eat garlic onions that is what come tastes like.I perfer my guys before they come to see me to have a glass of pinapple juice.Now to answer the questions when giving head swallow what you work for,if it tatses bad spit,I always keep eye to eye contact while I am deepthroat a guy.I quess you could say I have given head,deepthroat ,jack off etc to about 30 guys.I have always swallowed I love come weather its from a **** or a p****.I really love a women who has climaxed and had her juices run down into her ass.& I give it special attention.Its funny I will lick and suck a womens ass, but I will not rim a guy..Big gulp

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  • I swallow

    Like milk or any liquid

    A lot of them

    Always swallowed

    Bit salty Sometimes a bit of a taste of different foods he might have been eating, but mostly like raw egg whites with a bit of salt mixed in. Not too bad at all

  • I don't actually like it in my mouth. The texture kind of weirds me out. But I almost always swallow. What I do is have the guy push deep before he cums, so it just goes straight down my throat. No mess that way, and they seem to like it too.

    Really though, most guys will be fine with whatever you want to do. They're usually too grateful that you're doing it to worry about the details. And I think they're plenty willing to let you experiment. So try it a couple different ways and see what you like best.

  • 1. I swallow

    2. it's like, just warm liquid. sometimes it's a lot and sometimes it's not too much. I just swallow as it comes so it's not in my mouth for too long

    3. idk...a bunch? lol

    4. I've always swallowed

    5. I don't really think it tastes like anything specific, it's just warm liquid. I don't spend too much time trying to figure out what it tastes like, lol

  • 1: swallow, I think spitting is disrespectful

    2: with my man, he cums a lot, so it usually gets shot in the back of my mouth.

    3: only my boyfriends, 3.

    4: I always swallow or he shoots in on my boobs ;-)

    5: it really doesn't taste like anything, but depends on his diet. from personal expierience, it takes like saltly milk. lol.

  • What do you do-spit or swallow?

    I swallow.

    How does it feel to have come in your mouth?

    Doesn't feel like anything, just hot liquid.

    How many different guys have you given a head job to?

    Have no idea, I've given head jobs to friends, lovers and total strangers. I've given head at parties, in excahnge for rides and favors and even for cash. If I had to give a number I would say hundreds. I'm 22 and have been giving head since I was 14

    Have you always spit or always swallowed and if you at used to do one and then changed, why did you change?

    I have always swallowed, would never think of doing anything but swallowing.

    What does come taste like

    It's as different as every guy. Sometimes salty, sometimes sweet, some have a strong taste others don't.


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