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Why don't guys let girls watch them pee?

i've noticed that after I have sex with a guy and we're just lounging around naked he doesn't care that I'm seeing all of him but if he has to pee he... Show More

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  • had an ex watch me one time. It was creepy as f****. She littereally starred at my wang and watched like I was on TV one time. Since then doors been closed and locked.

    • haha... I had an ex who begged to watch me pee, so I let her on one condition, she had to shake it after. She got pee on her hand and never asked again... problem solved

    • we're curious ! it's not like we have a penis to call our own ;p loo

    • HAHAHA @ Orph

What Guys Said 20

  • Instinct, can't let our lovers watch us excrete

  • I think it is nice to be able to pee in front of each other, actually... of course, I'm kind of weird that way...

  • That's a rumor my friend ;).

  • I used to be very shy about peeing around other people, but my girlfriend never closed the door when she pee'd. Eventually I got used to it and will now pee even if she is there. It is kind of liberating to be able to do that.

    • aww that's cute. not the peeing bit, the freedom bit lol

  • I think its because of the emotions you create when you get close to him, so just let the boy pee! lol

  • can't say I've ever been that shy...dunno

  • I tell myself that girls don't actually pee. I have no interest in seeing that. I think it's good manners to close the door.

  • cuz we don't want you to be jelouse that we can pee standing up ^-^

    • thanks for sparing my feelings :)

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    • lol

    • -.-

  • it wouldn't happen with me..in fact we'd give each other golden showers!

  • same reason lots of girls don't let guys watch. Personally, I would love watch a girl peeing and even play with her if she let me. I would be more than happy to let her do the same

  • Since I would ALWAYS want to watch my woman pee, it would be hypocritical to not let her watch me. But I don't remember that any of my girlfriends was ever very interested in that. They just peed for me because they knew how much I liked it.

  • In the beginning of a relationship, I close the door out of courtesy, but after we get to feel more comfortable with each other I have had girlfriends that don't mind if either of us are peeing. More than one girlfriend has wanted to try their "hand" at aiming. It is fun for them especially when we are outside and there is snow on the ground!


  • I wouldn't mind this... but I agree that if I hadn't already started I might lose my nerve.

  • i don't mind

  • Well if you really want to watch me pee you can, maybe he thinks it's polite, or you seeing will turn you off.

    • yeah I think that makes sense, I'm just curious to see it. does it move up when you pee?

    • Pee just comes out the hole. :P

  • Maybe he's a squatter.

  • I can't lol. If somebody is watching me or right by me I just can't go. I can usually go in public bathrooms if somebody is next to me but it pisses me off when guys try talking while they're pissing because then I can't.

  • I've seen my girlfriend and been seen. Not a big deal it's just a natural thing.

  • Sounds like shyness, that perhaps his penis shrunk to the size of his thumb. I was never one to be embarrassed about it because I always wanted to see my girl taking a piss. I even liked it when she pissed on my chest in the shower, so I was never fickle about such body fluids. She even liked watching me pee from time to time. We were both very different from the rest of the society in more ways than one.

    • Nothing wrong with being different, it keeps things interesting :)

What Girls Said 9

  • For some people, it's just a very private thing, but there are a lot of guys who don't mind.

  • Haven't gotten the opportunity to watch a guy pee, but the guy I'm talking to is comfortable enough to pee while still on the phone with me...lol

  • I think it's just natural, and it would be kinda awk to see that, ha.

  • really?!?!? my guy lets me watch him pee I've even grabed hold of his d*** while peeing. ha ha I was drunk at that time to (but I've seen him more than once) and made him kinda pee all over lol OOPS

    • hahaha that's so funny!

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    • Grab hold of my d*** while I pee? Please?

    • haha sorry I only grab my mans d***

  • I would LOVE to touch the pee Orph

  • Id LOVE to watch a guy peee so bad!

  • Would you want a guy to watch you pee?

  • Wow, this question made me laugh really hard.

    • I personally don't want someone to see me pee though, maybe they feel like I do, that my privacy is being invaded.

  • My guy seems shy/embarrassed (maybe grossed out) to allow each other to see the other do our bathroom business. We've showered together and obviously has various kinds of sex, but I think it might be that crossing a certain line - the moment when he might think, "eww, this is gross and I can't look at her the same way - I'm no longer attracted to her" kind of thing... so I've heard from other sources (that "Blue Collar" comedy guy explained this kind of thing once - find the clip and I think it makes sense - it's unromantic I guess). But I'm kind of interested in trying to aim his penis when he pees, but, I doubt he'll ever let me.

    • LMAO I'm laughing with you though, not at you. I can understand how you can be curious about trying to aim it for him but it is really not that interesting of a moment. If you aren't used to it I suppose you would feel the pressure on the outside of the soft skin when the stream comes out and after that you just point it where you want the liquid to go. There really isn't much to it.

    • It's just that I'm a female - we only have one good way to pee - sitting down. And yet, guys have the two ways - standing up is for #1 and sitting for #1 and/or #2. It's just the opposite for the pants/skirts scenario - society allows women to wear either but it's not greatly accepted in most places for men to wear a skirt.

      Plus, I've heard so many jokes about men peeing their names on walls or in the snow that it makes it sound like so much fun! :P

    • My guy letting me hold his penis while he pees convo didn't go so well... So, asked my guy during a really nice weekend away... which was also my birthday weekend, and yet he will not oblige. I'm hoping that the idea will sink in and he'll eventually let me try... or else I'll get him drunk and he'll be forced to let me help :)

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