Why don't guys let girls watch them pee?

i've noticed that after I have sex with a guy and we're just lounging around naked he doesn't care that I'm seeing all of him but if he has to pee he always shuts the door or says that I shouldn't watch. it's not that I really want to see a guy pee I just wondered if there was a reason for guys being shy about this (if other guys are shy about this too?)? this has happened with almost every guy I've been with so I'm starting to think its the norm lol


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  • had an ex watch me one time. It was creepy as f****. She littereally starred at my wang and watched like I was on TV one time. Since then doors been closed and locked.

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      haha... I had an ex who begged to watch me pee, so I let her on one condition, she had to shake it after. She got pee on her hand and never asked again... problem solved

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      we're curious ! it's not like we have a penis to call our own ;p loo

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      HAHAHA @ Orph