How can I find my girlfriend's g spot when I'm fingering her?

like what technique?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Hey man, look up some diagrams as to where the g-spot is. Its basically located on the top of her vaginal wall, so if you place a finger inside her with your palm facing up while she's lying on her back, and feel on the top part of her vagina(the side closest to her belly), its usually feels like a rougher patch of skin than the rest of the vaginal skin. It also can feel like a bump when she's highly aroused. I have read that she is much more likely to respond to g-spot stimulation after she has experienced clitoral orgasm, so make sure she gets off from manual or oral contact first to get her 'primed' then go for it. Use a kinda of flat fingered come-here motion to stimulate the g-spot once you find it and put pressure on it as you stroke it. Make sure your fingernails are neatly trimmed so you don't scratch her up and make her sore. good luck