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Do men EVER respect really slutty girls?

I'm worried no guy will ever really respect me. I am really slutty. I've slept with a lot of guys and honestly I don't plan on changing that unless I... Show More

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  • Personally I don't lose respect for girls because of their sexual behavior. My respect for a woman (or a man) is contingent on the quality of their character.

    I'll be honest, I'm a virgin but I have a really relaxed attitude towards sex. I'm not at all a "traditional" guy. I logically examine my beliefs instead of just accepting what society tells me to and I have no moral problems with people that enjoy sex and have it liberally. In fact, I kind of have respect for women who are bold enough to be openly sexual since being labeled a "slut" is (unfortunately) considered social suicide for a woman.

    If what guys say here is any indication, though, I seem to be an exception, unfortunately. Most guys seem to frown on it.

    • Most guys frown on it... and those guys are getting laid... but you aren't, so obviously your views aren't helping your... situation

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  • This is what I get: you like sex, you know it, you enjoy it, you don't lie about it. For some (many?) guys, this isn't merely respectable, but ideal.

    Imagine they guys' perspective. We could date women who don't like sex, women who pretend to like sex, women who don't like that we like sex, women who lie and say they like sex because it's what they think we want to hear--or we could date you. Seen this way, you look like a real winner.

  • i would respect you as a person, professionally as long as your life Didi interfere with you duties. as a women I would lose respect for you, I wouldn't see you as girlfriend material and no amount of professional success will change that

  • If you like doing that with different guys then its your life.

  • having sex is a personal choice

    i don't mind tomorrow hooking up with a girl who has had a past consisting of quite a bit of sexual history

    i believe one is free to do whatever he or she wants.so follow your heart.

    and yeah a girl who has sex with lot of guys just because she likes to,I don't consider her as a slut

    • what do you consider her..?

    • just another girl

  • Its tough to give you a general answer, but a majority of guys won't respect you. If you have a reputation for being the sexpot, then that is how guys will treat. We all decide how others will treat us by the way we act and let them act around us. If a guy thinks that you are the one to go to for sex, then that is how you'll be seen- the hookup. The guys that might be looking for a relationship will pass you over more often than not. Either they are turned off by what you do, or they don't feel like they could trust you.

  • If you used to sleep with a lot of men but then you stop because you're dating me I could probably respect that but in general no I don't respect sluts and if I know a woman has had lots of partners it makes me think I'm going to get STD's from her. I've never done the friends with benefits thing so I couldn't tell you if a guy respects you in that situation or not.

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  • One has to earn respect! With that being said your sexual encounters alone should not be the reason one has no respect for another person. I like you, have an exceptional large sexual appetite and sleep with many different guys doing many crazy things. I also hold a very good job, have a fairly normal homelife, am a good mom, and treat others with the respect they deserve. Sure I have had some call me a slut, whore etc, but the vast majority treat me as the good person I am. I know that not every girl is like me and fascinated by the penis and having all kinds of different sex and glad most people don't hold that against me. It hurts nobody, I enjoy it and mine is even a bit more different because I love interracial and it is pretty much all I get involved with. I have many friends both guys and girls who I have no sexual contact with who are very good friends and although sometimes will tease me or ask me about my adventures, still remain good friends.

  • I mean the problem is you don't demand respect you let guys run all over you and it makes you look stupid. Also, have SOME even a tiny bit of dignity and self respect... Put yourself in these guys positions I mean would you want to date you? You're already giving it up to whoever looks at you, what kind of guy would want that? You might be someone fun to screw, and hang out with every now and then (when they want sex since your pretty much useless for anything else) but think about it... are you the kind of girl a guy would like to marry or have a family with? Because all my guy friends have always told me that they "don't marry sluts and whores, they are good for a good night of f***ing but that's pretty much it". and yeah you can use that whole BS "I don't believe in sluts its just an oppressive term for women" BUT in society that is how it is and the faster you realize that no guy will respect you or want to be with you long term the better off you'll be. I have heard the way guys talk about girls like that and I would NEVER want to be one that he is telling his friends about

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