Do men EVER respect really slutty girls?

I'm worried no guy will ever really respect me. I am really slutty. I've slept with a lot of guys and honestly I don't plan on changing that unless I... Show More

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  • Personally I don't lose respect for girls because of their sexual behavior. My respect for a woman (or a man) is contingent on the quality of their character.

    I'll be honest, I'm a virgin but I have a really relaxed attitude towards sex. I'm not at all a "traditional" guy. I logically examine my beliefs instead of just accepting what society tells me to and I have no moral problems with people that enjoy sex and have it liberally. In fact, I kind of have respect for women who are bold enough to be openly sexual since being labeled a "slut" is (unfortunately) considered social suicide for a woman.

    If what guys say here is any indication, though, I seem to be an exception, unfortunately. Most guys seem to frown on it.

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    • Most guys frown on it... and those guys are getting laid... but you aren't, so obviously your views aren't helping your... situation