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Do girls like having their a** felt and rubbed while kissing a guy?

do girls like having their ass felt while kissing and a guys wondering hands over her body

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  • absolutely love it. huge turn on!

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  • i love it when he just explores my body.. my hair, boobs, ass, and maybe tickles me a little :) of course, don't forget to just hold her and make her feel cared for/loved :)

  • yeah I love it.

  • yea I don't mind

  • ooooo that will turn me full on..but depending the guy I'm kissing though...it would only make me feeling horny when I'm with the man I love :D

  • Yeah, but my favorite is his hand in my hair, touching my neck.

  • it's okayy...there are other things I'd like better like his arms around me or in my hair...but that's just me haha

  • I don't mind it as long as his hand isn't like all the way down and like feeling up my crack... that's just weird.

  • yes as long as I get to do the same thing to him ;)

  • i know I sure do!

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