Should I let my boyfriend finger me?

Idk if I will let him because I'm insecure that he will think mines weird and being a girl don't know what's normal because I haven't interacted with other girls. I'm just tryin to say what is regular for a girls.. vagina to be like? and I shave regularly down there but I get razor bumps is that normal? is that gross for guys?


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  • yea I think you should I mean your never going to actually know until you take a chance

    do you like this guy

    do you want to do this

    everyone is different nothing is the same so I dnt think you should worry to much

    also I dnt think he is going to care tht much to what it looks like if you guys are doing "stuff" yah kno

    also razor bumps is normal and really I dnt think you shud trip to much if this is something he wants to and he likes you it rele isn't or shudnt matter at all or at least nt too much


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  • yes it's normal. and no, I don't think most would care.

    you kinda seem to be missing the big picture. I don't think he's gonna care if he's already got his hand down your pants

    • I didn't really think of that and thank you haha

  • Its not about what's "regular" for girls. Its about WHAT DO YOU WANT. So what if every other girl gets fingered? Don't do that if you don't feel comfortable. Wait till your ready or feel its what you want. Don't do anything you don't wana do. Its your body your p**** your choice lol

    Thats just what I think thoe.

    And yes some girls have razor bumps, personally its not a turn off or turn on for me.


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  • Always have the attitude about yourself that your beautiful. he is going to be so excited to put his finger up in that pu**y he will prob. c*m as soon has he does it . Stop worrying as long as you smell nice your fine...

  • you're normal, every girls vagina is different anyway and it's very common for girls to get razor bumps from shaving