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Does masterbation affect ones celibacy?

i masturbate to curb my sexual desires I'm waiting for that spacial somebody. because I use sex toys that get inserted inside me does that mean I'm... Show More

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  • There's no rule for that, except the one you impose on yourself.

    IMHO the answer is NO!

  • I think you should set your own limits on what you think celibacy means, the same as different people place rules as to if they are being slutty. You have to ask yourself what your reasons are for not having sex with a guy and if toys compromise these views.

What Girls Said 4

  • Masturbation and sex are two different things.
    You can't lose your virginity any other way but by a penis entering you.
    No toy or tampon or finger.

  • Abstinence is when you avoid intercourse, celibacy is when you avoid all sexual activity.

  • No.

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