Why do girls think guys love sluts?

we love women who are sexual- she can be "bad" but ONLY for her man. we don't love sluts-we do not want to settle down and start a family with a slut. sluts are the ones who die alone beacause no man in his right mind would want to marry one.guys just want to have sex w/them and never see them again-thats it. a guy just needs a monagamous girl who can be bad-thats what we love.

i understand everyones comments--but this is what I'm saying "the good guy" who most girls would want to marry -will most likely not even want to get into a relationship with a girl who banged everyone under the sun...
so the "slut" will have to settle for the scumbags for any type of relationship or marriage because the good guy not want them- that's what I'm saying- geez
kinda like on MAURY--EX. when thers 3 guys and one slut who caliming one of them, is the father of the child --when the results come in and the 2 who "are not the father" jump up w/joy- they are very happy-becuz no man wants a long term anything a slut


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  • I'm going to tell you truth. Men send mixed signals. When men are young, they are not looking for a long term relationship/marriage/the whole nine yards. They are just looking for casual sex or a less serious relationship with sex. When they get older, they start looking for the right thigns as they start to settle down. Until then, men always go after the sluts because it's easy free sex. The women who are "good" girls don't get attention from men. They don't understand that men have to go through this stage & think men only want women who are easy. So many women degrate themselves by becoming this because they desire male companionship. Other women, who are willing to compromise theirselves, learn to live without men & later learn that they are actually what men want. Unfortunately, a lot of women are under the impression that they "need" a man. So they compromise themselves so men pay them attention, the think they are becoming what men want. Only the strong wait for men to mature & start looking for the right girls. Women don't actually understand men that well, so they don't know how to read these mixed signals.

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      And some girls just enjoy sex and enjoy it with multiple partners. Not every girl acts the way she does because she is trying to be desirable to men.

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      "When men are young, they are not looking for a long term relationship" That's usually the good looking guys that don't want a long term relationship when they're young. "men always go after the sluts because it's easy free sex". A lot of times we go for them because a lot of women enjoy being whores such as Karen Owen and don't want a relationship so we settle for sluts.

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      If that were true you wouldn't have nice guys turning into jerks or even have nice guys who have to settle for sluts because no women would give them the time of day till they are in their mid to late 30's.