Why do girls think guys love sluts?

we love women who are sexual- she can be "bad" but ONLY for her man. we don't love sluts-we do not want to settle down and start a family with a slut. sluts are the ones who die alone beacause no man in his right mind would want to marry one.guys just want to have sex w/them and never see them again-thats it. a guy just needs a monagamous girl who can be bad-thats what we love.

i understand everyones comments--but this is what I'm saying "the good guy" who most girls would want to marry -will most likely not even want to get into a relationship with a girl who banged everyone under the sun...
so the "slut" will have to settle for the scumbags for any type of relationship or marriage because the good guy not want them- that's what I'm saying- geez
kinda like on MAURY--EX. when thers 3 guys and one slut who caliming one of them, is the father of the child --when the results come in and the 2 who "are not the father" jump up w/joy- they are very happy-becuz no man wants a long term anything a slut


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  • I'm going to tell you truth. Men send mixed signals. When men are young, they are not looking for a long term relationship/marriage/the whole nine yards. They are just looking for casual sex or a less serious relationship with sex. When they get older, they start looking for the right thigns as they start to settle down. Until then, men always go after the sluts because it's easy free sex. The women who are "good" girls don't get attention from men. They don't understand that men have to go through this stage & think men only want women who are easy. So many women degrate themselves by becoming this because they desire male companionship. Other women, who are willing to compromise theirselves, learn to live without men & later learn that they are actually what men want. Unfortunately, a lot of women are under the impression that they "need" a man. So they compromise themselves so men pay them attention, the think they are becoming what men want. Only the strong wait for men to mature & start looking for the right girls. Women don't actually understand men that well, so they don't know how to read these mixed signals.

    • And some girls just enjoy sex and enjoy it with multiple partners. Not every girl acts the way she does because she is trying to be desirable to men.

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    • "When men are young, they are not looking for a long term relationship" That's usually the good looking guys that don't want a long term relationship when they're young. "men always go after the sluts because it's easy free sex". A lot of times we go for them because a lot of women enjoy being whores such as Karen Owen and don't want a relationship so we settle for sluts.

    • If that were true you wouldn't have nice guys turning into jerks or even have nice guys who have to settle for sluts because no women would give them the time of day till they are in their mid to late 30's.

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  • And in your mind what exactly is a slut?

    • a girl who bangs everyguy-this is the definition by society

  • its because guys always go for the sluts, at least in high school and college. we don't think about the long term when its time to settle down, we think in the present. but I mean, I just do me. I'm not a slut, and I don't demean myself trying to act like one to get a guy. its sad that some girls do that but not all of them do. and the ones that do, aren't really, they're just trying really hard and being desperate to get a boyfriend. also, there are some girls that are just really sexual, and you can't hate them for being that way. its not fair that guys can be pimps, hook up with a lot of guys, be commitment phobes and keep that vicious cycle going but girls can't do the same. double standards are annoying too. but yeah trust me, every girl deep down wants to have a boyfriend that they can have when they want, that's there for them, to do the cutesy things but most guys don't want to get into relationships because they want to f*** every girl they can... just my two cents. hope that helped

    • most guys in college are in a relationship-and don't cheat on their gf's- the guys in college who f*** every girl they can are the athletes. groupie sluts. but imostly general guys have their college girlfriend who they wind up marrying in the future

    • "its because guys always go for the sluts, at least in high school and college." Those are usually the good looking guys that want that. I'm sure there are a lot of ugly or average looking guys that want a relationship in High School and College. A lot of those less fortunate looking guys know they can't get with good looking sluts so they try to go for a relationship.

  • The way I see it, guys who are not wanting to settle down are the type of guys who "love sluts." Not every guy out there are guys like you just described who want to find that perfect girl who can rock their world in bed and blow your mind. Some guys just want to "live in the moment" and fool around, which isn't wrong to begin with but they aren't the type of guys I would prefer. As for sluts... same as guys, girls want to have fun too with no attachments. But those girls tend to be amazing in bed and have a strong sexual appetite (like most guys). HOWEVER, doesn't mean nice girls can't be nasty in bed.

    Believe it or not, married couples actually have waaaaaaaay more sex than single people who have casual sex. Isn't that something.

    I'm just making a bold statement here but the idea why girls think guys love sluts.. isn't it because guys have the strongest impression from them? I mean they're EVERYWHERE (internet p*rn, magazines, etc). Think about it, we all know that guys watch p*rn, it's a given fact. How can most girls compete with that amazing body? Yea, most of us feel pretty inferior to them. And also, isn't it because people talk about how AMAZING their adventurous casual encounters more openly with their friends than talking about what him and his wife did last night? Fact is.. girls just feel threatened. We feel like we failed to satisfy your sexual needs when your eyes starts to wander and check out this other girl's ass. We naturally feel the need to compete with one another on our physical features and most of the time the "sluts" win. But hey, good girl can be pretty damn good in bed too.

    P.S. Nice girls CAN finish. Sometimes they just need to know how to 'strut their stuff' and let the guys know that there's so much more they can offer than amazing sex.

    • "win. But hey, good girl can be pretty damn good in bed too"---- that is EXACTLY what I'm saying! there are girls who sexual and just having sex w/their man--oppose to the slut who bangs every1

  • a girl who isn't a slut probably also wants a guy who isn't a slut or has slept with a bunch of sluts (same thing).

    just saying.

  • Sir, honestly, I WON'T EVER marry a man who's f***ed around with girls just for the sex! I'd much rather have a man with a more committed relationship past. So your whole 'marry a good girl after I f*** the brains out of 50 chicks' won't work with all girls with a good head on their shoulders. & having sex Wouk multiple sluts would then make you a slut... Just thought I'd throw that in there!

    • Exactl;y how I feel. including the whole "man slut" thing. :)

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    • @funny222 A slut won't ever make a good wife. Part of being a good wife is being trustworthy. A woman that has the reputation of being a slore will most likely never be trusted and will most likely be unfaithful.

    • i LOVE this! :)

  • This question actually ties in with another question that I just answered. And that is men treat women like there are two categories: sluts and good girls. Basically ALL guys view p*rn and they benefit from p*rn and yet they have no respect for the very actors that provide them their entertainment. I think that's quite sad.

    It also goes to show why no one cares if prostitutes get murdered and raped because they're "subhuman" anyways.

    As for "sluts", most "sluts" have very low self-esteem and feel they don't deserve any better. They feel the only way they can get a man to love them is through sex. I don't hate them. In fact I feel bad for them.

  • What exactly is being "bad?" Party girl?Druggie?Alcoholic?Wanting threesomes.Weren't you the one preaching about guys wanting "good girls?"

    Let's face it,a girl who sleeps around,as you refer to as a "slut" will get the guys,will get the attention and will finish first.Nice girls don't even finish.At least nice guys finish last."good girls" are the back up,if you can't get the "slut"

    • a good girl can be a bad girl at the same time.meaning a girl whos very sexual but monagamous-get it ?she is considered 2b the good girl because she not having sex with every1 just only one partner in a commited relationship. I said good girls meaning quality -cute with a personality-and that is very important

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    • Guys want sluts when they want to get laid. They want the cute ones with personality for a relationship. The guys that usually want the sluts are the ones that are "players" which are the good looking guys, and the virgins.

    • darkknight -that pretty much sums it up

  • This question is so f***ing degrading, it's disgusting. First of all, I will tell you now that most of those sweet innocent looking girls who turn out to be freaks in bed, learned that sh*t somewhere. And it wasn't from a f***ing textbook. Most girls have sex with WAY more men then they will ever tell their man because of the ridiculous views a lot of men have on how women should be. It's okay for a man to have slept with fifteen girls in his lifetime, but he wants the girl he marries to have slept with only one before him? Two? What's your limit? What makes a girl a slut in your twisted logic? It is possible for a girl to enjoy sex and enjoy it with many men and then settle down and be a good faithful wife.

    • How is the actual question degrading?

      If you're a slut, you might be offended by the follow up comment that explains the question.. But that's it.

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    • dudeman is 100% right.

    • There are a lot of guys who feel that if a woman has sex with tons of people then later in life, when he wants to get married, he will think that the woman is just settling for him because she feels that she's ugly & knows she can't go around having sex with the guys she wants to. They also can't trust a woman that has a history of being a slore. Its OK if a woman has had sex with like for example 7 boyfriends but, its not OK that she goes around having meaningless sex with tons of guys.

  • Because a lot men go after sluts, ignoring the good girls. Men aren't exactly sending the right message to women.

  • Guys love the fact that sluts are easy to have sex with.

  • maybe someone your age that is about ready to settle down but guys my age love sluts..

    lets say there's 2 beautiful ladies standing there one looks innocent and prude the other looks like a hoe the guy is gonna go for the one that will put out because they wanna get laid

    and you fellas on this sight can say bull crap but in reality, from what iv observed, that's exactly how it goes

    • yeah but those are not the guys you want in your life

    • Usually the guys that go for sluts are the good looking guys. A lot of average and ugly guys know they can't go around having sex with a lot of good looking sluts so they settle with getting a girlfriend.

    • this is true--i guess its guys my age who are looking for that RARE quality girl -teens just want an easy ho

  • i don't think that

    some guys do some dont. that's the truth

  • haha good question but I slept with 9 guys before finding number ten and he said he initially just wanted sex but we're together now nearly a year we have been, am I/ was I a slut ? I regret what I did with those guys but honestly for awhile there I thought guys DID love sluts haha, but yurr right they just want that one little hottie that gives them losts of sex and sex and more sex =p hahahaha... life... to funny =] p.s I like your comment =] very cool.

  • Thats all men judge on is the body no one likes a girl who dresses reserved... even though I dresss reserve myself which explains why I am single But I am not going to wear things that expose my undergarments and look like I just walked out of a stripper culb for guys to like me. My body is the way men get it no changing for them

  • because we believe they prefer they way they look and guys are attracted to what they have to offer (sexually)

  • If men like women who are not sluts, then why can't I get a boyfriend? I'm nice to guys, I respect my body, why can't a get a boyfriend? I think I'm going to die a virgin, do you know how that feels, depressing & hopeless...

  • Well I't probably because some guys like to look down woman shirts.

    And sluts want that

    so then we feel bad

    because guys guys them more attention than they do to us

    i mean we want attention too

    well that's how I feel

    • looks matter 100% 2 guys -so if a girl is cute- she won't have to try to get attention

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  • Speak for yourself.

    I don't care how many men a woman's been with, if I love her that's all that matters. What you're asking for is a logical contradiction. If you think a woman who's insatiably sexual yet has kept it inside her whole life just for your sake then you're full of sh*t. If a girl has a high sex drive she's going to act on it and express her sexuality just like any guy would. Women are human beings and they have all the rights and freedoms that men do, including the right to express their sexualities any way the see fit.

    Who do you think you are telling women to what they can and can't do? I'm getting really f***ing sick of men who think they're doing women a favour when they put out these little public service announcements on her telling girls to keep their legs shut long enough for you to come along. Please. I guarantee you're not that special.

    I have no respect for guys that like to preach about "sluts". More often than not they're arrogant, bitter, controlling people and the type of quality women they seek can do much better than that, quite frankly.

    You're certainly entitled to your opinion but don't put words in the mouths of other men. I certainly hope you're a virgin because if you're going tell women to keep their legs shut you should expect to be held to the same standard. Otherwise, keep your 18th century values to yourself.

    • im just saying-the only guys who don't mind are pushovers. "but don't put words in the mouths of other men"--thats true, I just haven't met another guy who seemed cool with it. and I'm not preaching-- "Women are human beings and they have all the rights and freedoms that men do, including the right to express their sexualities any way the see fit." well duh I'm not saying don't have sex .im saying..if a girl banged a lot of guys--MOST,(not all) guys won't even bother getting into a relaionship w/them

    • You say "18th century values" as if its a bad thing. The question asker is right that men who don't mind are pushovers. I don't see how you could trust a woman that's had a history of being a whore. If a woman was a whore and she eventually married it would seem to me that she's just settling down because she knows that she isn't good looking enough to go around having sex with the guys she wants.

  • The girls are right about me, I love sluts, they're the best!

  • We don't actually love sluts per say, but we love they're existence, we love that they are there when we need to get our fix when we have no girlfriend. Anyone who disagrees is a liar.

  • hmmmm..

  • Maury is the sh*t...

  • same reason why young guys believe girls only want 'bad boys', 'douchebags', etc

  • I respect and adore sluts. Speak for yourself. Sluts make life bearable.

    Its the uptight, sexually repressed, "your a creepy guy who only wants sex" ****s that make us guys want to take a shotgun barrel to the head

  • I agree, I've turned down sex with a model before because A.) I found out that she'd sleep with just about anything and B.) she used sex as a coping tool for a bad home life, I don't want any part of a girl like that. Mind you a girl who enjoys sex doesn't classify as a slut because she sleeps with a lot of guys, it's when she basically grabs anything or anyone out of the blue that makes them a slut.

  • Man of man, what angry responses from women in this board! LOL. Dare I say is this why men are better at chess than women because we have better analytical abilities to see from multiple angles at once BEFORE making a fixated judgment call? The same can be said for man sluts, of which some women refuse to marry...unless he's rich and good looking? Eh? Now how about it, ladies. Tempting, eh?

    Oh, I'm such a bad boy!

  • Well I do like sluts, but I wouldn't marry one...which is why I'm not going to marry at all.

    Oh, I'm good!

    • this sums up what I'm saying

  • You can say no to sex, unfortunatly lots of other guys cant...