The perfect female body in your opinion? (guys and girls)

hair: length, color

eyes: color











and whatever you can think of.

let's see if guys and girls have different opinions on this one. feel free to give details!


Most Helpful Girl

  • although I do not really care how anyone looks when it gets right down to it, I am guilty of constintly shaping an "ideal" body hahaha one that I would like to slowly working my way there c: ha ha anyway...

    hair: any color, as long as it is rich and vibrant, not dull and unhealthy if you know what I mean. like if its blond, then I like it to be "obviously blond" not muddly blund or mousy brown (like me :c) as for lenght, anywhere between the shoulder blades and small of the back

    eyes: again, rich deep colors, in any color. almond shape. thick eye lashes

    boobs: anywhere between 32Bs and 34Ds. the shape and feel matters more I think. symetrical and plum. smaller nips

    shoulders: small round, but not fragile

    arms: soft, perportionate to the rest of the body I guess. I don't really notice arms

    hands: soft, longish clean nails

    stomach: basically flat, a little pooch at the botton. small waist.soft

    hips: wide compared to stomach. soft and round

    butt: bigger than average, but perportional. soft, round, perky, jiggles just enough

    thighs: basically toned, but not over done. womanly? haha

    calves: I actually really like big calves ha ha just adds more curves, more visually interesting I guess you could say

    feet: smaller, clean

    i have put much thought into this as ridiculous and shallow as it is. but if you were to ask me how I like my men... the answer would prbably be something along the lines of "not to big not too skinny. done" but because I'm a girl, I'm more critical of myself hehe