The perfect female body in your opinion? (guys and girls)

hair: length, color

eyes: color











and whatever you can think of.

let's see if guys and girls have different opinions on this one. feel free to give details!


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  • although I do not really care how anyone looks when it gets right down to it, I am guilty of constintly shaping an "ideal" body hahaha one that I would like to slowly working my way there c: ha ha anyway...

    hair: any color, as long as it is rich and vibrant, not dull and unhealthy if you know what I mean. like if its blond, then I like it to be "obviously blond" not muddly blund or mousy brown (like me :c) as for lenght, anywhere between the shoulder blades and small of the back

    eyes: again, rich deep colors, in any color. almond shape. thick eye lashes

    boobs: anywhere between 32Bs and 34Ds. the shape and feel matters more I think. symetrical and plum. smaller nips

    shoulders: small round, but not fragile

    arms: soft, perportionate to the rest of the body I guess. I don't really notice arms

    hands: soft, longish clean nails

    stomach: basically flat, a little pooch at the botton. small waist.soft

    hips: wide compared to stomach. soft and round

    butt: bigger than average, but perportional. soft, round, perky, jiggles just enough

    thighs: basically toned, but not over done. womanly? haha

    calves: I actually really like big calves ha ha just adds more curves, more visually interesting I guess you could say

    feet: smaller, clean

    i have put much thought into this as ridiculous and shallow as it is. but if you were to ask me how I like my men... the answer would prbably be something along the lines of "not to big not too skinny. done" but because I'm a girl, I'm more critical of myself hehe


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  • Hair: Lately I love girls with short hair, dark or brunette.

    Eyes: Whatever really, probably more inclined to Green or Brown.

    Boobs: Medium-Small, Large boobs look awful in my opinion.

    Arms: Slightly toned, medium size.

    Hands: Small

    Stomach: Slight tone, maybe some puppy fat.

    Hips: Again whatever, maybe broader hips.

    Bum: Round, firm, toned, small but with curves.

    Thighs: So long as they're proporational to her body, then it's not an issue.

    Calves: Same answer as before.

    Feet: Eva Longorias feet. (lmao it's random, but she has nice feet)

  • This sweetie has an almost perfect body.


    • key word 1: ALMOST. key word 2: body

      her face is f***ed up. especially when she smiles. she and her sisters = fake ass bustas

    • Look at the pic. Her right boob is pulled back while her left is being thrust forward because she was swinging shoulders opposite of her hips. Those boobies are real. From her jet black hair and deep set eyes, she is clearly of European background possibly of Greek and/or Bulgarian heritage. This is also possibly where she gets her wide mouth. I said, 'almost' because nothing in this world is perfect.

  • hair: down to the bottom of her shoulders, dark brown

    eyes: brown or dark green

    boobs: 34C

    shoulders: uh... not muscular?

    arms: Thin, soft rather than toned

    hands: Soft, small, and preferably not always freezing cold

    stomach: As long as it's not big enough to fold over or really muscular, don't really care

    hips: yes, I prefer a woman who has hips

    butt: petite but round (small sizewise but still shapely)

    thighs: soft, not muscular

    calves: small but there

    feet: don't really care

    and whatever you can think of.

    small nipples. Not like peanut-sized, but when a girl has really big nipples it looks not so good. Also, outer labia lips I prefer bigger, or an "outie" so to speak.

  • wow, I've actually never really thought about building my own chick. lol... I love all types of girls, so its hard to narrow it down to just one... but...

    -I'd want a dark brunette, hair length to her middle back. Just because I love it when a girl knows how to make her hair curly. For some reason I think it brings out their eyes better.

    -Eyes, id want them to be big and green eyes.

    -Boobs, I'd perfer maybe normal orange and perky sized breasts.

    -shoulders I don't want them to not slouch, but square so when I double wrap my arms around her, I can hold her tight

    -Arms, I want them to be skinny. Not buff or flabby. Very smooth and hairless.

    hands, to be small and fagile BUT SOFT. so I can smooch the back of them alot

    -stomach, OMG I love stomachs, uhhhmm I want a girl with a smooth flat stomach with the hour-glass shape to them. WITH A BELLY RING! belly rings are the definition of sexy stomachs and I could play with the ring with my tongue =P

    -hips, I'm not very picky with hips, but id want them to be kinda big, so there's more curves.

    -butt, id want a cute small butt. one that sorta sticks out, but something with some pudge just so I can have something to grab and slap better lol

    - legs, id want average legs. not skinny or fat. just a pair of legs that can show off her curves would be PERFECT.

    -feet, I honestly don't care. as long as they are clean and healthy.

    ONE catagory you forgot to mention is height and weight. hmmm... perfect height and weight... I think the perfect height and weight for me would be 5'3 ish weighing 115-120 lbs. The reason for why shed be so short is so I can kiss her forehead a lot and her weight because Id love to start benching her while we are in bed LOL! I always thought thatd be way fun.

    there ya have it. my perfect girl. But no doubt I love variety of girls, this is just one of my "fanasty women", if that's what you wanna call it

    • lol girls think about mr.perfect a lot =)

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    • hell yeah. long legs with short shorts and belly shirt. mmmm haha

    • ehh, you can't grab a small cute butt ;/, neither you can hump it LOL, guess you're not a guy <_<

  • Hair: Gotta be a redhead, with looooong hair, I'm talking down to her butt.

    Eyes: Green, that seaglass green that just drives me crazy

    Boobs: Full B Small C, not much of a boob man myself.

    Shoulders: If it looks good on her, not normally a big looks area for me.

    Arms: Ditto on shoulders.

    Hands: They have to be soft, and a little bigger than your average girl.

    Stomach: I like it when girls have a little tummy up front.

    Hips: Your hips have to do that booty justice.

    Butt: Doesn't have to be terribly big, but I like it when baby's got back. ;) Haha.

    Thighs: As long as they are all muscled out, thighs normally follow suit with the rest of the lower body.

    Calves: Never really considered them as something to look at.

    Feet: I'm impartial when it comes to feet, as long as they aren't terribly cracked and dry.

    Btw, I basically just described my girlfriend, but even if she wasn't that would still be what I'm looking for.

    • I hope this type of girl, your dream girl, completley overlooks you and rejects you if you try to approach her because you don't have all of the physical characteristics she would prefer in a guy :)

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  • I'm attracted to women, but I have to say that there aren't any particular traits that I think make an ideal body. I've been attracted to thin, chubby, tall, short, blond, brunette, small-chested, busty... women with pretty much all different traits. Someone who is comfortable and confident in their body is more of a determinant of me finding them sexy than any of their particular attributes.

    • I wouldn't want you anywhere near my girlfriend ick.

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    • Nah, I agree. I mean, there are some characteristics that I find myself more attracted to. For example, I tend to really like brunettes. But I still find a lot of blondes or redheads or whatever attractive too. But overall, I think someone's overall appearance makes them attractive, not the individual traits. I could list specific traits and say the ideal body is: long brown hair with bangs, brown eyes, fair skin, 5'6", 140 lbs, 36C, blah blah blah, and even if a woman fit that description,

    • it's not a guarantee that I would be attracted to her. And I'd still be attracted to tons of women who don't match that description at all.

  • im bi. I love women. but even I don't dissect everything this much lol

    i don't care about hair color or eye color. I like so many different hair styles and I don't have one ideal of perfection. I like something really unique although plain, long, uncut, unstyled sraight hair is cool too. I like really curly hair or kinky hair. I like short choppy styles. I like boyshort hair on some girls. don't really have an ideal on hair, its whatever looks best on her with her personal style and facial features. color, I usually like natural colors even if its fake. having a bit of blue, non natural red, purple is cool sometimes. I've even gone for a girl who had her entire head purple but it was stylish and not messy as if she were a teenager dabbling in rebellion. it looked good. anyway...

    dont care about eye color. I like the darkest browns and I like lighter colors. some blues look grey though, just saying. I focus on shape of eye. I like really round pretty eyes with long eyelashes, straight or naturally curled. very pretty.

    shoulders. I don't really notice them too much. depends on her body frame. some models have broad shoulders but it works on them. I guess not too broad is ideal? idc really.

    arms? um... okay if she has toned muscular arms that's cool but nothing too muscular. definitely don't like skinny arms either though. honestly chubby girls who aren't too big have the nicest arms I think. they are soft and not skinny without being muscular. think crystal renn.


    there are slim girls with nice arms too though, just not too skinny for me please.

    hands. I like soft, moisturized hands that are well taken care of. clean, groomed or manicured nails. don't have to be long, I actually like them shorter, just rising over tip of the finger. I like a nice french manicure but as long as they are clean and nice looking that's fine.

    stomach. I don't like super rock hard stomachs or women so "fit" and in shape that the skin looks stretched out thin. a lot of fitness experts have stomachs like that. I like softer tummies, its more feminine and more my tastes. I like chubby girls and curvy girls though so that's probably why. flat stomachs are good but not too thin.

    calves. I like skinny calves on skinny girls but my ideal are shapely calves (not fat ones) where there's a nice curve going on. chicken legs aren't my ideal but theyre hot on some girls. lol

    feet. don't have a preference on size. well arched is ideal but not such a big deal. just make sure they are cleaned, smooth, moisturized, nails clipped and cleaned or get a pedicure. no rough dry skin patches ew.

    boobs. I like all boobs. I like small ones, big ones. sometimes bigger ones are kinda saggy but that's okay. I like bigger nipples even on small breasts. yeah boobs are awesome. lol

    hips. I love, love, love wide curvy hips. I like big butts too or at least really shapely bums, bubblebutts. big ones are hot though. curvy hips with flat butt is hott too though.

  • hair: colour depends on the girl. down to her waist

    eyes: blue or brown

    body: long legs, bust-waist-hips 36-26-36 <- in inches

  • hair: length - to my mid breast and wavy, color- auburn or darker brown

    height' 5'3 to 5'6

    eyes: color- blue green

    skin; Fair

    boobs: C cup

    shoulders: Strong but femine, and a defined collar bone

    arms: Healthy

    hands: Small

    stomach: Somewhat toned

    hips: A little bigger about 35 inches

    butt- big and healthy

    thighs: toned but fit in a size 4

    calves: same as above

    feet: small ish ( 8 and under)

  • Perfect! Are you serious! There is no such thing and let me tell you why. Everybody has their own preference on what is perfect and what is not. I spent a lot of years figuring that out. You have to be happy with you. Screw this whole perfection because the next person will think you aren't'

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