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The perfect female body in your opinion? (guys and girls)

hair: length, color eyes: color boobs: shoulders: arms: hands: stomach: hips: butt thighs: calves: feet: and whatever you can think... Show More

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  • although I do not really care how anyone looks when it gets right down to it, I am guilty of constintly shaping an "ideal" body hahaha one that I would like to have...im slowly working my way there c: ha ha anyway...hair: any color, as long as it is rich and vibrant, not dull and unhealthy if you know what I mean. like if its blond, then I like it to be "obviously blond" not muddly blund or mousy brown (like me :c) as for lenght, anywhere between the shoulder blades and small of the backeyes: again, rich deep colors, in any color. almond shape. thick eye lashesboobs: anywhere between 32Bs and 34Ds. the shape and feel matters more I think. symetrical and plum. smaller nipsshoulders: small round, but not fragilearms: soft, perportionate to the rest of the body I guess. I don't really notice armshands: soft, longish clean nailsstomach: basically flat, a little pooch at the botton. small waist.softhips: wide compared to stomach. soft and roundbutt: bigger than average, but perportional. soft, round, perky, jiggles just enoughthighs: basically toned, but not over done. womanly? hahacalves: I actually really like big calves ha ha just adds more curves, more visually interesting I guess you could sayfeet: smaller, cleani have put much thought into this as ridiculous and shallow as it is. but if you were to ask me how I like my men... the answer would prbably be something along the lines of "not to big not too skinny. done" but because I'm a girl, I'm more critical of myself hehe

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  • Hair: Lately I love girls with short hair, dark or brunette.Eyes: Whatever really, probably more inclined to Green or Brown.Boobs: Medium-Small, Large boobs look awful in my opinion.Arms: Slightly toned, medium size.Hands: SmallStomach: Slight tone, maybe some puppy fat.Hips: Again whatever, maybe broader hips.Bum: Round, firm, toned, small but with curves.Thighs: So long as they're proporational to her body, then it's not an issue.Calves: Same answer as before.Feet: Eva Longorias feet. (lmao it's random, but she has nice feet)

    • Sounds almost like me, but blues eyes no puppy fat lol

  • wow, I've actually never really thought about building my own chick. lol... I love all types of girls, so its hard to narrow it down to just one... but...-I'd want a dark brunette, hair length to her middle back. Just because I love it when a girl knows how to make her hair curly. For some reason I think it brings out their eyes better.-Eyes, id want them to be big and green eyes. -Boobs, I'd perfer maybe normal orange and perky sized breasts.-shoulders I don't want them to not slouch, but square so when I double wrap my arms around her, I can hold her tight-Arms, I want them to be skinny. Not buff or flabby. Very smooth and hairless.hands, to be small and fagile BUT SOFT. so I can smooch the back of them alot-stomach, OMG I love stomachs, uhhhmm I want a girl with a smooth flat stomach with the hour-glass shape to them. WITH A BELLY RING! belly rings are the definition of sexy stomachs and I could play with the ring with my tongue =P-hips, I'm not very picky with hips, but id want them to be kinda big, so there's more curves.-butt, id want a cute small butt. one that sorta sticks out, but something with some pudge just so I can have something to grab and slap better lol- legs, id want average legs. not skinny or fat. just a pair of legs that can show off her curves would be PERFECT.-feet, I honestly don't care. as long as they are clean and healthy.ONE catagory you forgot to mention is height and weight. hmmm... perfect height and weight... I think the perfect height and weight for me would be 5'3 ish weighing 115-120 lbs. The reason for why shed be so short is so I can kiss her forehead a lot and her weight because Id love to start benching her while we are in bed LOL! I always thought thatd be way fun.there ya have it. my perfect girl. But no doubt I love variety of girls, this is just one of my "fanasty women", if that's what you wanna call it

    • lol girls think about mr.perfect a lot =)

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    • hell yeah. long legs with short shorts and belly shirt. mmmm haha

    • ehh, you can't grab a small cute butt ;/, neither you can hump it LOL, guess you're not a guy <_<

  • Hair Length: Long, once it reaches your shoulders then you're good, but I do like girls that have long hair, like down to their waist.Hair Colour: Blond, followed by redhead.Eyes: BlueShoulders/Arms/Hands: Nothing overly specific to each so basically toned with nice skin.Stomach: Again toned, I don't like girls who have a six pack, that's a little too much, but just toned and flat and smooth.Hips: Should be 10 to 30% wider than your stomachButt: Average size, toned, and nicely shaped.Legs: Thin and toned, but not so much as to see individual muscles.

    • can I ask why long hair?i used to have really long hair and then cut it short, I miss it so much but get loads of compliments saying it looks better.can girls still look good with short hair?

    • I've always preferred long hair on girls, but that's not to say that they can't pull off short hair. Some girls can pull off short hair, but most look better with long hair. I do recognize that long hair takes a lot more effort, but it usually look better. To answer your questions:Why: I don't know, I just doStill look good: Some can, depending on what they do with it, but it's often hit and miss.

  • The woman in this video: link is the perfect female body.

    • can't see the video :(

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    • because I'm a liar and I don't live there ;)

    • Try this one link

  • This sweetie has an almost perfect body. link

    • key word 1: ALMOST. key word 2: bodyher face is f***ed up. especially when she smiles. she and her sisters = fake ass bustas

    • Look at the pic. Her right boob is pulled back while her left is being thrust forward because she was swinging shoulders opposite of her hips. Those boobies are real. From her jet black hair and deep set eyes, she is clearly of European background possibly of Greek and/or Bulgarian heritage. This is also possibly where she gets her wide mouth. I said, 'almost' because nothing in this world is perfect.

  • hair: down to the bottom of her shoulders, dark browneyes: brown or dark greenboobs: 34Cshoulders: uh... not muscular?arms: Thin, soft rather than tonedhands: Soft, small, and preferably not always freezing coldstomach: As long as it's not big enough to fold over or really muscular, don't really carehips: yes, I prefer a woman who has hipsbutt: petite but round (small sizewise but still shapely)thighs: soft, not muscularcalves: small but therefeet: don't really careand whatever you can think of.small nipples. Not like peanut-sized, but when a girl has really big nipples it looks not so good. Also, outer labia lips I prefer bigger, or an "outie" so to speak.

  • Dark hair, dark eyes, thicker body.

  • hair: long, ginger/redeyes: blue or greenboobs: bigger is bettershoulders: not too broadarms: not bigger than minehands: daintystomach: fit but not too firmhips: proportional to the rest of her bodybutt: bubble buttthighs: lean and slendercalves: proportional to thighsfeet: as long as they don't stink

  • Hair: red, curly, to the shoulder bladesEyes: Hazel brownBoobs: B-DShoulders:widearms: small but not stickshands: smaller then minestomach: smaller then hips and shoulders but not stickyHips:wideButt: plump, but not hugeThighs: substantial but not hugeCalves: suitable to thighsFeet: does not matter

  • hair: length, color To the shoulder, maybe a little past it, and red hair, auburn to bright red, but natural hair, not neon red.eyes: Blueboobs: Nothing bigger than a Bshoulders: Really? What am I suppose to put here?arms: Defined, I guess? Smooth?hands: Feminine? stomach: anything between a little pot belly and tight stomach is nice to me, just not a fan of muffin tops.hips: Curved? I don't put this much detailed thought into a dream girl.butt: Could care less if she has an ass or not.thighs: mehcalves: mehfeet: med

  • Hair: short to medium length brunetteEyes: brown or greenBoobs: B-CShoulders: not really sure, but I don't want her to have really wide shoulders.Arms: not sure, as long as they aren't all hairy or sumthinHands: delicate and thin, but not too thin that they look boney or anything. preferably nice nails, but not that important to meStomach: I like thin girls, call me an asshole but its true. Hips: I like some curves, but not too much.Butt: not too big, but still there, nice and roundThighs: not too bigCalves: same as aboveFeet: smallish feet I guess

    • haha you described me LOL!

    • :O marry me? Lol jk :P

  • Upper arms! I forgot to mention this... I don't know if I'm alone in this opinion or not but, I really consider a woman's exposed upper arms very attractive. Most upper arm sizes are sexy, as long as its not overly muscular, bone-thin, or hairy, but rather soft, feminine, and heck even somewhat flabby arms are fine, its still feminine and sexy. Also, upper arm-bands and upper arm-'bracets' (or 'rings) are really sexy in my opinion. I think its because I remember watching medieval-era movies with actresses dressed up in armor or even plain reniassance garments typically wore these gold or silver metallic bands around their upper arms, and typically if a woman wore this it meant she was a fighter.

  • Hair: Long, BlackBoobs: B-DShoulders: SlimArms: Not really skinny, not really muscular, just a bit of chub on the armHands: Clean nails, soft, average length fingers, not really bigHips: WideButt: Pretty big, and juicy, not really firm and muscular though, like, plumpThigh's: In proportion to buttCalves: In proportion to thigh'sFeet: Doesn't really matter, but pretty small would be preferred

    • Girls don't have muscular butts...

  • Hmm good question (and fun to answer! hehe)Here's the perfect female body in my opinion =)hair: length, color: short or shoulder length (with frayed out ends) and styled well, brunette or black, or brunette with blond highlightseyes: color:greenboobs: large, C or D cups ideal, the bigger the bettershoulders:slender and femininearms:somewhat thick arms (upper arms), not muscular, little or no hairhands:slender and long fingers, somewhat long nails, finger nail polish (blue or black)stomach:somewhat slender, and much smaller than hips, innie NOT an outie belly button =Phips:as wide as possible, the more inches difference between waist and hips, the betterbutt:wide and thick, fills out jeans well, very round. just BIG!thighs:thick thighs, no stubble or discoloration or spots, not very muscular, very soft (some would say 'thunder thighs' or whatever but I say thick is in) again, fills out a pair of tight jeans wellcalves:NOT muscular, just average or a tad thick but still smooth (note: bony knees are unattractive, usually better it's there is a bit of fat around the knee)feet:small feet, painted toenails (black, blue, purple, and even red), toerings are cool too

    • Oh and height, I love girls 5'9 or taller =)

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    • Thats so true. Guys DO love thick girls. (Emphasis on the THICK, not fat.)I used to be SUPER skinny and before not a single guy would talk to me and not to brag but now that I'm "thicker" I tend to get a little more attention. I'm 5'11 and weigh 145.

    • haha you go girl :) I shouldn't say that should I lol. Doesn't sound like you're 'thick', I believe 140-150 is the average reccomended weight for women 5'11, you must have the weight in all the right places ;) I totally go for you!

  • Obviously, everyone has different feelings on this and everyone has an ideal. Here's mine. Keep in mind that I'm totally aware that this is a complete fantasy lol.Height: 5'7" to 5'9"Complexion: FairFigure: Slight, but with curves.Hair: Strawberry Blonde, Straight, Down to mid back. Short and curlies are well managed.Eyes: Dark Green or possibly Deep BlueBoobs: Larger B or Smaller C, with small, perky nipples.Shoulders: Toned but not muscleboundArms: Toned, but not muscleboundHands: Mid sized with well trimmed nailsStomach: Flat with some definition.Butt: Round, firm and toned. Pants size is irrelevant, its all about preportions. Thighs: Toned and athletic, but not musclebound.Calves: Again, toned and athletic, but not musclebound.Feet: Feet are feet.Light freckles are OK. Keeps the hair bound up in a ponytail, maybe wears a baseball cap sometimes. No piercings (even earrings) or tattoos. Prefers to wear bluejeans and tees or hoodies. What can I say, pragmatism is sexy to me.

  • hair length can be short to medium to long idc ha ha but eyes have to be any color too lol and boobs are not that important she could be any size and id be happy shoulders lol that's a new one I guess wide or not wide would be good arms can be nice and long and soft hands are hands nice if there smooth stomach can be flat wide hips are nice cute butts ha ha big and cute or just cute think thighs are nice thick ha ha calves are nice thick too and feet are feet i would just like a pretty smile maybe dimples soft skin tall or not is good a women is already more perfect then men are haha I'm not good at these they are too vague ha ha oh well x D

    • Feet are not feet I'm sure you wouldn't want your girlfriend to have huge manly hairly ugly smelly feet. I like my girls to have small cute well taken care of feet ... sexy.

  • Medium long or short hair.blue, brown eyesboobs, size doesn't matter as long as they're not saggyhands, shouldn't look manly or with too many wrinkleships... should be tight, size don't matterbutt... should be again perky, size don't matterfeet... should be feminineI would adda bright smile... which I prefer more over rest of the above.

  • Hair: Gotta be a redhead, with looooong hair, I'm talking down to her butt.Eyes: Green, that seaglass green that just drives me crazyBoobs: Full B Small C, not much of a boob man myself.Shoulders: If it looks good on her, not normally a big looks area for me.Arms: Ditto on shoulders.Hands: They have to be soft, and a little bigger than your average girl.Stomach: I like it when girls have a little tummy up front.Hips: Your hips have to do that booty justice.Butt: Doesn't have to be terribly big, but I like it when baby's got back. ;) Haha.Thighs: As long as they are all muscled out, thighs normally follow suit with the rest of the lower body.Calves: Never really considered them as something to look at.Feet: I'm impartial when it comes to feet, as long as they aren't terribly cracked and dry.Btw, I basically just described my girlfriend, but even if she wasn't that would still be what I'm looking for.

    • I hope this type of girl, your dream girl, completley overlooks you and rejects you if you try to approach her because you don't have all of the physical characteristics she would prefer in a guy :)

  • Now here's an intuitive question!Hair: I don't care the color as long as you can rock it! The hottest girl in a class of mine's has pink hair :D Eyes: Dude, eyes are eyes you can't control genes. Albino... eh. Glasses are sometimes sexy.boobs: Honestly, they're a plus but I don't care.shoulders: My friend loves shoulders but I've never noticed em in my life... I guess I like it when there's freckles on em I don't know. Ebony girls have luscious shiny shoulders though.Arms: Don't really care as long as they're not too bony.hands: I wouldn't notice a hand unless it had a lot of hair on it. not too much jewelry though; too conspicuous. :/stomach: I personally love it when a lady has an indication of a gut. Better hugs lol hips: They don't lie. I love em. Bigger=Betterbutt: Modest size... but bigger is always better.thighs: thunder thighs are the sexiest in my opinioncalves: indication of curves but not too muscular. for some reason, cavs in a girl appeal to mefeet: don't care. a plus if they're fresh looking

  • hair: length, color: Long soft Blondeeyes: color: Blueboobs: C-DD, they have to be bigshoulders: slimarms: slimhands: soft & smallstomach: petitiehips: tonedbutt: someting to spankthighs: slimcalves: slimfeet: small & smells goodHeight: Below 5'6Weight: Below 140 Ibs

  • Shoulder length red hairHazel or brown eyesB-C cup boobs.Not broad shouldered.Flat stomach but not like totally skin and bone. (not fat, but normal)Wide hipsMedium thighs, hard as a rock (so I can feel them squeezing when they're wrapped around my waist)Big butt for her frame but not huge. Something that makes me want to just spank the hell out of it.shorter than me but only by a few inches.Soft elegant hands (piano player almost)

    • lol I desire the exact same kinda girl

  • Hmm, about 5ft 5inches, blond blue eyes built like Natalie Portman I guess 34 c breasts (not good on cup sizes just know it when I see it-- mid range size is great!) Neatly trimmed carpet, inner lips barely noticeable. That said, I married a girl 5 ft, black hair brown eyes perky body 32c breasts. So, personality RULES!

  • just google any of these girls. they have near perfect bodies: keeley hazell, lucy pinder, katie marie cork, kitty lea, sophie howard, Sammie Pennington, sammy braddy, holly peers.

    • you arse.All these girls are skinny.

    • monique, what's your point? keeley hazell, is skinny but has amazing natural (I think) t*ts.

  • Hair Shoulder, blondeEyes BlueBoobs Round, A or BShoulders SlimArms Short, slim, tanedHands SoftStomach TightHips LargeButt LargeThighs LargeCalves LargeFeet 8 USA

  • hair: straight, shoulder lenght, blackeyes: brownboobs: b cupstomach: toned and flat, 75% or less of the size of the hips link hips: 40 inch or morebutt: big, firm and round link thighs: thick link calves: thick link

    • i like your description except for the thick thighs and calves..that looks ugly to me :-/

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    • Wtf that butt is SMALL ._.

    • okay yellow is obviously a BLACK MAN

  • Hair: up to neck, blackeyes: dark brownboobs: anything instead of smallshoulders: anything (idk why that matters)arms: shaved and not a single hairhands: fully coloured nailsstomach: flathips: I don't know, anythingbutt: average, just not bonythighs: not to bigcalves: anythingfeet: Well I got a foot fetish, so I prefer tanned feet with a french pedicure, and any size.

  • Just look at Jessica Alba in a bikini. That's mine.

    • i agree

  • hair: At least past shoulders, I have days I prefer blondes, some days brunettes, some days a blend of both :)eyes: If blond, then blue eyes, if brunette, then dark eyesboobs: Well, I'm a huge fan of big boobs xD So DD+ work well (not saggy)shoulders: Just not broad and manlyarms: Not hairy xDhands: Small-ish, smooth handsstomach: Flat is best, but not essentialhips: Well, gotta have a bit of meat on the bones : )butt: I'm certainly more of a boobs guy so not too concerned about the buttthighs: Not defined with musclecalves: As abovefeet: In proportion with body and handsNot that perfection exists mind you! :)

    • with the hair thing, does that mean your girlfriend/wife (if you're the relationship type) would have to wear wigs on the days you are into a different color than hers?

  • Hair: Shoulder length, brown and wavyEyes: GreenBoobs: C cup with small nipplesShoulders: Small and round, not bony.Arms: No flab, slender, I honestly don't mind t-rex arms! lolHands: Smaller than mine, fingers not stubbyStomach: Flat, has that indentation around the waist before the curve of the hips, belly button piercedHips: Not too wide, just a little less than the width of the shoulders.Butt: Toned, not abnormally shaped, no cellulite, no jiggle, spankable ;D Thighs: Thighs don't rub together when she walks, no jiggle, toned, firm, I want, to want, to rub my hands up and down them.Calves: Again, toned, not muscular or fat, fairly slender.Feet: Small, toes cannot be freakishly long, high arch.

  • hair: red, with some volume, down to the girl's boobs.eyes: big and round, hazel, with a seductive and loving look.Boobs: firm, round doble D's, smallish, pink nipples.shoulders: small but not to small.arms: thin, not too thin like V'c models, and NOT MANLY.hands: smallish, soft and cute.stomach: thin, also not too thin.hips: wide, very wide, or at least look wide compared to her waist.butt: big and round baby!thighs: long and thick, soft and firm, my favorite part of a woman's body after the eyes.calves?: idk, not too skinny, not too big.Feet: just not too big or manly or deformed and I'm good.lips: cute and small but puffy and pink.tall: around 5Ft., 5'5 would be cool, as long as she's shorter than me really, I'm 6'2 so its not hard to find.

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  • I'm attracted to women, but I have to say that there aren't any particular traits that I think make an ideal body. I've been attracted to thin, chubby, tall, short, blond, brunette, small-chested, busty... women with pretty much all different traits. Someone who is comfortable and confident in their body is more of a determinant of me finding them sexy than any of their particular attributes.

    • I wouldn't want you anywhere near my girlfriend ick.

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    • Nah, I agree. I mean, there are some characteristics that I find myself more attracted to. For example, I tend to really like brunettes. But I still find a lot of blondes or redheads or whatever attractive too. But overall, I think someone's overall appearance makes them attractive, not the individual traits. I could list specific traits and say the ideal body is: long brown hair with bangs, brown eyes, fair skin, 5'6", 140 lbs, 36C, blah blah blah, and even if a woman fit that description,

    • it's not a guarantee that I would be attracted to her. And I'd still be attracted to tons of women who don't match that description at all.

  • hair: colour depends on the girl. down to her waisteyes: blue or brownbody: long legs, bust-waist-hips 36-26-36 <- in inches

  • hair: length - to my mid breast and wavy, color- auburn or darker brownheight' 5'3 to 5'6eyes: color- blue greenskin; Fairboobs: C cupshoulders: Strong but femine, and a defined collar bonearms: Healthyhands: Smallstomach: Somewhat tonedhips: A little bigger about 35 inchesbutt- big and healthythighs: toned but fit in a size 4calves: same as abovefeet: small ish ( 8 and under)

  • hair: about to the collar bone or over their boobs but anything longer then that is just weird. brown or black with some highlights of whatever coloreyes: light brown or bright green boobs:mm Bs to Csshoulders: to go with the body but not too built arms: alittle bit on them, alittle fat I guess but not like "wow do something about that please"hands:feminine, skinny fingersstomach: alittle big, goes with the body, not fat but not too skinnyhips:matches the bodybutt: big but not huge thighs:goes with the body calves:smallish but also had to go with the bodyfeet: average size

  • hair: I typically am against the pixi-length, but super-long with no style or damage isn't much better. Some girls look amazing with bold colors or highlights, but only if it suits their personality and is done well (the spray-in stuff used for sports and school rallies? no. It's crunchy, sticky, and probably gets everywhere while is a pain to wash out at the same time.)eyes: no particular preferenceboobs: erm.. as long as they're not hanging out awkwardly. and nipples not so pronounced. Honestly, saggy boobs scare me, like when you can stick something under them and it would stay or cause any kind of pressure like on a finger/pencil...shoulders: not necessarily small, just tonedarms: " "hands: it bothers me when people have stubby finger nails, more so than stubby fingers; not hairy? lol ( that should apply to arms as well)stomach: not an outie, or looking as if you're very pregnant and hanging over... but overly muscular is scary alsohips & butt & thighs: somewhere inbetween.. this actually doesn't bother me so much as long it isn't on an extreme.. and it's more about wearing something flattering. I cannot stand clothes with words on the butt, but that is my preference.calves: I would rather there be some shape (mine are thin, but lack muscle tone.. and I think more fitted clothes and skirts look better when there is some definition)feet: no obscenely long/unkempt toe nails. This, I think is more about proportion in terms of width and length, as well as relative to your body.

    • I just felt I should add, most of the things are about proportion and not so much a particular size. There are definitely women (and men) on the "larger" size but that still look good either because they're well proportioned, they take care of themselves, wear clothes that are flattering, or all of the above.

  • Perfect! Are you serious! There is no such thing and let me tell you why. Everybody has their own preference on what is perfect and what is not. I spent a lot of years figuring that out. You have to be happy with you. Screw this whole perfection because the next person will think you aren't'

  • Height : 5 ft 7 (5 ft 5 - 5 ft 9)Weight: 85 - 100 poundsComplexion : Fair or TanHair: Dark reddish -brown -with highlights ,shoulder length. curlyTeeth: Log white smooth curved slightly on bottom, not pointy,Eyes : GreenCheekbones: High cheekbonesChin : OvalFace:Oval Nose: Small noseForehead : Nicely shapedEyebrows: Nicely sculptedBoobs: 32 B or 32 C Shoulders: Strong ,but not hugeArms : Toned, Strong, not hugeHands: Long fingers ,strong, thin, smoothStomach: Strong, toned, flat ,smooth, (subtle 6 pack)Hips: Thin, shapely ,proportion to bodyButt: Firm, small, tonedThighs: Toned, thin, gracefulLegs: Long, graceful, toned, smooth, thinFeet: Thin ,strong, not hugeHip hugger flared jeans, waist length close fitting dark long sleeved shirts, soft sweaters, black boots, chokers, stone necklaces, rings, nose ring, earrings, tweed jacket, skirts , hooded sweaters with zipper, ankle bracelet,gloves, cat eyed sunglasses,

    • wow weight at 85-100? at 5'7 that's a stick figure, really. just my opinion but that'd be way unattractive, at 5'7, a good weight would be 135, back me up here guys!

    • its my weight. shape is not just flesh its also bone structure. people say I have a very nice shape & I am content with it. 135 no thank u. id feel sluggish & my run time would be f***ed up & I would not have as much energy, god that would be extremely uncomfortable, I have been this weight & height, since I was 11, I am quite used to it. Most people I know find me quite attractive- even if they did not I'm very happy with how I turned out-no complaints here which is why I said its perfect:)

  • My ideal guy:Hair: length, color: Brown or blond must be short. I don't like it when guys have long hairEyes: Blue or Greenish-blueShoulders: BigArms: Toned... they don't have to be really big or anything.Hands: Bigger than mine and clean lookingStomach: Just not a beer belly. lolButt: Doesn't really matter to meFeet: CleanHeight: Taller than or at 6'2" would be preferable.Weight: As long as they're not like morbidly obese or anythingSkin: WhiteSmell: Clean or cologne

  • No such thing as a perfect girl :)

    • u look like a perfect girl

  • Heck, I'll answer this as my ideal man:hair: length, color: Short or medium Red hair. Love other colors too.eyes: color: Dark Brownshoulders: Firm & Broadarms: Like a soccer playerhands: Bigstomach: Healthybutt: A little something to grab on to, but not hugefeet: CleanHeight: 5'5-6'3Weight: HealthySkin: White or tanSmell: Love Axe bodywash

    • arms like a soccer player? soccer players use their feet...

    • hahaha I agree with toulouse

  • im bi. I love women. but even I don't dissect everything this much loli don't care about hair color or eye color. I like so many different hair styles and I don't have one ideal of perfection. I like something really unique although plain, long, uncut, unstyled sraight hair is cool too. I like really curly hair or kinky hair. I like short choppy styles. I like boyshort hair on some girls. don't really have an ideal on hair, its whatever looks best on her with her personal style and facial features. color, I usually like natural colors even if its fake. having a bit of blue, non natural red, purple is cool sometimes. I've even gone for a girl who had her entire head purple but it was stylish and not messy as if she were a teenager dabbling in rebellion. it looked good. anyway...dont care about eye color. I like the darkest browns and I like lighter colors. some blues look grey though, just saying. I focus on shape of eye. I like really round pretty eyes with long eyelashes, straight or naturally curled. very pretty. shoulders. I don't really notice them too much. depends on her body frame. some models have broad shoulders but it works on them. I guess not too broad is ideal? idc really. arms? um... okay if she has toned muscular arms that's cool but nothing too muscular. definitely don't like skinny arms either though. honestly chubby girls who aren't too big have the nicest arms I think. they are soft and not skinny without being muscular. think crystal renn. link there are slim girls with nice arms too though, just not too skinny for me please.hands. I like soft, moisturized hands that are well taken care of. clean, groomed or manicured nails. don't have to be long, I actually like them shorter, just rising over tip of the finger. I like a nice french manicure but as long as they are clean and nice looking that's fine.stomach. I don't like super rock hard stomachs or women so "fit" and in shape that the skin looks stretched out thin. a lot of fitness experts have stomachs like that. I like softer tummies, its more feminine and more my tastes. I like chubby girls and curvy girls though so that's probably why. flat stomachs are good but not too thin. calves. I like skinny calves on skinny girls but my ideal are shapely calves (not fat ones) where there's a nice curve going on. chicken legs aren't my ideal but theyre hot on some girls. lolfeet. don't have a preference on size. well arched is ideal but not such a big deal. just make sure they are cleaned, smooth, moisturized, nails clipped and cleaned or get a pedicure. no rough dry skin patches ew.boobs. I like all boobs. I like small ones, big ones. sometimes bigger ones are kinda saggy but that's okay. I like bigger nipples even on small breasts. yeah boobs are awesome. lolhips. I love, love, love wide curvy hips. I like big butts too or at least really shapely bums, bubblebutts. big ones are hot though. curvy hips with flat butt is hott too though.

    • the woman in your link is obese - with gloss over,

  • can I post a link instead? link

    • doutzen kroes! she's hot :))) I love her <3

    • she's like a stick! way too skinny! Nice face though

  • Everyone is perfect in there own way.

    • yea I agree, but not body-wise

  • hair: length: long (like boob level) color: dark browneyes: blueboobs: 34cshoulders: petitearms: in shapehands:very feminine stomach: tonedhips: not too wide..but still curvybutt: cute...but good sized I guessthighs: tonedcalves: tonedfeet: 8

  • Here it is;height- 5'2 - 5'6hair: length- mid breast, color- auburn wavy isheyes: color- Blue greenskin- fair to light with some frecklesboobs:- 34 cshoulders:- broadarms- some what definedhands:- smallstomach:- hourglass but tonedhips: 34 inches, " curvy" compared to waistbutt- bigger than averagethighs:- fit in size 3-7calves: ( same as above) toned as wellfeet- no bigger than a 10

  • hair: length, color Long and black
    eyes: color blue or green
    boobs: DD or larger
    stomach: flat
    hips: wide
    butt: round
    height: 5'10" of taller
    Basically Lynda Carter circa 1975. Just like me.

  • A perfect body...is however god made you. A healthy body is a happy body.

    • funny how girls and guys answer so differently on this Q lolit seems like for girls it really is about personality, and for guys about looks

    • It is interesting the difference in responses.However,my response is NOT about personality since you are asking about the body.If you take care of yourself as best you can,eat right and work out then that individual can have the BEST body that they worked for or didn't work for (meaning genetics).I don't believe anyone has a perfect body...and this question is according to whos standards?Societies?The media?And the media seems to contol the publics idea on everything unfortunately,and most of

    • is vastly biased as well as distorted.So...there is no perect body...only ones preference.

  • I think the perfect female body is:Tall, 5'7 -6'0Green or Blue eyesDark blond or Brunette hair, wavy or curly, and longThin, small boobs and ass, not supermodel skinny, but closeSize of feet and hands are irrelevant in my opinion, as long as they aren't massive.

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