Why does my boyfriend want me to sleep with another person?

My boyfriend of 6 and a half years broke up with me 4 days ago, and he told me the only way that we can get back together is if I sleep with another person. But its not just another person, its a girl, and its not just another girl, its a girl that he has been seeing for the four days we have been apart. Also, he doesn't want to be a part of it, he just wants me and her to be together.

He says that this is the only way that he will really be able to tell if I am willing to change for him. I am so confused, am I the only one who thinks this is crazy? Should I do it?

To add a little more info about me. He is the only person I have ever kissed and ever been with!


Most Helpful Girl

  • WHAT THE HELL?!?! I have never heard anything more crazy then this! I understand your hurting and basically want to do anything you can to get him back! But this is not exceptable. Trying to make you do something YOU DO NOT want to do is sad & wrong. What does he mean "change" for him. He needs to be with you because he loves you for you. I DO NOT think you should do it. What I think you should do is walk away from him..just for now, until he figures out what he wants. What if you do this and he doesn't take you back, you will have done something you may regret. Also the fact that he has been with another girl for 4 days while yall been apart, is another sign that he needs his space to figure out what he wants, if he can go be with a girl right after breaking up with you after 6 years!...then something is seriously wrong. Hope you figure out the best choice for YOU...G'Luck!