Why do women go to strip clubs?

so me and my buddies went to a strip club and there was a group of women there that were there. I talked with one and she said she was straight but a male stripper flopping around his junk would not excite her ... does that make sense?


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  • No, it does not make any sense. It sounds like she is in deep denial and has lesbian tendencies...along with her friends. I would rather see paint dry than watch a female stripper perform... She has everything I have. I could strip for myself in a mirror and not have to pay!


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  • It doesn't have anything to do with "lesbian tendencies" .. or any kind of bisexuality. I've gone with guy friends before, and I didn't go to oogle over naked chicks. I could just watch lesbian p*rn for that. It's a social thing, and a different environment than a club, or a bar... which is why I'm guessing a group of girls were there. Social thing. Some women go also, I imagine to meet men because strip clubs are predominately male. I don't think there's anything wrong with nudity, and the female body is beautiful. It's nice to look at.. doesn't mean I'm a lesbian or bisexual. I've just talked to some of the girls at times.. a lot of them are very cool, down to earth, funny, and even really intelligent. Now, I won't spend money at a strip club.. haha, that's a different story. Unless it's on a drink, but those are hella expensive at strip clubs. That being said, a male stripper bouncing his junk around in my face wouldn't excite me either. But neither does women.

    • I don't think straight women go crazy over the female body like you say at least not nudity. For that there's fashion shows just like guys can go watch other guys at bodybuilding shows/contests big difference between those and nude girls. It has to do with tendencies if your straight you are not attracted to there bodies.

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    • She's right, like ano above said, a fair share of girls like to look at toned female body, doesn't have anything to do with being lesbian

    • I think you said this really well. Those who are saying 'well of course you're lesbian/bi' obviously have no idea how human sexuality works.

      I know plenty of straight guys who can look at male athletes and say 'wow, he's got an awesome body', just as there's plenty of women who look at models or celebrities and do the same thing. It doesn't mean they're lesbian or bi, it just means they are mature enough and confident enough in their own sexuality that they can acknowledge their genders beauty

  • Women aren't as visual as men, which is why male strippers have to work twice as hard to perform (not just flopping their junk around) where as women strippers can basically get up and stand there naked for the men. I've been to a female strip club and a friend bought me a private room dance, I'm in no way bi or lesbian but it was one of the most hillarious/awesome moments of my life. She was probably just out to have a good time with her friends like I was.

  • Yes it makes it sense. Male strippers are just not really appealing to me. I just think it look really weird. I'm not a lesbian and I'm not bi either but I have no problem admitting if a woman is attractive and I would go totally go to a strip club if I ever had the chance.

  • I went to a strip club once and I don't ever plan on going back. I went with my sister and her friend. All of the guys were creepy and kept trying to hit on me. One went as far as to give me all of his contact information. One even thought I was a stripper and just hanging out there. All of the dudes there are pigs in my opinion. -_-

  • It might seem strange, but I don't it has anything to do with lesbian tendencies. A lot of straight women think the female body is more beautiful in a way, than a male.

    I think they were just there, get do something different than going to a bar, for a change.


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