Why do men always sleep with me & leave?

It's been happening since I was 15. Men asked me for sex, and I wanted to keep them, so I gave them what they wanted. But they always leave me afterward. This has been going on for almost 5 years now. I just want a guy to love me, why do they keep leaving me when I give them what they want?

I'm cancelling this account, so no need to answer this question anymore...


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  • FYI - Sex does not "keep" men.. It may be what we are looking for, but it is NOT what keeps us in a relationship.

    It's really pathetic how many people answered this question and failed to mention this, at all.

    You wanna keep a man? Follow these tips:

    - Always have your personal boundaries of what you would not do, and enforce them.

    - With regard to the first tip, treat him as best as you can (respect, nurture, support, etc)

    - Be interactive with him (Don't sit around the house, DO something with him other than sex)

    - Show him you have a highly valuable life (You aren't a stay at home mom, you have ambition)

    etc etc etc

    This is basic, common, knowledge. If after 15 years you haven't caught on to these things then it's up to you to build them in your character; the sooner you do, the better.

    Guys don't want an easy lay for a girlfriend; we want a classy, respectable, mother-fit, lady-lover. Someone who can blow our minds in the bedroom (sexually) as well as in public (non-sexually).

    And yes, there is truth in the statement that humans' will prize what they have to work for.

    Take care,


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      but if you find a girl gave it to others so easy would you really care that she made you work I would be pissed off and insulted

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      hmm, gotta disagree there bro most guys in college and in HS are basically just looking for a lay id say no matter what its not gonna work out (this is also statistically proven.) because the guys are just looking for fun, if a girl wants a commitment guy go for a guy who is ready to make one, not just a guy that wants sex... they need to learn the difference

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      Good points; but not every guy is like that, just a lot are perceived that way -> Mainly due to how it rewards they're status.. If they were a geek but now they get all the girls, they are the badass