We want to try anal, but it hurts, a lot! Help

Ive had anal from other men, but that was years ago and they were much smaller then my current boyfriend. Now he wants to do it and I want to do it for him but he's so big and it hurts. I can take the tip but it feels like he's tearing me in half. I've tried it drunk to relax, I've done it sober and relaxed, we have tried different lubes and positions but it still really hurts. I would love to do this for him, he likes it so much, but I just can't get past the first bit of pain. Anyone know any ideas, any advise would help!


Most Helpful Guy

  • lube up and take it SLOOOW. when it starts to hurt, hold it there until it doesn't, then slowly proceed.

    You can also try adding a drop of liquid oral jel to your bum to numb it a little, but I'm not sure how well that works since it's just what I've heard and never had to try... being 4 inches has it's upsie :)