Best positions for virgin girls?

I am a virgin and my boyfriend is not.We are going to have sex soon and he says he wants to start out with doggy style because it feels best for the guy and is more fun for the is it a good position or not?


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  • so basically all he wants is to feel good himself.

    = loser =fdont f*** him = you will regret it = dump him


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  • I suggest you go on top because that way you can be in control and find out what feels best for you. Which angle, how deep you like it to go, at what speed, etc. Tell him what you like best, he will tell you what he likes, and you can figure out what is best for both of you.

  • for a virgin that will hurt more then missionary for simple terms the deeper it goes the more painful it can be for a virgin due to so many different factors, plus I always believe in making the first time special, so some candles incents romantic scene you know not a a pervererted scene out of a p*rno movie, and FYI if he getts his back up cus you don't want to do it doggy like a p*rnstar then he ain't worth your time or virginity

    • sry for the bluntness but that's it wen a bloke wants to hae sex for himself that's not a good sign for a start but wen its with a virgin and he wants to do doggy then he is worthless, and ty tyt2010 lol I see you like anime lol good one

    • correction, I don`t like anime, I love it =)

  • Girl on top, leaves her in control. Definitely the best for virgins.

  • If he wants to have sex to make him feel better then why should you let him take your virginity. Save it for someone who thinks of you and lives you

  • Find another guy and then start out with you on top and in control of your own pain. We all may be jumping to quickly but if he insists on doing things his way he doesn't deserve you.


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  • Since this is your first time, it really needs to be whatever works best for you. Doggy style is my personal favorite too, but not for a virgin. When you are doing it that way, the man has all the control. He can go as hard and fast as he wants. This IS NOT the best position for your first time. I would have to agree with either you on top or missionary. If you're on top, you have control over depth and speed. If you are missionary, he won't be able to go as deep and you can contol the speed by moving your legs and knees to block him and slow him down. The first time can be painful, but it doesn't have to be really bad. You make sure you maintain some contol and you will be fine. If he doesn't like it...too f***in bad.

  • Feels best for him? More fun for him?

    Don't have sex with him. Haha. It should be about you and what makes you feel more comfortable for your first time.

    Anyways- I'd go with missionary. It's a lot easier to relax in that position and overall I think easier. I mean my first time was missionary, and it was successful. :)

  • okay hun, because you're a virgin, I'd say go missionary first, that way he can see your beautiful face when you first cum.

  • Most women do missionary their first time. It is nice that you want to do a position that pleases your partner, but this is your first time. You should be taken into account to, so don't choose something just because he likes it. Missionary really is the best choice because the female needs to be comfortable, it is going to hurt.

  • im in the same position as you :)

    but I would say misionarty

    its suppose to feel good for YOU too

    and its your first its gonna hurt..

  • I have to go with missionary, it's the one you can relax your muscles down there the most in and is the best position to have your clit stimulated in.

  • My first time was so painful, especially doggy style it's gonna hurt a lot. We tried it and stopped him after a moment, just couldn't stand the pain.

    As I know the least hurting position is missionary, women lie down, and legs kind of hugging his waist.

    If he can't promise that he'll be gentle, don't give him. First time should be special because you'll remember it forever. He has to respect you a lot, as a virgin, at least during the time you are doing it. He has to be someone that's willing to stop when you ask him to.

  • doggy is hard for a first time. it might feel good for him, but probably not for you. either you on top or missionary

  • Wow - he sounds like an @$$hole. Do.Not.Do.It!