He likes my feet and I don't know why

So my boyfriend has told me he really wants to do things with my feet like during sex... Is this common for guys? What about feet makes them hot? What kind of things could I actually do with my feet to turn him on? It's a little weird but I'm willing to try things I'm just not sure how. Thanks


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  • He has a foot fetish, some men just do, nothing to worry about.

  • He probably has a foot fetish. It's pretty common and it just means that they get sexually aroused by the sight of feet. If it doesn't bother you, you can have some fun with it. I'm sure he'd enjoy it. Ask him what he'd want you to do with your feet.

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    It is common. I wouldn't say I have a foot fetish but I have seen some women that have feet so cute I want to do things to them lol. I'm not sure what makes them hot and it's kind of hard to describe what a hot one looks like.

    You could try giving him a foot job. It involves putting one foot on either side of his penis and moving them up and down or holding your feet in place and letting him do the work.. If he likes your feet he will love it.

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    A foot fetish is the most common fetish in the world in fact 80% of the male population has a foot fetish so I would say it is quite common the main thing that is sexy about feet for me anyway is how soft they are and how sensual they look pretty much the same as an ass but every guy some like the sweat, the smell, and everything in between. A few things you can do is rub your feet on his leg or sit your feet in his lap and rub lotion on them a lot when he's in the room

  • All fetishes are a little different for feet but generally: Keep your toe nails painted nicely, ask him what colors he likes on them. Wearing toe rings is always a turn on. And wear sexy shoes or flip flops for him sometimes.

    As for things you can do to turn him on, dangle your shoes with your toes, walk around barefoot, put your feet in his lap, let him kiss your toes too lol that might end up turning you on idk.

  • he has foot fetish I guess

  • i like sexy women feet because I have big narly man feet