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Do guys like it when girls kinda choke?

This is a wicked weird question but I have kind of gagged on my boyfriend's penis because it's fairly big and he pushes my head into it so I have no... Show More

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  • It sounds like an ego thing...I'm guessing it makes him feel like "omg its sooo big she can't even handle it!!" Get what I mean?...And I agree w/the girls - ditch his ass, that's a dick move. You need a guy who doesn't want you to gag and puke on his unit.

What Guys Said 8

  • I don't like it because I start to get worried that the girl will want to stop doing what she's doing. Plus, I really don't want her to gag anyway.

  • Yes, and the females that posted are right, it's a superierority thing for a guy. BIGTIME.


  • Not gonna lie, it feels awesome

    Its not somethin you can make her do if she don't like it too though

  • Wow, he's so cool.

  • Yea agreed, guys choking girls, not cool like I mean in the moment you start to do it and before my girlfiend gags, she stops and I feel so bad and I make her stop:(

  • Definitely what a guy wants! Not gonna lie, it feels awesome

  • I'd enjoy every minute of it, one minute in heaven is better then 2 minute 1 minute in heaven! Definitely what any guy wants!

What Girls Said 5

  • I think my guy gets a little overly excited, when pushing my head, and I just tell him "are you trying to kill me?" he gets it after that! Ok but if he likes it to hear you choke, he obviously has a potentially dangerous kinky side, kinky's good when you BOTH enjoy it.

  • I would of beat the shit out of him until he chokes to death to see how it feels.

  • You know... I've always wondered this also but it never really crossed my mind to ask someone. I think if the guy is honest enough he will tell you weather or not its a turn on when you ask him. Maybe your man really does enjoy it! :)

  • Kick his a** to the curb!

  • I was dating this guy that used to tell me that my choking on his cock got him sooooo excited. He liked it when I spit on it too. I guess he was kinky in that sense. It made him feel superior because he was so well endowed. I have to say...I kind of liked it too ;) It's a porn thing.

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